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“As it turns out, its not that we have a durable ark.

Its all thanks to the devices!”

Without the IVE Extractors, the ark would have been destroyed a long time ago.

Unfortunately, the people only realized it now.

Jamie dropped to his knees when he saw the blood on the floor and walls.

Lyton and Wilde joined him as well.

“Im sorry! Im so sorry!”

What they saw would be branded in their brains forever.

Some people were blown away by the strong wind, and the hailstones smashed them into a pulp while they were still in the air.

It was too miserable a scene to watch.

Some were hit by lightning, charred, and fell into the sea.

Over half of the Moonian land had turned into an ocean, and the water on the eastern coast was especially deep.

The ark was surrounded by water, and there was a storm raging outside.

The temperature had dropped to zero, and no ordinary person could survive in such an environment.

When the ark was intact, it could keep the wind out.

Now that there were eighteen holes in the hull, even the IVE Extractors could barely hold it together.

Things could fall apart at any moment.

Innate Vigorous Energy had to attach to a surface to work.

The holes prevented it from creating a shield.

The energy could keep the hailstones and lightning out, but not the wind.

The tidal waves were also rising.

It seemed another tsunami was coming.

The passengers felt they were going to die.

Once the seawater gushed in, the IVE Extractors would be destroyed, and the ark would lose all protection.

“I regret my decision so much! I should have listened to the authorities and never built this ark!” Lyton dropped to his knees and banged his forehead on the floor until blood oozed out.

He shouted, “Im sorry! Its all my fault! I got everybody into this, and those lives are on me! Im so sorry!”

Wilde tried to pull him up.

“Lyton, dont do this! None of us wanted this to happen! You cant blame yourself!”

“No, I am to be blamed! Mr.

Soan predicted this, and all those Moonians believed him, but I wouldnt! They made preparations for such disasters, but I didnt listen!”

All the passengers seemed exhausted.

Many of them were injured.

They stood around the IVE Extractors and didnt dare remove them.

Seeing how distressed Lyton was, the others sighed and tried to comfort him.


Lyton, its not your fault! You were only trying to help us! You gave us hope!”

“None of us believed our country, and were all wrong! We all have to be responsible for this tragedy! Youre not alone in this! If you hadnt built this ark, we would have found a way to go abroad! We would have died all the same!”

“We were so wrong! It was the greatest mistake of my life! We had this coming! We deserve it!”

“My son is dead because of me! He was blown away by the wind! Im sorry, son! I should have trusted our country! I got you killed!”

Everybody was blaming themselves, saying that it had all been their fault.

They werent wrong.

They had refused to believe in Moon and called Himmel Soan a liar and the president an idiot.

They couldnt understand why the others would support Himmel Soan.

They finally saw the truth.

They were the foolish ones!

“I should be the dead one, but my family was killed instead!”


Lyton, is it possible to get in touch with our government or Mr.

Soan The internet is still working.

We can try to ask for help!”

“I cant bring myself to seek help! We abandoned them in the first place.

How can we ask them to help us now I dont know what to say!”

“Of course, we can ask for help! If you wouldnt do it for yourself, do it for your family! We may deserve to die, but our families are innocent! We got them into this! If the government can save them, what if were dead!”

“Thats right! Forget about your dignity now! Ill ask for help and see if they can escort us back!”

“Look! Theres a giant ship!”

“You must be seeing things! It has to be a mirage! No ship can…”

Someone claimed there was a big ship outside, but the others wouldnt believe him.

They all looked out of the holes in the hull.

They didnt dare stay too close to the holes, fearing that they would be swept away.

However, they could still see the outside.

The weather limited their field of vision.

With the rain and the hailstorm, the visibility was no more than 300m.

They saw two beams of light piercing through the rain.

It lifted their spirits.

“It really is a boat!”

“Is that an ark Which country does it belong to”

“Thats not possible! No ark can withstand the meteorites! They wont dare travel around!”

“Guys, I think I saw a blue flag! Its our national flag!”

“Really Where”

“Look up!”

They raised their heads to find a blue cloth flapping above the giant ship.

Even the rain and the wind couldnt harm it.

To make the flag easier to spot, someone had put a big light on top of the flagpole.

“It really is our flag!”

“Has Moon sent out global rescue teams”

“Were going to live! Theyre here to help us!”

“Gosh! Look! Whats that!”

They were still cheering when they saw a streak of light falling from the sky, dragging a long tail behind it.

It was a meteorite piece!

The light was so intense that one could see it through the rain curtain.

It fell toward the Moonian ship as if it had GPS on it.

Everybody screamed.

The light was blinding when the meteorite piece fell on the ship.

The dazzling light lit up the area within 5km of the ship.

Smoke then rose into the air, followed by a loud explosive sound.


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