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“I agree! Keep them alive so that theyll live in the fear of being ruled by Moon forever! They should be tormented! Thats the only way to comfort the spirit of the deceased!”

“I agree with what you said, but isnt it a petty thing to do We always talk about our long history, and we should show the generosity of a great country.

I think its cruel enough to save them and let them live in the shame of their actions.

Ruling them seems unnecessary.”

“Youre all talking nonsense.

To do all the things you mentioned, we have to keep them alive first.

Were only humans, not God! Yes, we can help people, but we cant help that many! Mr.

Soan has been fighting alone out there for an hour! Whos going to save all those people Thats a ridiculous request!”

“Thats right! What we say is irrelevant because we dont have the manpower!”

“Were only making suggestions.

I know we dont have the power to save everyone, but we cant even talk about it now The meteorite shower wont stop for another ten hours, and Earth is already a mess! I cant imagine how things will be when this is over or how many people will die! I think we should be content to see the Flamians apologize in our lifetime.

Thats the only correct thing theyve done so far.”

“I agree.

Well feel so lonely without our old enemy! Theyve apologized.

What more do you want”

“So what if theyve apologized! They have killed so many of our people.

‘Im sorry just wont cut it! How can you forget about our history so easily Thats a scar thatll never heal!”

The Moonians went into heated discussions, arguing about whether they should forgive the Flamians or not.

It attracted much attention.

Because of that, not many people remembered how the youngsters had requested to save their idols.

Sammy wrote in the chat group, “Now that theyre all talking about the Flamians, we have a much better chance.

Lets do it! Lets show them how determined we are! Weve made up our minds, even if were going to lose our lives!”

Vivian said, “Alright! Lets do this!”

While the other people were arguing online, Sammy, Vivian, and their fellow youngsters quietly gathered outside Zone 407 on the east side of the underground shelter.

Each zone was protected by an IVE Extractor.

When the IVE Extractor of a zone stopped running, one could have access to the escape corridor.

Each escape corridor was connected to an exit.

Outside the exit was the Pegasus Grassland.

Sammy looked around and saw that he had about sixty to seventy followers.

He was confused.

“There are tens of thousands of members in our chat group; why are there so few of you”

“Theyre too afraid to come!”

“What a bunch of wusses!”

Despite the love they expressed toward their idols, when they had to choose between the lives of their idols and their own, 99% would choose the latter.

Apart from a few extremely popular people, only a handful of celebrities could make large groups of fans give away their lives willingly.

One such example was one of the greatest pop singers and dancers in history.

He had fans all over the world, and many fans would faint from excitement during his concerts.

Quite a few fervent fans had taken their own lives to demonstrate their love for him.

Another example would be a great Moonian martial arts practitioner who had disciples in almost every country.

When he passed away, many pupils also committed suicide.

Flamia even addressed the man as the “Martial Arts Saint.”

Those two were about the only two celebrities that could make their fans lose themselves in their love for them.

“If they wont go, we will! Trust me.

What we do will make the headlines, and Tony will see it! Hes going to be so touched!”

“Yes! I want my goddess to see my name on the front page! Although I cant marry her, Ill make her remember me forever!”

“Lets do it!”

Sammy led the others to IVE Extractor 407 and told the operators, “Youve worked through the night.

Its time to take a break.

Well take over from here.”

The fifty operators turned to Sammy.

“Its not the time to change shifts yet.

Every shift is two hours long, and weve only been here for over an hour.”

“Sir, you look exhausted.

We youngsters have much more energy, and weve been sitting around with nothing to do.

Wed like to do something for our country.

Please let us give you a hand.”

“Are you sure Do you know how it works This is the switch, then…”

“Dont worry.

Weve taken the training course.

Well be fine!”

The operators werent suspicious.

It had never occurred to them that some kid would try to open up the protective shield.

It was a suicidal move.

No one with the right mind would do such a thing.


Its all yours.

I appreciate your help.

Our country will be proud of you!”

“Thank you, sir!”

The youngsters sat down around the IVE Extractor and put their hands on the extracting plates.

They smiled as they watched the operators walk away.

On Moons eastern coast.

Streaks of lightning covered the sky, and hailstones were smashing into the only Moonian ark, making loud popping sounds.

Lyton, Jamie, Wilde, and several other leaders watched the surveillance footage while sipping their wine.

Surveillance cameras had covered every corner of the ark.

“Its nowhere near as scary as I expected,” said Lyton.

“The meteorite has been destroyed.

We only need to wait for another ten hours for the meteorite shower to end.

Then the catastrophe will be over.”

Suddenly, he saw a streak of light falling toward them.

“Its a meteorite piece!”

“Damn it!”

“Were in trouble!”

“Are we going to be alright”

They all stared at the screens and were too nervous to breathe, fearing that their slightest move would affect the arks defense system.


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