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Countless people online had described how powerful the meteorite pieces were.

The impact would instantly pulverize an ark.

The passengers on the ark thought the ship was going to be destroyed as well.

To their surprise, once the smoke dissipated, they saw the ship was unscratched, and their national flag was still flapping in the wind.

The ship sailed against the storm toward the ark.

“It survived the meteorite!”

“Awesome! Our country is amazing!”

“I cant believe this! The device is amazing!”

“No, Mr.

Soan is amazing! Hes the pride of our country!”

The impact demonstrated how effective the IVE Extractors were.

No one questioned Himmel Soan or their country anymore.

To them, Himmel Soan was their God.

He was the God of science!

Their president was so wise!

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Lyton, Im Mark from the third division of the Dragon Tribe.

Were on our way to a rescue mission in Flamia.

Do you need help If you do, we can take you back to the Pegasus Grassland first!”

Himmel Soan had ordered the Moonians soldiers to rescue people in other countries before giving them the blueprints of the flying armor.

However, flying soldiers could only save so many people.

Therefore, Henry, Gordon, and the president discussed with the Soan empire and decided to take the risk.

They were going to use the force of the entire country to carry out the rescue mission.

Over 85% of the land was covered by water, so ships became the main means of transportation.

The alternative would be airplanes.

The space cannon had finished its mission, so it had been converted to a base with runways for airplanes.

All the countrys forces had been gathered here.

Still, it was important to keep everybody safe first.

The government quickly gathered a hundred thousand electric welders and built a makeshift ceiling for the ships.

They had consulted with Himmel Soan, asking him how the IVE Extractors worked.

He told them the device needed a surface to attach to.

Even if they only set up a tent over the ship, the IVE Extractors inside would still keep it safe.

Risks still existed though.

Otherwise, Himmel Soan wouldnt have insisted on underground shelters.

The devices had to remain stable.

That was the most important thing.

The ships could shift and sway on the sea.

If the IVE Extractors tipped over, they would stop working, and the ships could be ravaged by the waves.

It was the same way with the planes.

The constant storm created turbulence that could render the IVE Extractors ineffective at any moment.

Once that happened, the plane would be in pieces when it landed.

All in all, the mission was perilous.

The Moonian government didnt force anyone to join the rescue team.

Those who were concerned with their safety could stay behind.

No one would laugh at them because the mission would get people killed.

It was no laughing matter.

The participants were great men.

The people that stayed behind were only human.

Not everyone was willing to give away their lives for other people.

Moon was never short of brave people.

As soon as the announcement was made, over fifty thousand people volunteered.

They didnt plan to come back.

They wanted world peace and hoped nobody in this world was suffering.

They were heroes that were worth all the respect in the world.

Mark was one of those people.

“Yes! We need help!”


Mark, your timing is perfect!”

“Please help us! We were wrong! We should have listened to the government instead of taking things into our own hands! We only have ourselves to blame for everything that has happened!”

Mark said, “What are you talking about Our country has never given up on you! The country is behind you when you need help! Im going to set up an escape corridor and stabilize it with IVE Extractors.

Hold on!”

The ship anchored next to the ark and stretched out a cylinder-like passageway wide enough for five people to walk side by side.

When the cylinder reached the ark, the IVE Extractors were set up before anyone could walk through it.

Protecting the passageway was their priority.

Otherwise, it could easily be broken by the wind or hailstones.

The IVE Extractors released Innate Vigorous Energy that solidified the entire passageway.

“Get aboard! Quickly!”

“Thank you, Mr.

Soan! Thank you, Mark!”

The passengers on the ark were saved.

People hiding in the lower deck burst into happy tears when they heard this, and they embraced the people around them.

The ships arrival was a streak of light in the darkness and a lit stove on a winter day.

Another hour passed.

During that time, over a hundred arks disappeared from the face of Earth.

Countless people were asking for help on the Moonian website.

Their wealth or social status didnt make any difference anymore.

Even heads of state apologized and begged for help.

They wouldnt dare complain even if Moon refused them.

To their excitement, Moon made the announcement.

Moon had sent out over thirty ships, two aircraft carriers, fifty passenger planes, and a hundred fighter planes worldwide.

Some were on rescue missions, and some were delivering IVE Extractors.

The participants all knew they might be on a one-way journey, but they showed no hesitation.

Moon asked the world to remember their names.

No matter if the rescue mission would succeed, these people were still respectable.

In Winland.

“Not only them but Moon as a country is a hero, too!”

“Thank you, Moon, for forgiving what we did to you in the past and helping us when we need you the most!”

“Winland and Moon will be friends forever!”

In Flamia.

“Thank you, Moon! Thank you, all the heroes! Were looking forward to seeing you!”

“Thank you, Moon! Thank you, all the heroes!”

“Thank you so much! Please be careful!”

People left comments, praying for the heroes.

Winland and Flamia were only two examples.

Other countries were also thinking about Moon.

Moon and its heroes were worth the admiration, no matter if they could rescue those people in time or not.

Led by Phoebe, the soldiers finally stopped the flood and resealed the opening in Zone 407.

The place was a mess.

Everything was scattered, and dead bodies were all over the floor.


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