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“What Who are we bringing back” Drake was perplexed when he heard the command.

The others heard him and realized that he had received some order from Himmel Soan through his earphones.

They all stopped talking and looked at Drake.

Drake pointed at his earphones, indicating that he had received an order.

Himmel Soan said, “Were going to pick up whoever asks to come to Moon!”

“What Patriarch, is this a joke”

“When did I ever joke about such things Get going!”

“But…” Drake didnt know what to say, but he didnt dare disobey his Patriarch, so he turned to the others with a conflicted look on his face.

Henry asked, “Whats wrong”

Drake said, “The Patriarch told us to go out and save those people!”

“What Get me online!”

Henry asked Drake to switch on the computer.

Himmel Soans face appeared on the screen.

Everybody gathered around the computer.

Gordon asked, “Mr.

Soan, who are you going to save”

Himmel Soan showed them the situation outside through his sunglasses, which were his communication device.

They could see that Himmel Soan was flying over a land on fire.

The broken pieces of the meteorite were falling around him while fire and smoke covered the ground.

There was an ark every few kilometers.

The arks werent safe.

They would explode as soon as a meteorite piece fell upon them.

Most of the arks werent mobile, and it wouldnt be safe for the passengers to come out either because various natural disasters were still happening.

The world was overwhelmed by hurricanes, thunderstorms, and tsunamis.

Although the atmosphere had been mended and Himmel Soans mental force had covered the planet, the disasters still werent under control.

The people on Earth could only wait until the natural disasters stopped on their own or were controlled eventually.

As a result, the passengers had no choice but to wait.

Each ark contained at least 50,000 people.

Some larger ones contained over 100,000 people.

Whenever an ark was hit by a meteorite piece, at least 50,000 people would be wiped off the face of Earth.

Yes, many of those people were abominable, and some were even the radicals who had attacked Moon.

However, they were still human beings.

Besides, there were many innocent people in the arks, too.

Himmel Soan couldnt watch while the innocent people were killed.

He would try to save as many people as he could.

After all, this world needed human beings.

Natural disasters had annihilated at least five countries.

All the other countries would lose at least 20% of their total population.

It was like a great purge.

Some of the survivors could have the talent to help the human race in the future.

Himmel Soan wanted to save innocent people.

As for those who had attacked Moon before, he would help them in passing.

He would let the Moonians decide if they would punish those people now or in the future.

For now, he only wanted to help as many people as he could.

The others saw on the computer screen that Himmel Soan was charging at a piece of meteorite.

The next second, he collided with it.

Smoke and fire filled the screen, but it soon lit up.

Himmel Soan had flown out of the flames, and the meteorite piece had been destroyed.

He had saved another ark.

Himmel Soan talked to them as he continued his flight.

“Save the people that need saving! Save those that have asked for help online!”

“Why Mr.

Soan, if we send people out now, theyll get killed! We may not be able to reach other countries!”

Gordon said, “Mr.

Soan, those people left Moon willingly.

They abandoned their homeland in the face of a catastrophe.

Now, they want to come back, but why should we help them If they could abandon their country, why shouldnt their country abandon them They arent worth it!”

Himmel Soan said, “I didnt ask you to save them.

I gave the order to the three divisions!”

Drake said, “But Patriarch, we cant withstand the meteorite, either! What if the pieces fell upon our men…”

“You cant withstand it, but you can dodge! Save as many as you can, but ensure your own safety first.

Try to bring them back with as few casualties as possible,” said Himmel Soan.

Phoebe spoke up, “Patriarch, thats impossible! Maybe we can reach other countries, but how are we going to get back We cant dodge the meteorite while protecting those people!”

“The IVE Extractors!”

Everybodys eyes lit up.

Drake asked, “Can we use them on the planes, too”

“What do you think”

If the planes were equipped with IVE Extractors, would they be able to withstand the falling meteorite pieces

However, if the plane shifted in the air…

Henry said, “It wont be safe enough!”

“Then dont pick them up.

We can send IVE Extractors to all the arks.”

“But we dont have that many devices!”

“Well do our best.

Its better than doing nothing.”

The others fell silent because they didnt believe they should rescue those people.

Those people had it coming.

If they had listened to Himmel Soan, they wouldnt have been in this mess.

The Moonian president spoke at that moment.

“We have the power to help other people, so we cant just sit idly.

We still have some spare room in the space cannon.

Lets transform it into a factory and start building IVE Extractors.

We can send the devices to as many arks as we can manage.

Remember, the Moonians safety is our priority.

We wont try to save everybody!

“Thats the best we can do!”

The others nodded and agreed with the president and Himmel Soan.

Himmel Soan said, “I created this battle armor that comes with its own IVE.

Theres one set in my office now, and youll find the blueprint inside.

Give everything to Viclan.

Let him start mass production ASAP.

He must make a thousand sets in the next hour.

All the soldiers should wear the armor when they go out.

Theyll be safe as long as they arent directly hit by the meteorite pieces.”

“Yes, Patriarch! Consider it done!”

The meteorite pieces would continue to fall for at least ten more hours.

If Moon didnt do something, the world would be destroyed.


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