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“We only have 37 confirmed deaths in the north wing, and we found this.”

“Commander, we have over 2,500 injured in the west wing, and we have 91 confirmed deaths so far.

We also found these.”

The number of casualties was better than Luke had expected.

However, he would have been happier if everybody had survived.

Losing all those lives upset him.

When his men returned, they also brought some yellow rocks.

They looked like soaps with irregular shapes and smooth surfaces, almost reminiscent of amber.

But they were of a lighter shade, and the color was much more even.

Although their weight was similar to rocks, they didnt feel as hard.

If one used enough force, one could bend them with their fingers.

To make it easier to identify the locations, each shelter was divided into five areas.

Luke picked up a yellow rock and weighed it in his palm.

“This thing was found in all four wings What about the central area”

“We found it there, too! The central area has the highest number of casualties.

Commander, what are these”

A team leader came back to Luke with two yellow rocks.

/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

Luke examined the yellow rocks and realized they didnt look like anything he had seen before, so he decided to leave them aside for the time being.

“Put them away for now.

Our priority is to save the people.

Ill show them to the Soan empire later.”

“Yes, sir!”

After making the arrangements, Luke picked up the rocks and took the elevator to the space cannon, where he found Warren.

Drake, Phoebe, and Liam had all put on the flying armor and left the Pegasus Grassland.

They were heading for various countries.

Only Warren, Hayden, Henry Lang, and a few others were left in the space cannon.

At the moment, they were at a conference with the president, discussing the current situation.

The president said, “We must help those people, but more importantly, we must ensure the safety of our soldiers! Stay alive! Thats their top priority.

When things get too dangerous, stop the rescue mission and retreat!”

Warren said, “Of course.


President, Ive drawn a rescue map based on Patriarchs instructions.”

He produced a map with multi-colored markers on it.

“We can form a hundred rescue teams that can travel either by sea or air.

Most of the land is flooded by now.

To our west are the snow mountains and vast deserts.

Its impossible to travel by land, so we have to take a detour either by ship or plane.

Well go to Flamia, Woodia, and Winland first.

Theyre all in the east.

From Flamia, well travel north to Winland and Woodia and reach the western hemisphere, where Iceana, Oceania, Rainia, and Neige are.

“On our west are Goldia, Leibia, Cloudia, and our close ally, Padaski.

It wont be the shortest route, but itll be the most convenient one.

We can take a break once we get to Padaski.”

The president and Henry nodded as they listened.

Just then, the door to the conference room opened.


Soan, Mr.

President.” Luke came in with the rocks.

The president asked eagerly, “Hows everything”

“Weve stopped the water, and things are getting back to normal.

The casualties arent too serious.

Heres the report.

Please have a look.”

The president read the report and sighed.

“Not too serious Of course, its serious! Why did something like this happen”

“Some kids wanted to go out and save their idols so that they could get noticed.

Ive locked them up already.”

Henry said, “We dont have time to deal with them.

Theyll be punished once this is over.”

“Yes!” Luke nodded.

Gordon saw the yellow rocks in his hands and asked, “Whats that in your hands”

“Thats the other reason Im here.

After the water was cleared, we found these on the floor.

Ive shown them to some stone experts, and no one knows what they are.”

He had brought a basket of yellow rocks with him, so he gave one to every person in the room.

“This rock is actually quite soft.

Itll change shape if you press hard enough, but its also impossible to break.

Its amazing!”

Everyone studied the rock in their hands.

Luke was right.

With enough strength, one could twist the rock into any shape.

However, no one could break it.

Even the strongest person couldnt crack the rock open.

“How interesting.

I think they used to be in the sea, and the flood brought them here,” Warren studied the rock for a while before putting it on the table.

Henry said, “I agree.

The ice in the south and north pole has melted, and the sea level has risen, leaving us with less land.

Its going to be a major issue! I think well find many things from the sea after the water recedes.”


Soan, even you dont know what it is” Gordon asked Warren.

Warren shook his head.

“Im not knowledgeable enough.

Ill ask Patriarch later.

Im sure hell know what it is.

It can wait.

Lets get back to the rescue mission.”


In Flamia.

“Look! Whats that”

“What else can it be Until God himself shows up, Im not interested in anything else! Our entire country has been flooded! What should we do now”

“We try to survive! Is there another option Do you want to die We have to live, no matter how slim the chance is.

We have to live on for our loved ones!”

“But can we survive this Do you think its possible I dont see any hope! The meteorite shower will last ten hours.

Do you think our ark will miss them all”

“Look over there! Look!”

“Whats there to look at Holy crap!”

A Flamian turned his head impatiently and was shocked by the scene.

Many people around him were already staring at the sea.

They saw a big ship with bright lights sailing toward them.

“Seriously Which country has sent that ship Thats so bold!”


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