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If one were to weigh a person under such gravity, an ordinary person would weigh 650kg.

A 50kg girl would now weigh 500kg, and a 100kg person would weigh 1000kg.

Similarly, it would make moving around much less convenient.

People used to be able to jump a meter high, but they would only be able to jump 10cm.

To make it worse, the change in gravity might affect the air pressure.

Human bodies could explode when internal and external pressures didnt match.

No living creatures on Earth would be used to such changes.

To adapt to it, the species would have to evolve.

Therefore, such celestial bodies could never become Earths new moon.

However, those that were the same size as the original moon had different components and werent suitable either.

That was how troublesome it was.

After weighing all the options, Himmel Soan knew he had to build a new moon.

However, he didnt have enough power.

There was no hope.

Hearing what Himmel Soan said, many scientists started asking questions.


Soan, can you build a moon”

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“With what Earth has become, we cant build a moon, can we Even if the economy hasnt been destroyed, we wont know how to create a moon on our own!”


Soan, could you tell me if you know what to do”

The people both looked forward to and dreaded his answer.

They wanted him to give them some hope, yet they were also scared that he would disappoint them.

After all, building a moon identical to the previous one was unheard of.

The people on Earth still hadnt figured out all the minerals that could be found on the moon.

How were they going to build one

Himmel Soan shook his head while everybody watched.

Seeing this, the people on Earth lost their hope.

It was expected!

Even Himmel Soan couldnt do it.

“Its too difficult.

No one can do that!”

“Is God determined to destroy Earth I thought wed survived the catastrophe, but what followed is even worse!”

“Let it be.

Im just happy to live for another day.”


Soan has already done many great things.

No matter if he can build the moon, hell still be my God!”

The presidents and scientists fell silent, and the ordinary people shared their despair.

However, Himmel Soans next words ignited their hope again.

“I know a way to restore Earths gravity temporarily.”

The screen was covered by bullet comments.

“What is it”

“Did I hear it correctly”

“What did he mean Restore gravity Is he going to build a moon”

Luther was perplexed.


Soan, what do you mean Didnt you say you couldnt build a moon”

“No, I cant.

However, our gravity doesnt have to be determined by the moon.

They can exist independently.

Do you know what Im saying”

Luther shook his head.

“Im sorry, but I dont know what you mean.

Earths gravity is directly related to the moon.

Without the moon, theres no gravity.

What do you mean by being independent”

Himmel Soan said, “Yes, they are connected, but I know how to separate them.

I can restore gravity, but its not permanent.

One year later, Earth will return to this state.”

Everybody was dumbfounded.


Soan, are you saying that were going to build the moon at that time Or do we have other plans”


Soan, please tell us what to do!”

Himmel Soan took a step back, revealing a blackboard behind him.

His video window enlarged, taking up the entire screen.

He pointed at the graph on the blackboard behind him.

What did Himmel Soan do in the three hours that he had disappeared

He was trying to figure out a way to save Earth!

He spent every second of those three hours thinking and finally found a solution.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have come online.

Himmel Soan pointed at the blackboard behind him.

On it were a few spheres, and it was easy to tell that one of them was Earth, the bigger circle was the solar system, and the largest circle was the galaxy.

Outside the galaxy was another sphere.

Himmel Soan explained what the graph was.

“As you can see, this is Earth, this is the solar system, and this is the galaxy.

I marked everything clearly.

Ive discovered another galaxy very far away from ours.

The two galaxies are very similar, and there are a lot ofsolar systems in that one.

“I found in one of the solar systems a planet thats almost identical to Earth.

Its 99.9% the same, but its larger and more suitable for us to inhabit.”

What a story!

It sounded too good to be true!

Some people burst out laughing.

“Im sorry.

I dont mean to offend Mr.

Soan, but I think hes talking nonsense! We cant build a moon or leave the solar system yet, but Mr.

Soan is talking about leaving the galaxy and joining another solar system! I dont know what to say! I find it hilarious!”

If the statement hadnt come from Himmel Soan, that viewer would have started criticizing it already.

Himmel Soan was the most respected person on Earth.

Because of that, the viewer didnt dare say anything disrespectful.

He was worried that Himmel Soans fervent supporters would kill him.

He wasnt alone.

Over 90% of the viewers thought the same.

The other 10% hadnt digested the news yet.

They believed Himmel Soan was wrong, or they had heard him wrong.

Fly out of the galaxy

In a year

How would that be possible


Soan, please dont make fun of us! Lets think about how to rebuild our moon!”


Soan, please be serious.

We cant possibly leave the galaxy with our current technology.”

“That was the funniest joke I heard today.

No offense, Mr.



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