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“Im having a nervous breakdown!”

In the studio, Stella was still telling the story of her miserable past with her face covered by tears.

Just then, Rachel, Maria, and Ivy all received similar messages.

“Kneel and apologize to Mr.

Soan! Now!”

“Apologize and tell the truth.

Say it or die!”

The messages came from an unknown number.

While they were reading the messages, the staff of the Midnight Chat program suddenly came onto the stage.

They were led by the director of the show.

They knelt in front of the camera while Ivy and Rachel were still sitting there.

“Im sorry!”

The director knelt on the floor and shouted, “Everyone, Im Jason Lock, the director of the show.

Weve offended Mr.

Soan in our show, and I sincerely apologize to him for everything weve done! Mr.

Soan, were sorry!”

“Im sorry, Mr.

Soan!” behind him, the editor-in-chief, producer, and assistant director said in unison.

Rachel and all the guests were dumbfounded, so was Stella on the other end.

Jason went on, “Midnight Chat has always been a show aimed at revealing truths, but Ive lied to you all.

Every show has been pre-arranged, and today is no exception.

The agency of Maria and Ivy communicated with us in advance, telling us to slander Mr.

Himmel Soan to avenge Stella Shane.

Theyre only trying to use the popularity of this event to make their has-been stars popular again!”

“What are you waiting for Kneel and apologize! Do I have to slap you in front of the camera!”

Ivy and Maria both received a message from their boss.

They were finally convinced.

“Im sorry!”

“Im sorry!”

Both went pale and slipped onto the floor.

Ivy said with a pale face, “Ill tell the truth now… Director Lock is right.

I made up the whole story.

I barely know Stella.

Thats the final truth.

If Im lying, Ill catch AIDS tomorrow and die a miserable death! I only worked with her once, and she has never mentioned her adopted father to me.”

Maria nodded.

“Thats true! We were all lying! Stella is an ungrateful slut! She has slept with all sorts of directors just to get her career going.

She even lived with Gary Mat for a while.

Its true! I can even give you the dates! She lived in his house from March 16 to June 12 last year for three months!”

Ivy added, “That was why Gary Mat wrote that article for her! Mr.

Soan, were so sorry!”

Both Ivy and Maria knelt and thumped their foreheads on the floor.

What a shocking turn of events!

The viewers were stunned.

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So was Stella.

She was still on the other end of the line when Ivy and Maria exposed her lie to millions of viewers.

It was such a scandal that she wanted to kill herself now.

Rachel turned to the big screen.

“MIss Shane, is what Maria said true Did you sleep with Gary Mat for three months”

Ivy raised her hand.

“I have proof! She was pregnant once and has had an abortion!”


Stella immediately hung up.

Her face turned purple, and her eyes lost focus.

This time, she wasnt pretending.

She knew that she was finished.

“This is hilarious! Thats your goddess! You had so much faith in her!”

“Shes been sleeping with so many men! To them, shes like a dog!”

“Why is this happening My goddess… I dont believe it! They must have made it up!”

“Youd better believe it.

Why did you think she hung up when they asked her a direct question Why didnt she confront them”

“Dont you realize it Stella has nothing to say because it was true!”

“No! It cant be!”

“Damn it! That b*tch has deceived us! I know where she works! Ill kill her now!”

“Count me in! Im so mad! I cant believe I felt sorry for her!”

“Thats to say, her adopted father never did those things, did he”

“Dont trust anything she says! I wont! She has pretended to be so innocent, but shes evil from within!”

“What should we do now” Luna paced back and forth.

She didnt know what to do.

“Stella, its all your fault! It wasnt such a big deal at first! We could have just posted the apology video, but you had to go to that Gary Mat and other men! Look what youve done now!”

Stella stared blankly into the air without saying a word.

She looked as if she was in a trance.

Luna threw her hands into the air.

“Luke, ignore her! Videotape me now! Ill apologize to Dad!”

“Thats right! Lets do it! Let me get the camera! Well record each other!”

Luna immediately knelt on the floor and began to apologize to Himmel Soan in tears.

The phone of their office kept ringing, but none of them dared to pick it up.

They knew that they wouldnt hear anything good.

“You b*tch! Youve tricked us all! Open the door!”

Someone was banging on the office door.

There was a loud bang as if something had smashed into it.

A lot of fans had gathered outside and were knocking loudly.

The door was almost unhinged and could fall down at any moment.

“I know youre in there! Open the damn door!”


Public opinion changed again, and people started supporting Himmel Soan.

“Weve misunderstood Mr.

Soan this whole time!”

“Its all Stella Shanes fault!”

“Are we sure thats the truth”

“What Do you still have doubts”

All the famous entertainment websites such as Tenrun and Starwave had removed the articles and videos that had slandered Himmel Soan.

In ten minutes, nothing could be found online.

All the posts left behind were those that told the truth.

Among the criticisms, Stellas office made a move.

They posted a video.

In it, Luke and Luna were apologizing.

“Dad, were so sorry!

“Heres the truth.

Stella put us to it! Dad, youve been so kind to us!”


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