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Chapter 125 Three Launches

Oraman didnt forget the purpose of this meeting.

After he was done laughing, he went back to threaten the other presidents.

“Whats your answer Id like to remind you that the meteorite will arrive in 59 minutes.

You only have less than an hour left, and thats not a lot of time!”

The other presidents ground their teeth.

Neige held Earths fate in its hand, so what choice did they have

No one wanted to die.

Neiges Eternity was made of the rarest and hardest materials on Earth.

It could take off for Mars at any time! It would survive the catastrophe even if Earth itself was destroyed.

There were many news reports on Eternity.

It was called the greatest invention of the 21st century.

Oraman wasnt worried about his safety at all.

He already felt like he didnt belong on Earth anymore.

“Koji, lets start from you.” Oraman looked at the Flamian president.

Flamia had always been Neiges minion and would attack whichever country Neige commanded it to attack.

It would never say no to Neige.

However, today was an exception.

Koji hesitated.

If he said yes, he would be betraying his own country.

Neige could rob Flamia of its entire territory!

When that happened, Koji would be condemned forever by the Flamian people.

Maruse urged him, “If the answer is no after the catastrophe is over, Flamia will become Neiges primary target!”

Would many countries still have the ability to go to war after the catastrophe

Of course not.

Armies would be nonexistent, military bases would have been destroyed by earthquakes and tsunamis, and the weapons would all have been damaged by water.

How could any country wage wars

The energy cannon would become the only functioning weapon on Earth.

Moreover, it was also a superweapon.

Neige could rule Earth without breaking a sweat.

If Koji said yes, Neige probably would leave him with half a country to rule.

If he said no, Neige would take everything.

Koji gritted his teeth and lowered his head.

“We agree…”


When there was a first, there would be a second.

More would follow after that.

Oraman was pleased.

“Flamia will keep its original territory, and Ill even give you some more land!”

Koji was feeling depressed until he heard those words, which immediately cheered him



“Of course! Neige will give special treatments to the countries that say yes first!”

The Soilian president immediately raised his hand.

“Pick me, Mr.

Oraman! Bluea agrees to that suggestion!”

“Oceania, too!”

“Fabria, too!”

“Soleilia, too!”

More and more countries said yes.

However, they were primarily small countries.

Such countries seldom had any say over important matters.

Apart from Flamia, other Top 10 countries all remained silent.

Woodia, Goldia, Winland, and Iceana reached a tacit agreement, and no one would give in.

They were just as powerful as Neige, and it took them a lot of effort to get there.

Of course, they wouldnt hand their countries to Neige on a plate.

They knew they were Neiges real target.

Oraman had no interest in the small countries.

His real purpose was to weaken them.

Other countries had said yes because they didnt have much to fight for.

Once the top countries agreed with the proposition, Neige would take away their land to weaken them and might even remove their countries from the world map.

Ninety presidents were attending the meeting.

Over thirty had said yes, about a third of the total attendants.

The remaining two-thirds hadnt given an answer yet.

Oraman was in no hurry.

“What Havent you made up your mind yet You dont have much time left.

The meteorite will arrive in 40 minutes.”

Meanwhile, countless people rushed to the Moonian site, almost overloading the server.

Everybody was asking for answers from Sky Eye, the president, and Himmel Soan.

“@Sky Eye: Can you destroy the meteorite Is the space cannon real” “@Himmel Soan: Im begging you! Just tell us the truth! Which is better, the space cannon or the energy cannon You must make an oath and tell the truth! If you lie, your family will be condemned forever! Make that oath, and Ill believe you! Ill join Moon and cut all ties with Neige!”

“Do you have the power to get through this catastrophe Neige wants to rule the world, and youre the only one who can stop them! Mr.

Soan, please hack their system again!”

However, Moon didnt reply to any of the questions.

The Moonians were busy preparing to destroy Despair One.

They didnt have the time to answer questions.

They had made it very clear from the beginning.

Since the others wouldnt believe it, there was no need to explain it to them repeatedly.

Moreover, the truth would come out soon.

Neige would never be able to rule the world, and Oraman would become the enemy of the human race.

The oceans flooded the land, and hurricanes took place worldwide.

Half of the Moonian land was already below the sea surface, and the water wasnt very far from the Pegasus Grassland.

The Pegasus Grassland was on a plateau, but the seawater had almost risen to its level, which showed how serious the situation was.

The natural disasters had destroyed all the buildings on the grassland.

Only the tall barbette remained standing.

It was the base of the space cannon.

The total height of the cannon was three thousand meters.

The area it took up was equally incredible.

A transparent film covered the surface of the space cannon.

All the natural elements, from lightning to magma would slide off the film.

That was the effect of the Innate Vigorous Energy.

Even earthquakes couldnt shake the giant cannon.

The ground might crack up, but it wouldnt split open.

It was like putting a wooden board on a table.

Without the wooden board, the table would split into halves when the tabletop cracked open.

However, the wooden board would hold the table together.

Similarly, the space cannon stabilized the ground beneath it.

The staff was busy working inside the space cannon.

Himmel Soan joined them and started refining the spiritual essence after he escorted the fleet back to the Pegasus Grassland.

“How much spiritual essence do we have now Is it enough to fire the cannon twice”

“Yes, we do! Its close to the amount of three launches!”

“Good job! Keep refining more! We should try to store enough spiritual essence for three launches!”

“Yes, sir!”

Yosef nodded and asked, “Patriarch, isnt one launch enough to destroy the meteorite”

“It is, but we have to prevent any accidents! Two will be safer, and three will ensure nothing can go wrong!”


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