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All the passengers on Ark-35 watched the screens in terror.

Some even grabbed their hair and screamed.

There was nothing they could do.

The meteorite piece went right through the arks overhead protective hull.


There was another loud explosion, and Ark-35 disappeared into the flames.

In the online world.

“Oh my god! Did you see these” Someone posted the videos of the two arks destruction online.

They werent the only ones that had been hit by meteorite pieces.

Similar things happened in Soilia, Goldia, and Woodia as well.

All the countries were affected.

Once the meteorite pieces entered the atmosphere, they were influenced by Earths gravity.

People on Earth didnt know where they would land.

Countries on the other side of the planet werent exactly safe.

They might be hit even worse.

Most of the pieces would fly halfway across Earth and land on the other side of the planet.


If one were to look down from above, one would see explosions happening all over the world.

In Woodia.


“Guys, weve just picked up a meteorite piece coming our way, and itll land on top of us in about thirty seconds! Farewell, everybody!”

“What Seriously”

“Is this some kind of sick joke Get the ark moving! We have to leave this place!”

“Im sorry, but the ark was built in a rush.

It has a defensive system but no engines.

It cant move.”

“Are you saying were trapped here This is ridiculous!”

“Im sorry.

As the captain of the ark, I apologize to everyone!”

“Sorry cant save us!”

“Shouting at him wont change anything! Save your energy.

We only have a few seconds left.

If we had listened to Moon and built the underground shelter, none of this would have happened!”

“Thats right! Why didnt we listen to Moon and Mr.

Soan Theyve predicted everything about the meteorite, and their defense is impeccable!”

“What good will all that talking do Neige and that Oraman are to be blamed! Theyve tricked us all!”

“We only have ourselves to blame! Padaski and Panthera both refused to trust Neige, and theyre doing just fine!”

“If we could choose all over again, we would have trusted Moon.

Weve lost that chance.”

Everybody saw the incoming meteorite piece on the screen hanging in the arks lobby.

Their end was coming.

They had lost all hope.

A figure appeared in the sky.

He wore a fighting suit and was riding an aircraft that looked like a flying Segway.

He destroyed the meteorite piece with a single punch.

Flames immediately devoured the person.

The passengers in the ark covered their mouths and stared at the screen in disbelief.

Why would someone go out in a dangerous situation like this

To make it even more unbelievable, the man was flying while crushing the meteorite piece.

However, they were sure that the person was killed.

“Who was that”

“I didnt see his face, but I think he was a Moonian.”

“We have to find out who that was! He saved all of us!”

“Did Moon send him”

“He sacrificed himself for our ark.

We have to find out his name, no matter what the cost is!”

While they were mourning the person, a figure charged out of the heavy smoke in the sky and flew toward Ark-11 in the distance because another piece was falling toward that ark.

“Hes alive!”

“Oh my god! How did he do that”

“Hes like a god! Hes God reincarnated!”

“Whos that man Find out who he is!”

“Why does he look familiar to me He moved so fast that I didnt see his face clearly.

Check the recording and enlarge his face!”

“Its Himmel Soan, the Moonian scientist!”

Soon, the technicians enlarged his face.

It was still blurry, but they could make out who he was.

It was Himmel Soan, the young scientist!

He was hovering in the sky on the aircraft.

The aircraft was only a cover though.

He could fly on his own.

However, that would require too many explanations.

Himmel Soan tried to help as many countries as he could get to.

The countries he helped were lucky.

There was only one Himmel Soan.

Most people werent fortunate enough to survive the calamity.

The arks were as fragile as paper boats when the meteorite pieces fell upon them.

Since the arks were built in a rush, most of them didnt have motor drives.

They were essentially immobile escape trunks.

Despite knowing that the meteorite pieces were going to fall on them, there was nothing they could do.

Not all arks could both fly and go into the water as Eternity did.

Neige built its first Eternity over a decade ago.

As the countrys technology advanced, they kept improving the ark.

Eternity had always been laced with the best equipment the country could build.

It was the best ark in the world.

“Gosh! Look! The meteorite pieces have destroyed so many arks! The world is in chaos!”

In Panthera.

All the Panthese were hiding in their underground shelter and watched the videos on their phones.

Countless people were cursing and praying in desperation online.

They only realized now what a stupid choice it was to hide in the arks.

Many people wrote that if they had another chance, they would join Moon and do whatever Moon told them.

So many people were waiting in terror, fearing that they would be hit by a meteorite piece.

More pieces were falling into the atmosphere.

The Panthese looked around them and secretly rejoiced.

“Luckily, were underground!”


Something exploded at that moment.

The entire underground shelter shuddered, and many people cried out.

Everyone looked up at the ceiling.

“Whats going on”

“I think a meteorite piece fell on top of us.”

“Its good that were underground! We would have been killed if we were on an ark!”


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