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Chapter 130 Moon Is Correct

Without the Neigerian broadcast, the viewers wouldnt have realized that the Moonian one was authentic.

Neige insisted that the Moonian video was fake.

However, the video footage on the two websites was the same.

If the Moonian one was fake, so was the Neigerian one.

Neige would be accusing itself.

The reason that Neige slandered Moon was rather straightforward.

The Moonian video had too high a definition.

Despair One was moving at a speed of 1/360 that of light.

Nothing moved that fast on Earth neither could anything man-made travel that fast.

Even if such a thing was invented, it had to be in one of the developed countries.

It couldnt happen in Moon, which wasnt even among the top ten countries.

Neige had always discriminated against Moon.

It wouldnt believe or allow Moon to have such advanced technology.

Neige itself could only show blurry images with its most advanced satellite.

Yet the Moonian images were so clear.

How could that happen

No matter how reluctant Neige was, they couldnt deny the truth.

The videos had to be both real or both fake.

The Moonian image showed the actual missile.

How could Neige explain that

Could Moon insert the footage into the recording beforehand

If that was the case, how could they time it so accurately

No one knew when the launch would occur because even the Neigerians didnt know when Oraman would give the order.

Shortly after the energy cannon was launched, the missile reached outer space, and the video on the Moonian website began to show it as well.

The timing was perfect.

The meteorite had moved so close that even the Neigerian satellite could take its picture.

It was safe to say that the Moonian images were genuine.

The country didnt fabricate anything

At the same time, it also proved that Moon had the technology to track the meteorite.

They could follow an object that was moving at 1/360 of the speed of the light.

No one wanted to believe it.

But they had to.

“Which side should we believe”

“Which side Obviously, theyre both real!”

“That cant be right.

The Moonian countdown still had an hour and three minutes left, but the Neigerian one is down to seven minutes.

When will the meteorite arrive”

Apart from the video quality, the countdown times were also different on the two websites.

According to the Moonian website, the meteorite wouldnt arrive until an hour later, but the Neigerian website showed that there were only seven minutes left.

The time was essential.

If the Moonian one was accurate, the missile might run out of its fuel before reaching the meteorite.

After that, the inertia would keep it going.

It would eventually miss the meteorite and fly into deeper space until it was stopped by some external force.

Something like that could happen.

However, the meteorite was so large that the missile would still collide with it.

The explosion should do some damage.

The force of a bullet came from its speed, and a bullet could do more damage if it were spinning when it went into an object, creating a larger opening.

Speed was the key.

However, some heavy weapons no longer depended on speed.

They relied on the explosives, which had destructive power when they went off.

It was the case with hand grenades, and the energy cannon was no exception.

It would explode when it collided with its target, and the only function of the thruster was to get the missile to where it was supposed to be.

It wouldnt affect the effectiveness of the weapon.

The missile might miss its target, and that was the worst scenario.

There was no air in space.

Even if the meteorite moved close to the missile, it wouldnt create an airflow to blow the missile away from its course.

“I think Ill trust Neige.”

“It wont affect the outcome.

The meteorite is moving toward us as well, so the missile will eventually hit the target!”

“I choose to believe Moon! If both countries are broadcasting the launch, Moon definitely has better technology than Neige! You can tell it from their higher definition! Oraman is a despicable man! Hell be punished!”

Nothing happened in the end.

The missile got lost in outer space.

The distance was too long.

It would take the meteorite another hour to reach Earth.

Therefore, the missile would need to fly for at least another forty minutes.

That was when it stayed on its course.

If it went off course, it would never reach its target.

When the viewers saw this, some sighed, some cursed, and some shook their heads.

“Seriously The meteorite is so far away! Why did Neige tell us there were only seven minutes left”

“I think itll take more than half an hour!”

“The Moonian timer is the accurate one! It seems the meteorite wont reach us until an hour later!” “I was so nervous! Ive even written my last words, thinking that Earth would be destroyed in the next second.

I still had an hour! WTF! Whats Neige doing”

“Neige has been trying to hide the fact that Moon has surpassed it, but thats an impossible mission! Its very clear that Neigerian technology isnt as advanced as that of Moon.

The Moonian technology is the most advanced!”

“Gosh! Does that mean the underground shelter is the right way to go”

“Cant you see that How can you ask that question when so many arks have been destroyed, and so many people have been killed I dont know if the underground shelter is the right way, but the arks are definitely the wrong choice! Im on edge all the time, fearing that were going to be struck by lightning.

I wouldnt need to worry about such things if we were a thousand meters underground.”

Once more, Moon was proved to be correct, but it wouldnt make much difference now.

Countless people posted comments on the Neigerian website, asking for an explanation from Oraman.

Oraman was shameless enough to turn on his camera and make a speech.

“Neige has expected this to happen.

We planned to shoot the missile into space and let it naturally collide with the meteorite.

Why, you ask Thats because we need to keep the explosion as far away from Earth as possible.

Once the energy cannon destroys the meteorite, the debris will affect a large area, and it may affect Earth, creating more disasters than there already are.

Thats why were letting the missile travel far into space!”


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