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In Leibia.

The Himmelians ran into an erupting volcano on their rescue mission.

Stones fell from the sky, and heavy smoke filled the air.

One couldnt see things a meter away.

Although the Himmelians were cultivators, they still found such an environment hard to survive.

But they trudged along and managed to escort 780 civilians to an underground cave.

Only five out of the thirty Himmelians survived, who were covered by wounds as well.

“Help them!”

“Youre my heroes! You cant die!”

“Please wake up!”

“Doctor! Is there any doctor here A nurse will do, too! They need bandages!”

Everybody was worried about the five people.

They all tried to do something, but unfortunately, there were no doctors or nurses among them.

A young Leibian woman volunteered to give it a try.

She claimed she was a medical student.

She was covered in dirt, and her clothes were in tatters.

/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

To save the five people, she tried everything.

In the end, she performed CPR, straddling the man and breathing into his mouth.

It was supposed to be a moving scene.

However, when people saw it online, somebody accused her of taking advantage of the Himmelians.

Some people even labeled it “indecent.”

“Our every move may be recorded by the satellite, and the world could be watching us! Children could have seen that! I hope you can mind your behavior while helping people! That was inappropriate!”

“What the hell”

“Am I reading it correctly”

At first, many people were questioning that statement, but no one said anything too aggressive.

More and more people replied to that comment.

Instead of being pushed off to other pages, it became the most read one.

Countless people saw the comment.

Some netizens with short fuses lost their temper.

“Shes saving lives, and youre talking about decency Youre always welcome to look away! Is there a head on your neck at all!”

“Youre a Moonian! Which part of the country are you from Youre disgusting! Is your life too comfortable in Moon What if something like this happened to your child Would you say the same thing if that was your child lying on the ground”

“Just ignore that person! He or she is a psycho!”

“Set your priorities straight! Youre completely off the point! Shes saving lives! The people lying on the ground are our soldiers! Theyre heroes!”

Someone called “Sprout” wrote, “I found that girls behavior quite inappropriate, too!”

“So Many Idiots” replied, “Youre just as stupid as the other one! Go to hell!”

Sprout wrote, “@Tree Honey, theyre attacking me!”

Tree wrote, “You had it coming! I told you so many times you have some serious problems with your views! Is it not enough for you that youve been poisoning me with your rubbish logic at home Why are you embarrassing me online I want a divorce! Im leaving you as soon as this is over!”

“@Sprout Your honey has abandoned you! LOL!”

“@Sprout Everybody, look at her picture! Make sure you dont marry someone like her in the future! She has no heart!”

“Anyone whos on @Sprouts side is my enemy!”

The Neigerian news.

A soldier from Sky Eye ran out of the shelter to save a pet dog at a civilians request and died in the hailstorm.

Nine members of the three divisions stood in a line to buy more time for the civilians, and none of them survived.

The Winish news.

A Pantherese rescue team died in the fire when rescuing people.

A soldier from the Moonian rescue team rushed into an earthquake zone.

However, an aftershock took place.

It had been an hour, and he still hadnt come back.

Rest in peace!

The Flamian news.

To save an ark, three Moonian helicopters crashed into a meteorite piece, and everybody aboard was killed.

A Soleilian soldier lost his legs when saving two girls.

The girls mother showed no gratitude!

The Woodian news.

A ship was entangled in seaweed.

Eighteen people jumped into the sea to free the ship, but they were killed by sharks.

Some girls tried to kiss three Padaskian soldiers.

A Moonian soldier saved eighteen people, but he died from an internal injury.

The Soilian news.

A Soilian girl was saved, but she accused her savior of raping her!

Three arks had been saved.

Moon was the hope of the human race!

The update was so frequent that there were over a hundred pieces of news a minute.

At any moment, there were around two billion viewers on Skynet.

It was a war against Nature.

The human race was fighting to win this war.

And they would win in the end.

The Moonians were the leader of the human race.

Anyone who had a heart should feel grateful for what Moon did for them.

However, not everyone had a heart.

Some people would accuse their savior after they were saved.

But the netizens would soon find out the truth.

Those people werent able to contort the truth for long.

“Did you say he raped you Bull**! He saved you, your family, and your friends.

Why would such a man do unspeakable things like that!”

“There are so many ungrateful people in this world! Ive always said we shouldnt help them! They dont deserve our help!”

“Theyre ungrateful bastards! I thought my head was going to explode when I read the title!”

“Soilia should expose that woman.

I cant stand such a thing! So many Moonians have died in the rescue missions, but theyre trying to slander their saviors! Our soldiers didnt travel half the world to rape you!”

“Damn it! The soldiers must be exhausted! Why would they have the energy to rape women Those people couldnt even get their stories straight!”

While the netizens felt indignant about what happened, Soilia made an update on the news.

“Slanderer stabbed to death by her father and brother.”

It was a shocking turn of events.

The news report came with an interview of the father and brother.

“I was ashamed to have her as my daughter.

She was a spoiled child.

It was all my fault! I want to apologize to all the Moonians.

Ive paid dearly for my mistake!”


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