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Oraman was betting on his luck.

That was his only choice.

They had run out of ideas.

They could sit there, waiting for the end to come, or make a desperate effort that might save them.

The energy cannon did nothing to stop the meteorite.

The whole world was disappointed by its effectiveness.

However, no one bothered to curse them anymore.

By now, scolding Oraman wouldnt do them any good.

It wouldnt change anything.

They only wanted to spend their last few moments with their loved ones.

There were things they couldnt tell their families before, but they didnt need to hold back anymore.

This was probably going to be their last chance.

“Dad, I love you! I could never bring myself to say those words to you because it felt so awkward.

I just want you to know that I love you forever!”

“Son, I love you, too!”

“Dad, I know youve had such a hard life!”

“If theres another life, I hope we can still be father and son!”

“Marilyn, Im in love with you! I have been since we were in high school! Youve always been so outstanding that I could never bring myself to tell you my feelings.

Im not from a good family, and I dont have good grades either.

I know youll never like someone like me, but I still want you to know!”

“Thank you! Ive always known how you feel about it, but its never going to work for us!”

“Thank you for being so straightforward! I knew you were going to say that, but I still had to let you know!”

“Heres a kiss for you!”

“Grandpa, Ive been keeping this secret from you.

You shat in your pants because of me! I accidentally mixed your medicine with some laxative!”

“You little bastard! I embarrassed myself in front of all my friends, and I never knew why! It was you!”

“Grandpa, stop hitting me! Were about to die in a few minutes!”

“Thats right! I cant kick your ass when Im dead! Id better do that now!”

However, the grandfather and grandson soon burst into tears and cried in each others arms.

Although people felt desperate a few hours ago, they were more angry, impulsive, and wouldnt accept their fate back then.

By now, all the rage had disappeared, and everyone had quieted down.

People embraced, kissed, and sat down quietly.

They either looked up at the sky or watched the video on Skynet as they waited for the meteorite to arrive.

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Today was going to be the last day of their life.

It would also be Earths last moment.

Human civilization would end here.

They wondered if some aliens would discover the human civilization one day or if there would be enough survivors to continue their lineage.

Maybe there would be.

But none of that mattered now.

Everyone was enjoying their last moments with their family.

Even the vagrants that didnt have a family joined the people around them.

In a moment like this, race, family background, and social status didnt make any difference anymore.

Everyone loved everyone else.

It was the world that people had always dreamed of.

However, humans only got to live in such a world when the end was coming.

Himmel Soan wished time could freeze at this moment, and there wouldnt be so many conflicts in this world.

That wasnt going to happen, though.

Once these people knew they werent going to die, they would return to what they were like before.

It was unavoidable.

However, Himmel Soan would save them no matter what.

He was ready to launch the space cannon.

He was waiting till the countdown reached the last hour.

He still had a minute left.

“The Neigerians have taken off.” Someone posted that comment online.

All the users rushed to the Neigerian website to find that it was shut down.

They went to the Moonian government website after that.

Not only was it still running, but it was also showing surveillance footage on the Neigerian side.

The Neigerian surveillance cameras used a separate system, and they were still functioning even when the website was down.

Through the surveillance footage, the viewers saw that Eternity was taking off.

Many Neigerians in other arks also recorded the moment when Eternity rose into the sky.

Flames pushed Eternity off the ground, and the ark flew out of the atmosphere.

Its destination was Mars.

“This is unbelievable!”

“Oraman has run off with his men!”

“I hope they die out there!”

“Can they survive on Mars”

“Theoretically, yes.

But its very hard to achieve.

We havent learned enough about the environment on Mars.”

“Maybe the Neigerians know how to survive on that planet!”

“No, they dont! I hope theyll die!”

“Dont say that.

They may be the last human beings.

Lets hope theyll survive.”


They may be the hope of our civilization.

We should hope they can survive!”

People online suddenly become much more tolerant toward them.

They knew anger wouldnt change anything.

Although Oraman and his men were despicable, they were still residents of Earth.

If the planet were gone, they would be the sole survivors.

Just then, someone posted an announcement on the Moonian government website.

“The space cannon will be launched in thirty seconds.

Please get ready for impact because it may affect Earth.

Hold on, and dont panic!”

“Look at that announcement!”

“Weve forgotten about Moon!”

“Their website is still running, which means their technology works! Maybe they can destroy the meteorite!”

“Dream on! Even the energy cannon couldnt do anything to the meteorite.

The so-called space cannon is only a theory, and even if they have built it, with the current technology level, it cant be more powerful than the energy cannon.

Theres no way that Moon can destroy the meteorite!”

“Moon has kept a low profile, and the Moonians havent said much.

They dont seem worried at all.”

“It makes me wonder, too! What have they been up to”

Nearly a million people were waiting inside the space cannon for Himmel Soans command.

Himmel Soan closed his eyes and tried to sense the meteorites location.



Yosef heard him and gave the order, “Launch!”

Eight hundred thousand people pressed the buttons in their hands.

Spiritual essence rushed into the space cannon.


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