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“Is that a ship or an ark It cant be a ship!”

“It is a ship, and a very big one! Wait! Theres more than one! More are coming!”

“Is there a flag”


Thats the Moonian national flag! Its the Moonian rescue team! Yes! Theyre here to save us!”

“The Moonians really are here like they promised! Thank you! The Moonians are my god now!”

“Stop crying! This is a good thing! Theyre going to save us! Were going to live!”

“I know its a good thing! These are tears of joy! Theyre here to help us! I really want to thank them! The Moonians are the kindest people on Earth! Moon is the best!”

“Truth be told, if I were in their shoes, I wouldnt help them…”

“Neither would I!”

“Me neither! Were so narrow-minded.”

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The Moonian ship entered Flamia with IVE Extractors and began to deliver the devices to the Flamian arks that had survived.

At first, none of them believed in these devices.

But now, the extractors were their savior.

All the countries were begging for IVE Extractors because their lives hung on it.

The Moonian ships journey hadnt been a smooth sail.

They were hit by meteorite pieces several times.

Luckily, the IVE Extractors aboard kept them safe and enabled them to reach Flamia in one piece.

The meteorite pieces werent their main threat; the wind and waves were.

Not all ships reached their destination.

Over 300 had ships left Moon, and three were thrown off balance by the tumultuous waves, sinking to the bottom of the sea.

Such things were inevitable.

They had prepared for this possibility before they set out.

Members of the Himmelian Pavilion swam as swiftly as sharks and entered Winland with small IVE Extractors on their backs.

In Winland.

Winish people burst into joyous tears when they saw the swimmers and ships.

They clapped and cheered loudly, dancing in sheer excitement.

The Moonian flag seemed even brighter than the sun.

“Its the Moonians! Theyre here!”

“Its the Moonian rescue team! Thank god! Were going to live!”

“This is amazing! Moonians are the best!”

In Soilia.

“Look! The Moonian ships!”

“Theyre here to save us!”

“Theyre finally here!”

“Look! There are Moonian planes in the sky!”

“There are so many flying soldiers!”

In the next hour, most countries in the eastern hemisphere saw the arrival of the Moonian rescue teams.

The rescue teams had limited power, and they couldnt carry too many IVE Extractors with them.

The planes couldnt find any place to land, so they had to wrap the devices in foam and throw them into the sea.

The people on the arks had to fetch the devices on their own.

The flying soldiers were even more restrained.

Each of them could only carry two to three people at a time, and most of them were working on transporting the IVE Extractors from the ships to the arks.

To express their gratitude, people of those countries left comments on the Moonian website.

Their tone was full of sincerity.

“I thought the Moonians were making empty promises.

After all, no one would risk their lives.

Their families would never let them.

They have shown me what altruism is.

Theyre the true heroes!”

“Thats the fruit of their long history and culture! I admire the Moonians for their virtue! Thank you so much! Thank you for your hard work!”

“I swear Ill never oppose Moon again! Ill support anything thats made in Moon! I love Moonians!”

“I want to become a member of Moon, too!”

“Thank you, guys! Were safe! Im already on the Moonian ship! There are so many IVE Extractors, and they work! We were so stupid before.

Why wouldnt we believe Mr.

Soan If our country had manufactured these devices, we wouldnt have lost so many people! Mr.

Soan is a miracle worker!”

“Guys, Im on the Moonian plane now! The IVE Extractors are amazing! A meteorite piece hit our plane just then, but nothing happened! Its incredible!”

“What Youre already on the plane Im still in Goldia! When can we get there Im so scared! The meteorite can fall on our ark at any moment!”

“Dont panic! Were all going to survive!”

Those that had boarded the Moonian ships or planes were reporting their status and showing off that they were going to arrive at the Moonian underground shelters.

Many netizens mocked them, and what they said made many people more frustrated.

“Are the Moonians coming or not! Ive been waiting for two hours! I cant stand it anymore!”

“Watch your attitude! Theyre helping you! Be grateful! Why are you so rude!”

“Stop showing off! I know youre going to Moon! You Flamians are disgusting! You never admit your mistakes, and youve even denied your past! Moon should never have saved you!”

“What the hell did you just say Say that again; I dare you!”

“Feel free to read my comment one more time.”

Overwhelmed by agitation, people started arguing again.

The people that had been saved showed off, while those still in the arks were jealous.

Quarrels were inevitable.

Himmel Soan was hovering in mid-air and looking down at the land.

He seemed exhausted.

It pained him to see what Earth had turned into.

“Even after this is over, Earth will still be in tatters.

I wonder if the catastrophe has damaged its core.

Will it still be habitable”


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