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Earlier, Himmel Soan didnt think he would find many useful things in the ocean.

He didnt like water all that much and never dived deep enough into the oceans.

He had been in the oceans before but had never gone beyond 8,000 meters.

Naturally, he hadnt seen the bottom of the ocean.

“It seems there are many top-grade essence stones in the ocean.


How did the seawater bring them to the surface”

Stones werent fish.

It was normal that fish and seashells were left behind when the flood subsided, but stones were hard to explain.

The essence stones were resilient, but they werent sponges and had a higher density than ordinary rocks.

They shouldnt have been carried by the water so far.

“Patriarch!” Warren was very efficient.

He came back with a trolley full of top-grade essence stones.

“Is that all”

There were no more than thirty rocks, nowhere near as many as Warren had suggested.

Warren said, “These are only some of them.

Im gathering the rest of the rocks.


President has some, and so does Sky Eye, the Dragon Tribe, and some other scientists.

Viclan should still have thirty to forty rocks here.”

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“Where are they”

Warren walked around the room and opened the door to the room next door.

“Here they are.

Patriarch, please take a look.”

Himmel Soan went to the storage room next door and saw the pile of essence stones.


He was delighted.

These top-grade essence stones were very precious, and the spiritual essence they contained was dense.

If he could absorb it all, he would make even further recovery than before.

He might be able to regain two to three percent of his full strength.

Before, he had only recovered 0.8%.

If he could make it to 3%, he would have no problem pulling the moon back.

The essence stones were a godsend.

“Warren, get me all the other stones.

I need them now.

Theyre very important for my scientific research.

One more thing, I need a little time.

Dont let anyone disturb me for the next thirty minutes.”

“Patriarch, please look after yourself and have some rest! Shall I find some masseuses and help you relax”


Of course, Himmel Soan knew what Warren was suggesting.

But now wasnt the time to think about such things.

Moreover, having lived for so many years, he no longer had such carnal desires.

Seeing the hard look in Himmel Soans eyes, Warren nodded.

“Of course! Of course! I wont bother you anymore! Patriarch, please have some rest.”

Himmel Soan sat down cross-legged.

With a wave of his hand, the essence stones rose into the air and floated around him.

They gave off a luminescent glow.

Spiritual essence spread out from the stones before Himmel Soan absorbed it all.

The top-grade essence stones came in really handy!

The spiritual essence was much purer than what he had absorbed from the space cannon.

As mentioned before, the Spiritual Essence Extractor Himmel Soan designed could only refine spiritual essence with a purity level of two.

In contrast, the spiritual essence in these top-grade essence stones had the highest purity level.

It was the same as what supreme essence stones contained.

The difference was that the supreme ones contained more spiritual essence.

A supreme stone the size of a fingernail would contain more spiritual essence than a top-grade one the size of a watermelon.

That was why they were called “supreme.”

Of course, the purity level might be slightly higher than the top-grade ones, but the difference wasnt significant.

Once the spiritual essence was inside the body, it would be refined by the dantian.

The purer the spiritual essence, the easier it was to refine it.

Absorbing spiritual essence from inferior and low-grade essence stones would increase the burden on dantian, and there would also be unnecessary residue left behind.

This residue would accumulate over time and affect ones health.

A cultivator could only expel these residues once they reached a higher cultivation stage.

Of course, Himmel Soan had long reached such a stage.

Therefore, the quality of the spiritual essence didnt matter to him anymore.

He only cared about the quantity—the more, the better.

Refining the spiritual essence wasnt an issue for him.

His problem was that he couldnt find enough spiritual essence.

Liam was at the Gas Refining Phase.

When he absorbed inferior spiritual essence, he could spend time refining it.

The more he absorbed, the harder it would be to refine the spiritual essence.

As a result, absorbing top-grade spiritual essence was the most efficient way for them.

The quantity didnt matter as much.

Skynet and the Mooian government website were the only remaining website now.

The viewers watched one heroic deed after another.

They were greatly moved.

Rick was a high-ranking officer of the Dragon Tribe, and he had volunteered to join the rescue team without hesitation.

On his way back from Radia, his helicopter was hit by lightning.

The helicopter contained twenty Radians and two pilots, one of which was Rick.

The helicopter crashed into the sea.

Rick was lucky enough to be one of the only two survivors.

The other one was a young Radian woman.

Rick shouted into his communication device, asking for help.

However, the closest rescue team was half an hour away.

Rick pulled the woman ashore.

The meteorite pieces could fall on them at any moment.

The storm had stopped, but the rain continued.

Moreover, Radia had had several earthquakes, and the ground was very hard to travel.

Rick carried the woman on his back and had fallen several times along the way, leaving behind a trail of blood.

They had been attacked by frantic beasts many times, but he was able to defeat them every single time.

He carried the woman for miles until they reached the Radian shelter.

After that, Rick slipped into a coma.

He had lost so much blood on the journey that no one knew if he would wake up again.

Some viewers suggested that the woman should look after Rick to show her gratitude.

What Rick did for her deserved her care.


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