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Soan! Mr.

Soan!” Henry rushed toward Viclans lab.

Himmel Soan hadnt shown up for three hours!

With the moon moving away, gravity was disappearing.

If they didnt do something about it, people would be floating in the air in half a day.

Unable to find Himmel Soan, Henry had contacted other scientists, including Branco and William.

However, none of them knew what to do.

It was a matter beyond their ability.

The seawater had flooded the land largely because of the escaping moon and the decreasing gravity.

The water level would only drop after gravity went back to normal.

If this continued, they might have seawater in the air in a few hours.

Since Himmel Soan still hadnt shown up, the president and Gordon summoned the heads of other states for an online meeting.

They all wanted to talk to Himmel Soan and ask for his opinion.

However, Himmel Soan wouldnt return any phone calls or messages.

It was as if he had disappeared.

Henry was sure Himmel Soan was back.

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What was he doing

Warren told him that Himmel Soan was sleeping.

He had slept for three hours.

Himmel Soan had worked hard to save the world, and of course, he would be tired.

Henry wanted to let him rest.

But now wasnt the right time.

All the presidents were waiting for him!

Three hours should be enough!

Half an hour later, Henry couldnt wait any longer and started banging on the door.

“Director Lang, what are you doing Patriarch is resting!”

Warren stopped his rude behavior.

Henry said, “I know Mr.

Soan must be very tired, but we need him now! Were losing gravity, and we need to do something!”

“Then do something! What are you doing here”

“I… I… If we knew what to do, I wouldnt be here! Please let me see Mr.


This is urgent!”

Warren wouldnt be persuaded.

“No! No one can disturb the Patriarch when hes resting!”

“Why are you so stubborn I have to see Mr.

Soan now!”

Henry was going to kick the door open, but Warren yanked him back.

“Director Lang, behave yourself, or I wont be so polite!”

“Warren, this is really important! Its an urgent matter! Please let me see Mr.


“Which part of no cant you understand”

Over on the other side, the meeting continued.

As the network was set up by Himmel Soans mental force, there was no internet firewall anymore.

Just like what happened with the Neigerian website earlier, the meeting was being broadcast on the Moonian website for the whole world to see.

The presidents or acting presidents of Neige, Padaski, Panthera, Hosia, Moon, Soilia, Flamia, Woodia, Soilia, Leibia, Winland, Pleubo, Scentia, Uraphon, and many other countries were all attending the meeting.

There were 78 countries in total.

They had discussed everything there was to discuss, but no one had an answer.

They fell silent after that.

Some famous scientists were also attending the meeting.

There were Luther, the genius from Neige, the Reine brothers from Panthera, the Nobel Prize winner Ichiro from Flamia, and the Moonian scientists William and Branco.

However, they didnt have anything to offer.


Sensing the awkward mood, the Pantherese president asked, “Will Mr.

Soan not be joining us”

The president looked at Gordon, who said, “Mr.

Soan has some condition, and hes resting now.

Director Lang has gone to see him.

I think hell be here soon.”

Koji, the Flamian president, said, “Mr.

Soan has done great things for the human race.

He nearly died.

Im sure hes exhausted.

I want Mr.

Soan to have a good rest, but gravity is out of control now.

People in some areas cant even walk normally.

They have to hop around.

We cant wait any longer.

Otherwise, we wouldnt be asking for him so urgently.”

Some people left comments on the webpage, and more bullet comments appeared on the screen.

“Thats right! We dont want to bother Mr.

Soan, but we dont have a choice!”

“Is Mr.

Soan alright Has he been injured If possible, I think we should let him rest for a bit longer.”

“Yes, let Mr.

Soan rest.

Were in some trouble, but we can wait for a bit longer.

Im sure we can survive for another day or two.”

Someone called “Detachment” wrote, “Has Mr.

Soan become arrogant Why wont he come out He thinks very highly of himself if you ask me.”

His words were incongruous with the other comments, and everybody rained down curses on his head.

He was from Goldia.

With the help of the Goldians, the people soon found out his true identity.

He was killed in his ark.

It was rumored that over a dozen people had killed him together.

No one helped him when it happened.

Some onlookers even kicked him.

Himmel Soan was like a god in this new world, and the public wouldnt allow anyone to insult him.

Say the wrong thing, and one might get killed for it.

The girl who had slandered the soldier was killed by her parents.

Himmel Soan had made a greater contribution than the soldiers.

Therefore, the people would only be more radical when it came to protecting his reputation.

They wouldnt allow a single disrespectful word.


Soan! Mr.

Soan!” Henry shouted outside the lab, and even Warren couldnt stop him.

Warren was also anxious about what was going on, but he trusted his Patriarch.

He knew Himmel Soan would come out when he felt it was time.

“Director Lang, if you dont stop, Ill have to restrain you!”

“Warren, I…”

Henry raised his arm, but his movement froze.

He looked up and tried to move his hand.

Only then did he realize that the weight of his arm seemed to have disappeared.


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