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“Hanse, hold on!”

The ice cap suddenly cracked open, and dozens of people fell in.

If the fall was high enough, the water wouldnt be much different than a cement floor.

The impact would knock one out or cause internal bleeding.

From this height, the fall would definitely kill them.

Handus, the older brother, caught his brother, Hanses, hand.

They were hanging on the side of the cliff.

If Handus hadnt stuck his dagger into the ice, they would have fallen into the crack.

All Uraphonians had to learn to climb icebergs.

However, they couldnt do it without tools like daggers, chisels, and iron sticks.

The ice was just too hard.

The brothers werent alone.

Thousands of people were hanging from the side of the cliff and looked like vines from afar.

It all happened so suddenly, and the crack happened to be along the evacuation route.

The people had no time to react.

Some had already fallen into the water.

Those that reacted faster managed to stop the fall.

The people hanging on the side of the cliff were among those that had reacted in time.

If not, they wouldnt have time to take out their dagger, let alone stick it into the ice.

The ice made a crackling noise.

The dagger might be able to sustain the weight of one person, but two people were too much.

Hanse shouted, “No! Both of us are going to fall! Let go!”

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“What are you talking about Ill never let go! If someone must die, well die together!”

“Handus, its not going to work! You have to stay alive! Think about your wife and your lovely daughter!” Hanse was in tears.

“Even if you pull me up, how do you know well survive How many Uraphonians will there be after this is over”

“Hanse, you must believe in miracles! Were going to live! I promise!”

“I dont need your promise! Its like you said.

We have to believe in miracles! Trust me! Well get back on the ground!”

The ice cracked again, and some chunks fell onto Handuss head.

The brothers slid down a few centimeters.

“Handus, the ice is falling apart! Let go! Were too heavy!”


Similar conversions could be heard all over the cliff.

“Son, you need to let me go!”

“No! Dad, I can hold onto you!”

“You cant do this forever! Well fall eventually!”

“I wont let go of you! Dad, hold on! Someone will come for us soon!”

“Blake, I saved your life before! You cant let go of my hand! I dont want to die!”

“Bull**! I cant hold on for much longer! We used to be neighbors.

If you want to die, dont take me down with you! Let go, or were both going to fall! If you let go now, I can still live!”

“Blake, Im so disappointed in you.

I chased off a polar bear when it was on your heels!”

“I know that! Ill remember what you did for me! After youre gone, Ill look after your wife and children!”

“Shut the ** up! If Im going to die, youre coming down with you!”

“Youre out of your mind! Let go!”

“Hold on! Im sure someone will come down for us!”

“No, they wont! Theyve all run for their lives! The icebergs can collapse at any moment.

No one will stay up there.

Dont let go! See if you can climb onto my shoulders and reach ground level.

Were only half a meter away.

Im sure you can do it!”

“I cant! Its so cold! Im not strong enough!”

“Yes, you can! Just keep going! Youre our only hope now! Im exhausted, too.

If I lose my grip, both of us will fall! Climb now! At least youll live!”

“I cant… Im not strong enough…”

“Honey, I love you.


“No! Dont let go! No—”

A man pried his wifes finger open and fell into the sea because he didnt want to drag her wife down.

Devastated, she also let go and jumped in after him.

Many people couldnt hold on anymore.

One after another, they fell off the cliff.

It was one of the saddest days in Uraphonian history.




“Is anybody there Hello Help us!”

“Throw us some ropes! Help us! Where is everybody”

“I cant hold on for much longer! My child, take care of yourself!”

Countless people fell off the cliff, and many more were crying and ridden with sorrow.

They had lost all hope.

Suddenly, soldiers in flying armors rapidly moved toward them, catching all the falling people.

“Save them!”

“Yes, sir!”

Handus was the first to notice them.

Pleasantly surprised, he said, “Hanse, look! What are those”

Hanse turned around and saw the Moonian flag on their chest.

“That flag… Theyre Moonian! Theyre the Moonian flying soldiers!”

“What Moonians Their country is a long way from here! I didnt know they were coming!”

“Who cares Im glad theyre here! The Moonians are here to save us! The Moonians are here to save us!”

Hanses voice caught the others attention.

They all turned around and saw the flying soldiers.

Each soldier was holding onto one or two people that had fallen off the cliff.

It took a few seconds to fall into the sea, and the soldiers were able to catch them halfway down.

“The Moonians!”

“Were going to live! I saw online that Moon had sent out all their soldiers! I didnt know they were coming to the arctic, too!”

“Help me! I cant hold on for much longer!”

“Thank you, Moonians!”

“Please help my son! Hes going to fall! Please take him to the surface!”


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