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Countless Scentians were ready to end their lives.




Right then, the ark was suddenly lit up by searchlights from both sides.

The darkness was gone!

It was so bright that the people inside couldnt open their eyes.

However, they were ecstatic.

Someone had come for them!

Someone had come for them!!

Someone was here to save them!!!

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The searchlights couldnt be a natural phenomenon.

They had to come from someone!

Even the Scentian president had lost hope and was going to shoot himself in the control room.

Just as he was about to pull the trigger, a high-ranking official stopped him.


President, there are helicopters above us!”


The Scentian president was surprised.

He grabbed the mans arm, asking, “Really How do you know”

“I saw them!”

The man looked ahead of him, and the president followed his gaze.

He saw three helicopters hovering in the air in front of the ark, and the people inside were waving at them.

There was a red flag on the helicopters.

They were Moonians.

“Moonians! Theyre Moonians!”

“Theyre here!”

“They havent given up on any country! Theyve come to save us!”

“Gosh! Am I dreaming”

The high-ranking officials in the control room embraced each other with joy, so happy that they wanted to kiss one another.

Seeing the bright red flag, the president burst into tears.

He sank into his chair with relief.

“Its Moon! Theyre here!” He murmured and nodded excitedly at the people in the helicopters.

“Thank you… Thank you for not forgetting about us…”

It was impossible to evacuate millions of people.

Moon could only give them the IVE Extractors, as well as all their fuel.

With the discovery and extraction of the spiritual essence, “fuel” had a much broader sense.

The spiritual essence could replace almost all kinds of fuel.

It could sustain almost all machines, whether they ran on gasoline or diesel.

Moreover, it was more efficient than other fuels.

If one gallon of gasoline could sustain a vehicle for 25 miles, a little spiritual essence could maintain the same vehicle for 6000 miles.

It wasnt an exaggeration.

6000 miles might be stretching a little, but 5,000 wouldnt be a problem.

The spiritual essence contained that much energy.

A wisp of spiritual essence could destroy an entire house.

In the hands of capable people, it could even destroy a village or a mountain.

In his prime, Himmel Soan could destroy half of Earth with a streak of spiritual essence.

The effectiveness of the spiritual essence was determined by the “engine.”

The Moonians left the Scentians with ten barrels of spiritual essence and a hundred large IVE Extractors.

That would be enough to get Scentia through the catastrophe.

After the spiritual essence was injected, the arks power returned.

As long as the crack didnt expand, the ark would be safe.

The Moonian helicopters didnt have enough power to pull the ark out of the crack.

The Scentians could only wait for Himmel Soan to get here.

He would find a way to rescue the ark.

The meteorite pieces were also a threat.

They would be in much trouble if one of them landed on the ark.

With the IVE extractors, the ark would probably withstand the impact, but the force could widen the crack and cause the ark to fall.

Therefore, Scentia wasnt completely out of danger.

“Dont panic.

Ive already informed our HQ and told them whats going on here.

Theyll figure out a way to help you!”

One of the Moonians told the Scentian president.

The president nodded and held the Moonians hand.

“Its alright.

Take your time! We were ready to face the end, and we feel so lucky that were still alive! If we still cant survive, itll be our fate.

Were already very touched! Thank you!”

He pressed a hand on his chest and knelt on one knee.

It was the highest form of salute in Scentia.

The Moonians helped him to his feet.

“Its our pleasure! Please dont say that! Well go help the surrounding countries.

Well see you in Moon once were all safe!”

The Moonian then saluted the Scentian president.

The president and the high-ranking officials saluted back.

“Alright! Heroes, if Scentia still exists and Im still alive after this catastrophe, my high-ranking officials and I will visit Moon!”

“Alright! Goodbye!”

The Moonians returned to their helicopters and left Scentia.

Even the arctic and antarctic were inhabited.

Uraphon was an arctic country, and its citizens were all tall and strongly built.

Such physique would enable them to withstand the cold weather.

Even without any clothes on, they could survive in an environment ten degrees below zero.

With a down jacket, they could withstand thirty or forty degrees below zero.

The Uraphonians couldnt stand the heat, though.

The ice in both poles had started melting.

The temperatures there were well above zero degrees.

More meteorite pieces kept entering the atmosphere.

Although Himmel Soan could mend the openings with his mental force, unfiltered sunlight still reached others through those openings, creating high-temperature spots on Earth.

As a result, the Uraphonians had nowhere to go.

Everybody was covered in sweat.

Luckily, the arctic was the least likely to be hit by the meteorite, so they didnt need any arks.

However, once the ice began to melt, the ground would still open up.

The Uraphonians were in danger.

They werent afraid of cold weather, but they werent good swimmers.

When the ice cap opened up again, many people fell into the freezing seawater.

They had little chance to climb back up, let alone survive.

The ice cap was over a hundred meters thick.

It was impossible to climb!


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