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“Apology is useless!” Yosef bellowed on the intercom, “Warren Soan! Stay out of it! Ill paint that studio in blood in three minutes!”

“Yosef!” Warren shouted, “You cant do this!”

“Everyone who has insulted the Patriarch deserves to die! Warren, youre useless! I cant tolerate these people while they continue to insult the Patriarch! If you try to stop me, Ill kill you, too!”


Warren looked at James.

James said with a darkened face, “Im with the Guardians this time.

These people will only cry when death is staring down at them! If theyre too stupid to tell right from wrong, theres no point in keeping them alive!”

Caroline also spoke up, “Uncle Yosef, dont do that! Father has always told us to win people by virtue.

If he wakes up, hell never let you do such things! Hell be angry!”

“If the worst comes to the worst, Ill atone my crime with my own life, but I cant stand it anymore!” Yosef roared angrily on the intercom.

At that moment, lights lit up in the villa.

“James! Yosef!”

The voice sounded old and weak, but it was definitely Himmel Soans.

Immediately, over a hundred people in the villa knelt on the floor.

James, Warren, and Caroline all looked stunned.


“Dad, youre finally awake!”

“This is great! The Patriarch has woken up!”

James was elated and wanted to run into the house, but two men stood in his path, stopping him from going inside.

“What are you doing Get out of my way!” James bellowed.

He heard Himmel Soans voice again.

“James, Im still too weak to see you.

Hayden is here with me.

You dont need to come in!”

“Patriarch, I havent seen you in over 30 years! Please let me come inside!”

“Theres no rush.

Well have all the time in the world! James, Yosef, I heard what happened.

Please stay calm.

Dont do anything reckless, and let Warren and Caroline handle it.”


“But Patriarch, I cant take it! Those despicable men said such filthy things! I… I want to…” Yosef sounded agitated in the intercom.

“Yosef, who gave you the order to come back Didnt I tell you to stay abroad Have you disobeyed me”

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“Im sorry, Patriarch! I heard that you were in danger, and I was worried, so I…”

“Go back and guard our overseas assets!”

“Patriarch, please let me see you, just one minute! Ill leave right away!”

A middle-aged man with long hair and wearing a traditional outfit walked into the courtyard with tears in his eyes.

It was none other than Yosef himself!

But Himmel Soan never spoke again.

Hayden came out of the villa at that moment and told the crowd, “The Patriarch is still too weak to talk.

He has to rest.

Please leave him in peace.”

The others looked at one another and obviously had doubts.

If Himmel Soan really had woken up, why wouldnt he see them

Some suspected that it was one of Haydens tricks, but they couldnt take the risk to question him.

If Himmel Soan truly had recovered, challenging Hayden would be seen as disobeying the Patriarch.

That was a serious crime!

After much consideration, the crowd retreated from the courtyard and let Himmel Soan rest in a peaceful environment.

“Yes, Patriarch!

“Ill be stationed 500m away from the villa.

Feel free to summon me if you need anything,” said Yosef.

James and Yosef left the villa.

When Warren and Caroline wanted to leave, Hayden stopped them.

“The Patriarch didnt wake up.

I lied to them, but I can only stall them for a while.

Warren, Caroline, you need to quiet things down as soon as possible.

The cover will be blown if they still cant see the Patriarch tomorrow! A lot of people in Bywater are going to die!”


Warrens pupils contracted, and his face paled.

“What You lied to them How could you pretend to be the Patriarch!”

Caroline said, “Were under special circumstances, and we have to use special measures! Im sure Father would agree with Uncle Hayden when he wakes up! Uncle Warren, lets get on with our business, or the city will be destroyed!”

Warren calmed down and nodded slowly.

Their top priority was to take care of public opinion online.

“Damn it! What have Kevin Matano and Jack Wattcon been doing How could they let this show air”

Warren made a video call with the Five.

“Who owns the website Tenrun”

Seeing Warrens livid face, Tom Matcon wiped the sweat on his forehead.

“Sir, its mine.”

“Are you deaf or blind Cant you read whats on your front page If it doesnt go away in the next ten minutes, Ill make you go away!”

The other four people held their breaths, feeling glad that they hadnt been named.

“The other four, dont just sit around! The interview is being held on Sunshine TV Station.

Do you know what to do”

“Yes, of course, sir! Well take care of it in ten minutes!”

In the television studio, Andy Lee was vividly describing what he had “seen.” He had painted Himmel Soan to be such an evil man.

“That man kept touching Stellas legs!

“And he put Stellas hand into his clothes!”

Andy Lee claimed that he had witnessed all those things.


Just then, he received a message.

The message was from “Boss.”

It read, “Things have changed.

Kneel on the floor and apologize to Himmel Soan.

Otherwise, your career in the entertainment industry will be finished, and Ill be dead.

Do it now!”

“Boss” had given his consent to let Andy come to the show.

Therefore, the message shocked him.

He couldnt understand why he would receive such a message in the middle of the show.

He was still perplexed when he received another message.

“What the hell are you waiting for Kneel and apologize! Im watching you!”

Andy Lee fell silent and stared at his phone.

Rachel asked, “Mr.

Lee, is there something wrong”

Andy suddenly looked up and said solemnly, “Actually, I made up all the things I said.”

He then dropped to his knees and held up a hand.

“Im sorry, everyone, but Ive been lying to you! Ive never met Himmel Soan or Stella Shane.

I only said those things to make people notice me again! I want to make a comeback to the entertainment industry, and that was why I told such lies! I swear that Ive never met Stella or Himmel Soan! If Im not telling the truth, Ill be struck down by lightning! Im sorry, Mr.

Soan!” He then banged his forehead on the floor.


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