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The piece fell right on top of the ark.

The flame melted all the hailstones nearby, and the ark jolted.


Nothing happened after that.

Everybodys mouth fell open because they didnt expect it to end so soon.

But it had ended.

They waited for another ten seconds; everything remained silent.

Only then did they start talking again.

“Is it over”

“I dont think it was all that scary!”

“Our ark is so durable!”

“Why did the arks of other countries break so easily”

Jamie was perplexed.

Someone else said, “Their arks arent nearly as good as ours.

Moonian products always use the best materials.

Although we rushed a little when we built the ark, it still has the best quality!”

Everybody agreed with him.

“Yes! The Moonian products are the best, and were also the most effective! Im sure those arks were destroyed because they used inferior materials and low-grade technology.

They were as fragile as glass!”

“That must be the case! Lyton, please examine our ark and see if everything is fine.”

Lyton didnt buy it.

He didnt think his ark was much better than any other ark.

Even if his ark was well-built, it couldnt have survived the meteorite piece without a scratch.

There had to be a crack or a hole of sorts.

However, the piece didnt even dent the ark.

Lyton half-mindedly gave the order.

“Check the ark and see if anything is wrong.”

“Yes, sir!”

Soon, the result was back.


Lyton, the ark is in perfect condition.

The piece only left a black mark on the top, and the core is intact!”

Everybody cheered when they heard the report, and their confidence was greatly boosted.

However, it only made Lyton more suspicious.

Could the Moonian ark be that durable

They were in quite a rush when they built it and had to use many alternative materials.

He looked at the IVE Extractor a few steps away.

They had put the devices into use when they were delivered.

Although the passengers didnt believe in the extractors, they didnt want to waste them either.

Using them wouldnt hurt anyone.

So why not

“Can it be the effect of the IVE Extractors”

There were eighty IVE Extractors in the ark, and they had been evenly distributed so that they could protect every corner.

Fifty people sat around IVE Extractor 8.

Several of them stood up and removed their hands from the plates.

Putting their hands on the plates was the only way to keep the IVE Extractor running.

If they didnt, the Innate Vigorous Energy couldnt be extracted.

As soon as they moved away, the device stopped working.

Those people complained as they walked away.

“If our ark is so tough, why do we need this ** Sitting here is so boring!”

“Thats right! Our ark can get through the catastrophe all on its own! Although the underground shelter is the right way to go, our ark is doing just fine, too!”

“Yes! Im glad to see that all our people are safe.

Were doing so much better than other countries.”

Lyton shouted at them, “Dont leave! Sit back down!”

However, he was too late.

Something exploded at that moment.

A hailstone larger than a human head fell right through the bullet-proof glass over Zone 8.

It wasnt the only disaster.

Immediately after that, a streak of lightning struck Zone 8.

There was a loud bang, and the hull opened up.

Wind, rain, and hailstones came in through the gap.

Dozens of people nearby were caught by surprise and blown away by the heavy wind.

The hailstones fell on the floor, making loud noises and even cracking the floor.

The bad news didnt end there.

Almost simultaneously, eighteen other zones exploded.

The sealed ark immediately had holes all over it.






“Help! Help me!”

All hell broke loose, and the passengers were screaming for help.

The wind was like a killing machine.

The hull overhead could partially block the rain and the hailstones.

However, it couldnt stop the wind, which was gushing through all eighteen openings on the hull.

The passengers were completely exposed.

The wind outside was around level eight, but the narrow space had enhanced it, making it as damaging as a level-ten hurricane.

Many people were blown out of the ark.

As soon as they were outside, hailstones smashed into them like flying bullets.

There was no way they could survive.

“Why is this happening Why” Jamie panicked and looked around the room in astonishment.

Lyton ran into the control room and shouted into the intercom.

“Calm down! Stop running around! We must protect the IVE Extractors! Do not leave the IVE Extractors!”

However, nobody would listen to him.

No matter how many times he shouted, people were still panic-stricken.

“Lyton, what are you doing here Run! Lets take shelter in the lower deck!”

Wilde ran into the control room and tried to drag Lyton away.

Lyton stopped him.

“The lower deck isnt safe! We must start the IVE Extractors again! Otherwise, were all going to die!”

Wilde was surprised and frustrated.

“Theres no time for that! Why do you even care about the extractors We have to run for our lives! Do you want to die”

“No, I dont! Thats why we must start the IVE Extractors again! I need to save the others, too! Wilde, our ark has withstood the disasters not because it is tough! Its because of the IVE Extractors!”


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