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Someone grabbed a doctor and dragged him toward an area that had been hit hard by the disaster.

“Doc, here!”

A child was shaking a mans body on the ground.

“Dad! Wake up, Dad! Wake up!”

Someone was shouting at the top of their lungs.

“Weve got a man down here! He needs bandages! Nurse! Nurse!”

Someone was kneeling on the floor and sobbing.

“Why! Why was Gate 407 opened Why Can somebody answer me”

Sammy sat on the floor.

His clothes were soaking wet.

His father couldnt hold onto the wall in the end and was washed away by the flood.

They still hadnt found him.

The current was so rapid, and there were all kinds of objects mixed in the water.

Iron shards, knives, and axes were all potential killing traps.

Even without them, it was almost impossible to survive the flood.

With them, one would have no hope left.

“You!” A middle-aged woman whose clothes had been soaked walked up to Sammy and slapped him hard.

She was furious, and her eyes were spitting fire.

“Wheres my daughter Where is she Answer me!”

The others tried to stop her.

“Dont do that! Be civil!”

The woman pointed at Sammy.

“Hes the one who opened Gate 407! He gathered a group of people and wanted to get out.

He tricked my girl into falling for him, and shes missing now! Its all his fault!”

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“What” The others tried to calm her down at first, but when they heard this, they were as furious as she was.

The teenager was the culprit!

“Damn you! You got my wife killed!”

“My son was only three years old! Give him back to me!”

“Why did you do that Why! Answer me! Answer me!”

“No more talking! Lets just kill him!”

“Go to hell! You bastard!”

At first, the others controlled their temper.

Then some short-tempered people joined the crowd.

When they heard what had happened, they kicked Sammy until his face was covered with blood.

“My dad is dead, and my mom is missing! I didnt know this would happen! I didnt know!” Sammy cried.

“How dare you talk back to us! You got your dad killed, but what have we ever done to you We dont feel sorry for you at all! Screw you! Shut up!”

A short-tempered man kicked Sammy a few times.

If Sammy hadnt covered his face in time, he would have lost his nose and eyes!

“Damn it! I want to rip your head off!”

“You bastard! Do you know how many people are dead because of you We could have all been killed!”

“Not another word out of you! Im going to kill you!”

Sammy wasnt the only culprit.

Soon, the people spotted Vivian as well.

With the surveillance footage, it wasnt difficult to identify the kids.


They shouldnt be called “kids.”

The youngest was fifteen, and the oldest was 26 years old.

Sammy was 21, but he was still into celebrities and obsessed to a fault.

“And you! You should be dead, too!”

“Youve killed all those people! If anything happens to my wife, Im going to kill you!”

“Youd better hope my son will wake up.

If not, Ill eat you alive!”

Vivian was a girl, but the angry crowd didnt treat her differently.

They threw her onto the ground and beat her up.

Before long, Sammys other companions were identified as well.

There were over fifty of them at first, but the passengers only spotted twenty.

The rest were washed away by the flood, still in critical condition, or already confirmed to be dead.

“Its all your fault!” One of the youngsters grabbed Sammy by the collar and shook him, trying to pin everything on him.

“If you hadnt started this escape, things would never have gotten this far! We didnt want to leave!”

“Sammy, my mom is dead! Shes gone! Didnt you tell me everything would be fine You promised us!”

All the youngsters regretted what they had done and were crying their eyes out.

“Im sorry.

It was all my fault…” Sammy knelt on the floor and repented in tears.

But the others didnt buy it.

“Youre sorry It doesnt change anything!”

“After everything weve lost,Im sorry doesnt do **! If my child is dead, Im going to kill you! I mean it!”

“Im going to kill all of you!”

“Just looking at you makes my blood boil! Screw you!”

The crowd lost control again and started throwing punches at the youngsters.

The “trial” only ended after members of the three divisions and the Dragon Tribe arrived.

“Thats enough! Killing him wont change anything! It wont cover our loss, and it wont bring back the dead! If you have the energy, help us save more people! Do you hear me Leave and make yourself useful!”

Luke was Gordons deputy officer and the commander-in-chief of the rescue mission.

Seeing Sammy and his friends kneeling on the floor, he took a deep breath, fighting back the urge to slap the youngsters.

He couldnt do that.

Beating them up wouldnt change anything.

“Lock them up.

They can reflect on themselves in prison.”

Over twenty thousand people were affected by the incident.

More than ten thousand were injured, and the number of the dead was still to be determined.

These youngsters rash actions had made Moon suffer a significant loss.

Luckily, they were discovered before things could get worse.

Lukes face darkened as he listened to the report.

He felt something heavy in his stomach.

“Commander, over 2,100 people are injured in the east wing.

Weve confirmed 76 deaths, and we found this.”

“Commander, around 4,300 are injured in the south wing.

The number of deaths so far is 178, and we found one of these as well.”

“Commander, the water flowed to the south, so the north wing has the fewest casualties.

We have no more than 700 injuries.”


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