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It was a serious matter.

The Pantherese presidents decision could kill tens of thousands of soldiers.

Therefore, he didnt dare to make the call, fearing that he would need to take responsibility for the consequences.

“Let me discuss with my people.

Ill get back to you in ten minutes.”

“Thats too long! Mr.

Soan is fighting alone now, and people are dying every second! An ark could be destroyed at any moment! Were losing a hundred thousand lives a minute, and thats a million people in ten minutes! Im not trying to be pushy, but please hurry up!”

“I understand.”

The Soleilian, Hosian, and Padaskian presidents looked at one another, sighed, and logged out of the video conference.

They were small countries with limited power.

Helping other countries was asking them a lot.

They werent prepared to be saviors, and their people werent ready to sacrifice their own lives.

They didnt share the same culture with Moon, and they didnt have the tradition of requiting injury with kindness.

They believed in an eye for an eye and reciprocated past favors by manifolds.

Those richer countries had been oppressing them for years and never helped them at all.

There was no gratitude but only hatred.

The three countries had no reason to help them.

Probably only Moon could be so forgiving.

In Flamia.

“Mom, Im scared…”

“Dont be afraid! Our president has asked Moon for help! The flying soldiers will soon come here and take us away!”

“Do you really think the Moonians will come You must be dreaming! They hate us! We should consider ourselves lucky if they dont use this chance to destroy us! My only hope is that the meteorite piece wont fall on top of us…”

“Moon wont be so ruthless! Were neighbors!”

“Neighbors Have you forgotten how we invaded them in the past”

“We didnt do that!”

“You still refuse to face our past.

Youre beyond saving.

I thought the Flamians have repented, but there are still stubborn people like you! Let the meteorite destroy us! I feel so ashamed!”

In Winland.

“When are the Moonian coming Were going to die! I saw severe meteorite pieces brushing past us! Its so scary!”

“If we had listened to Moon and built the underground shelter and IVE Extractors, none of this would have happened! We were so foolish!”

“Its not our fault! I blame Neige! That country is evil!”

“I bet those Neigerians have died in outer space.

Oraman has no heart! Hes going down, and hes dragging us with him! If I see him in another world, Ill kill him with my bare teeth!”

“Stop moaning! If you have the strength, why dont you go online and apologize to Moon Maybe theyll show us some mercy and come to save us!”

“Thats right! Lets all go online and apologize! Weve done some things we arent proud of.

We were part of the alliance that invaded Moon and have been denying it over the years.

Thats why Moon hates us! We cant keep lying to ourselves!”

In Neige.

“Oraman is the worst president in our history! He has abandoned us! What should we do now”

“We have to ask Moon for help! Thats the only way!”

“Youve got to be kidding me! The Moonians hate us! Do you really think theyll come to rescue us They wont show us any pity even if we kneel on the ground! They would love to see us die!”

“Thats right! I wont ask for their help because I know they wont pity us! Id rather die like a man!”


The ground shook when an ark nearby was hit by a meteorite piece.

Immediately, all the lives on board were devoured by the fire and smoke.

“Not again! I cant take it anymore! Im going to ask Moon for help! Its worth a try!”

“Ill go insane if things go on like this!”

“Do you think Moon will accept your apology They wont! Our two countries hold too many grudges against each other! We can only pray to God now!”

“Gosh! A meteorite piece is coming our way!

“Oh no!”

“Ave Maria! This is the end!”

The passengers all closed their eyes, too scared to watch the screens.

They waited and waited, but the end never came.

Someone cheered loudly, and the others opened their eyes.

They saw through the surveillance cameras that a flying soldier was floating in mid-air.

He looked down at the ark and flew away.

“Its the Moonian flying soldier! Its Mr.


“The Moonians arent cold-blooded people! Theyve saved us!”

“Thank you, Mr.


“Thank you, Mr.


Many people knelt on the floor and burst into tears.

The Neigerians had remained silent until then, but they finally started apologizing online.

“Im sorry, people of Moon.

Im Fernes, one of the Neigerian high-ranking officials.


Soan, your flying soldier, saved our ark just then.

I didnt think he would come, and that was my mistake.

I was too petty and thought everybody was as narrow-minded as me.

Im sorry! I apologize for everything Neige has done to Moon! I feel so ashamed!”

“Im Thomason, one of the Neigerian high-ranking officials.

Id like to apologize to all the Moonian people…”

“Im Temal, the head of the Ministry of Defense.

I want to apologize to all the Moonians, regardless if youre going to rescue us!”

After the high-ranking officials, the ordinary Neigerians followed suit.

Apologizing posts filled the Neigerian column of the Moonian government website.

The Moonians had never felt so proud!

Moon was no longer the poor country that other countries could trample upon at will.

Moon was the savior now!

It was the hope of the planet!

“IVE Extractor is switched off.”

Hearing the sound, Sammy and the other fans beamed at one another.

“Lets get out of here and save our idols!”

“Theyre going to thank us!”


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