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The excited youngsters rushed into the exit corridor.

However, the shelter was a thousand meters underground.

That was a long way to climb.

They didnt dare to take the elevators, fearing that they might be spotted.

However, they heard a rumbling noise as soon as they stepped into the corridor.

The iron gate of the underground shelter was also supported by Innate Vigorous Energy.

The Innate Vigorous Energy not only covered the entire underground shelter but also supported all the escape corridors and three iron gates that led to the Pegasus Grassland.

The three gates blocked the natural disasters outside and were the second last defense of the underground shelter—the last one being the doors sealed by the Innate Vigorous Energy.

To enter the underground shelter, the natural elements needed to break down all three gates and the sealed door.

With the protection of the Innate Vigorous Energy, that was an impossible task.

Even if the meteorite piece happened to smash into the outermost iron gate, it still couldnt break three gates in a row, travel a thousand meters downward, and penetrate the sealed door.

It was simply impossible.

However, now that they had opened the sealed door, the Innate Vigorous Energy shield was missing a corner, and the three iron gates had much less protection.

The first gate caved in when the hailstones hit, and it didnt last for over a second.

The second iron gate couldnt hold on for much longer either, but it didnt fall into pieces like the first one.

However, the strong wind then blew away what was left of it.

The rain had been pouring for over ten hours in the Pegasus Grassland, and all the places had been flooded.

When the gates opened up, the water gushed in, crushing the third iron gate and pouring into the corridor.

“Whats that sound”

“I have no idea!”

Sammy and the others felt the ground shaking, but they didnt know what was going to happen.

The flood was coming their way.


Sirens rang out in the underground shelters control room.

The operator of the monitors had just gone for a bathroom break.

He came back to find that the door to the escape corridor was opened and some teenagers were inside.

Before leaving, he didnt think anything would happen.

Himmel Soans IVE Extractors were so effective that Moon had the safest shelter in the world.

All other countries were asking Moon for help, which further proved how secure their shelter was.

Right now, Moon had enough IVE Extractors and provisions for all the people in the underground shelter, even if they had to stay here for the next six months.

He checked the three iron gates before he left his seat.

Even the outermost gate was in perfect condition.

All the flood and hailstones couldnt shake it.

There were two more iron gates inside, even if the first one was breached.

Nothing could easily get into the underground shelter.

Going to the bathroom would take him ten minutes at most.

What could possibly happen

Therefore, he left his position without asking anyone to cover for him.

When he came back, all hell had broken loose.

A lot of the surveillance cameras had been damaged by the flood.

From the ones still working, he saw that water was gushing in and had almost reached the shelter.

“Shit! Who are those kids Damn it!”

He immediately sounded the alarm.

The siren went off.

The red light flashed, and the alarm blared in the entire shelter.

“What happened”

“Whats going on”

“Why did the alarm go off”

“Holy **! Zone 407 has been breached! Someone has opened the escape gate!”

“What Who the hell did that Are they trying to kill everybody”

“Who switched off the IVE Extractor!”

People began to run away from Zone 407.

“Wheres my son Has anybody seen my son”

“Whos the guard of Zone 407 Are you the guard”


“What were you thinking Why did you leave your post Your conduct is going to get so many people killed!”


People were still shouting at one another when they heard the approaching thundering noise.

Sammy and his friends were standing in the corridor when they saw the flood rushing toward them.

They bolted in fright.

“Its the flood! Run!”

“How did it get in Why are the gates open”

“I dont know! Run!”

The fifty or so people rushed back toward the underground shelter, but the door was slowly closing.

“Dont close it! Were still outside!” The teenagers shouted, so frightened that they were in tears.

“Why are those people outside”

The people inside were surprised and stopped closing the door.

However, they then saw the rushing water right behind the kids.

“Shut the door now!”

“We cant! There are people outside!”

“If you dont shut it now, were all going to die!”

“Theyre only kids!”

“They shouldnt have gone up! Shut the door!”

“You cant do that! My daughter is still out there!”

“I dont care! Close the door!”

The kids were over twenty meters away, and the flood was about 300m behind them.

However, by the time the kids reached the door, the water would have already gotten in.

It would be too late.

“Close it!”

“Dont! Im begging you! My daughter is outside! Please let them in!”

“Do you want to get all of us killed Get out of my way! Close the door!”

“Do you have no sympathy at all Those are human beings!”

“Do you know how many lives well lose if the water gets in Do it now!”

There was no time, but people were still arguing if they should close the door.

Those that insisted on closing it wanted to press the button, but the other people stopped them.

While they were pushing around, the water was quickly moving closer.

The kids were soon overtaken and devoured by the flood when they were five meters away from the door.

The water carried them toward the underground shelter.


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