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Chapter 124 True Colors

Oraman went on with his speech.

“Id like to discuss with all the presidents and prime ministers around the world how to launch the energy cannon and some issues after the launch.

As you can see, weve set up columns for each country on our website as well.

Everyone can log into their account with their identification document.

The columns are confidential for individual countries and are accessible to citizens of that country only.

“Id like to talk about our terms.

“First of all, Neige will help the world to get through this crisis.

However, many things will change afterward, even the tectonic plates.

Tsunamis may also bring opportunities, bringing the secret under the sea to the surface.

As compensation, after the world is rebuilt, Neige will decide the territory of all countries.

Im sure everyone will agree with that.


Of course not!

No other country would agree!

What was that supposed to mean

It was an outright threat!

It was a pure invasion!

Oraman talked about readjusting national borders.

That was only a euphemism.

He was only trying to maximize Neiges benefit!

He might shrink some countries by a third or even more!

With Neiges habit, Oraman might reduce some countries to half their sizes!

Neige would definitely lay claim on the lands where resources were found!

There was no doubt about it!


“Readjust the national borders”

“Neige will do it Is that a joke!”

“Theyve never mentioned that before!”

“Why is he bringing it up now Whats he trying to do”

“I disagree! Although the shifting tectonic plates may destroy many countries, the borders have been fixed for decades or even centuries! Why should we readjust them Its completely unnecessary!” “Dont you see it Neige is trying to encroach on other countries land!”

“I disagree!”

“I wont have it! Oraman, youve crossed the line!”

Hardly anyone agreed.

Countries of all races and regions strongly disagreed with Oramans suggestion.

However, there was bound to be some noise.

1% of the countries sided with Neige.

“I can live with that! I think the disappearance of national borders is the trend.

After this catastrophe, people on Earth should be more united.

We shouldnt just focus on our own countries! Since Neige is going to save the world, why wont we all become one big nation and let Neige be our leader”

“Thats right! Neige is the reason that we still have a planet to live on.

If we dont have Earth, nothing else will matter.

I agree with Mr.

President Oraman!”

“Me, too! Without national borders, Earth will make more achievements even faster! Our enemy isnt here on Earth but there in outer space.

Why should we be bothered with how big our country is”

“Thats right.

Science is the key.

We should all work together and find a way to travel into outer space.

Isnt it a good idea to find a new earth We cant afford more war.

Neige is the greatest nation on Earth.

Its only natural that they should lead us!”

Some of them might have been encouraged by Oramans people, while others might actually feel that way.

But they failed to shift the public opinion.

When the national territory was in question, everyone stood their ground.

No meant No.


The Woodian presidents face appeared on the website.

He asked angrily, “Oraman, what are you driving at!”


The Soilian president joined the video call as well.


Flamia, Iceana, Hydria…

Dozens of presidents joined the video call and scolded Oraman.

“Are you threatening us now”

“Why didnt you say so before Are you trying to take the world as your own territory”

“Oraman, youre too ambitious! To build the energy cannon, weve drained the resources in our countries.

But now, youre trying to take our land! Youre shameless!”

Oraman and Maruse only smiled when they heard the angry words.

“You can always say no.

Eternity is made from the hardest material ever existed, and it can also turn into a space shuttle.

We can survive in outer space if we have to.

We have enough food and oxygen for the next three centuries.

Neige has found a way to survive on Mars.

If you refuse my request, we can take Eternity to Mars.

Please dont force yourself to do things you dont want to.”

Seeing his cheeky smile, all the presidents lost control.

“Oraman! Screw you! Youre despicable!”

“Oraman, Ive been so wrong about you! How can you do such a thing now!”

“This is a plain robbery! Youre robbers!”

“Did you have this in your mind all along”

Oraman laughed when he saw how angry the other presidents were.

“Are you going to agree or not If you do, we should sign an agreement.

I know a piece of paper wont actually control you, but thats alright.

My scientists have calculated that we only need to launch the energy cannon twice to destroy the meteorite—three times at most.

Neige will then have two launches left.

If you want to tear up that agreement, your country will become the energy cannons next target.

Do I need to repeat how powerful the weapon is”

Maruse chuckled.

“One launch, and you wont have a country to lead anymore.”

The other presidents were furious.

Oraman had stopped pretending and revealed his true color.

He was threatening everyone.

“Oraman, you Neigerians are so vicious! We should have supported Moon!” Oraman laughed.

“Moon You dont need to worry about them.

Theyll be the first to disappear once the meteorite hits Earth.

After them is Panthera!”

Moon, Panthera, and their allied countries were all using underground shelters.

Oraman and Maruse believed that those countries would never survive the catastrophe.

Oraman laughed.

“Most of Moon has already disappeared.

I think their underground shelter is filled with water by now.”

Maruse laughed as well.

“Thats very likely!”


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