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After Flamia, Woodia, and Winland, countries in the western hemisphere also received help.

Cargo ships and planes gradually traveled from the eastern hemisphere to the rest of the world.

Three hours and forty-two minutes after Despair One was destroyed, Moons national flag was seen all over the world.

However, the rescue mission wasnt without accidents.

Many planes and ships never reached their destinations.

Though it didnt stop the Moonians from carrying out their mission.

Scentia was a tiny country in a remote corner of the world.

Its population was equally small.

Its total area was smaller than a province in Moon with a population of only 9.8 million.

The whole country had fewer than 10 million people while one of the largest provinces in Moon had a population of over a hundred million.

The difference in the sizes of the two countries was immense.

Scentia was a tropical country far from the coastline.

The overflowing seawater couldnt reach them.

However, the country had been hit by earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

Earthquakes split the land into four parts.

After exhausting all their resources, the country was only able to build one ark.

Over 40% of the raw materials came from neighboring countries.

Otherwise, Scentia would never have been able to build the ark.

The ark could only fit three million people.

That was to say, nearly seven million people would be left behind.

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The maximum capacity of the ark was eight hundred thousand people.

However, three million people had been cramped inside, which was four times what the ark could carry.

There was no room for even one more baby.

To make it worse, another earthquake cracked the ground open again, and the ark happened to be on top of the crack.

It tilted and fell into the chasm.

Luckily, the opening wasnt wide enough, and the ark got stuck between the two cliffs.

“Oh no! Were going to die!”

“So be it! I dont have much to live for anyway.”

“I do! I havent even gotten married yet! I dont want to die! I dont want to die! I heard Moon has sent out rescue teams.

Where are they now!”

“The Moonian rescue teams Stop dreaming! Have you forgotten where we are Were in the southern hemisphere and in the middle of nowhere! All those countries are in the northern hemisphere.

Why would Moon come here to save us”

“Thats right.

Our land is so remote, and there are only a couple of countries in the southern hemisphere.

The world has long forgotten about us.”

“No matter how Moon plans the rescue course, itll only cover the northern hemisphere! Why would they cross the ocean and travel for thousands of miles to help us Thats not going to happen!”

“I agree! Although Mr.

President has sent the letter, the Moonian president hasnt replied.

Nor have their high-ranking officials said anything.

I think were on our own!”

“If theres another life, I want to be a Moonian!”

“Although thats an awful thing to say, I have to agree with you! I feel the same way! Moon has proven itself in this crisis.

Im sure everybody wants to live there, but well have to wait for another lifetime.”

“I dont think so.

Life is good, but I dont want to do it again…”

Some people had broken down, some were desperate, and some remained positive.

They had already accepted death.

Scentia had always been a forgotten country.

They had low technology standards, and many people didnt even have a cell phone.”

“Everybody…” Before the lost moment arrived, somebody spoke on the loudspeaker.

It was their president.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Im glad to be here with you.

I think this is the most unforgettable day in our lives, but unfortunately, its about time to say goodbye.

The ark has run out of power.

All the lights, air-conditioners, and electronic devices will shut down in three minutes!

“As there are too many passengers aboard, the air is running out as well.

Well have to open the air vent, which may affect the internal environment.

Im sure youve seen the weather outside.

Toxic gas will probably flow in with the air, and the temperature will rise rapidly as well.

“Therefore, its time to make a choice.

Ill open a lower cabin door so that you can choose how its going to end for you.

You can either wait in the ark or jump out.

Were almost eight miles from the bottom, and the ground is a mile above us.

If you think youre strong enough, you can try to climb up the cliff.

“Ive been the Scentian president for eight years, and I enjoyed working for you, but thats going to end soon.

Were a small country thats used to be neglected by the rest of the world.

Theres no miracle, and no one will come here to save us.

I wish you all good luck.

I hope you can survive the catastrophe.”

Sirens went off in the ark.

The president sighed.

“Weve run out of power.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is it! I hope theres another life, and I hope youll be born in a different country.

Im not a good leader.

I didnt make Scentia a better place.

Scentia was never a good place to live—”

Along with a beep, all the power generators shut down, and the lights went off.

The chasm was over six miles deep, and the ground was about a mile above them.

They had nowhere to go.

The air was filled with toxic gas that had been emitted by erupting volcanoes.

There was no way the Scentians could survive.

“Id rather jump out than get suffocated by the toxic gas.

Dad, goodbye!” Someone headed for the cabin door.

One could jump straight to “hell” from there.

No one could survive such a steep fall.

“No! Come back! Dont do it!”

“Dad, Ill see you in another life!”

The desperate Scentians decided to take their own lives.

All hell broke loose.

The passengers embraced one another in tears and said goodbye.

It was painful to watch.


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