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Soan, are you alright Are you making fun of us now”

“Himmel Soan is the god of science! Ill always believe in him!”

“Yes, we all do, but there has to be a limit! I think Mr.

Soan was only trying to lift our mood by telling us a joke.”

Even Henry, Gordon, and the Moonian president, who usually believed in Himmel Soan, began to doubt him.


Soan, are you sure about that”

“We cant even fly out of the solar system in a year, let alone leave the galaxy and reach another one.


Soan, can you go into details”

“I dont buy it! Its ridiculous! He must be dreaming!”

“I dont buy it either! Thats impossible!”

“Its even too wild to be a dream!”

“Thats alright.

Lets pretend he was talking nonsense.”

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“Theres no time for nonsense! Can he be more unreliable”

“Thats right! Im so worried! Why is he in the mood to make jokes I cant believe it!”

At first, the viewer didnt dare criticize Himmel Soan too directly.

However, as more people expressed their views, public opinion changed.

Everybody started sharing their views, which were all very similar.

Such opinions only prompted more people to join in, criticizing Himmel Soan.

The tone of the comments was getting out of line.

Each of them was a little bit more outrageous than the previous one.

No one realized that they were insulting Himmel Soan.

“Only an idiot would say such a thing! Dont make me laugh!”

“Thats right! What the hell Flying out of the galaxy He must be dreaming!”

“Gosh! I dont know what hes thinking!”

“Im sorry.

I normally dont laugh at something until I cant help it.

This is so funny.

Even my three-year-old boy wont say such a thing!”

“Hes funny.

Whats he thinking Dont make me laugh!”


“Shut up! All of you! Damn it! Insult Mr.

Soan again, and Ill rip off your tongue!”

The comment was drowned in the others at first.

Then, such comments started increasing, and the viewers suddenly realized they were criticizing their savior, Himmel Soan.

“Gosh! Im sorry, Mr.

Soan! I didnt know what I was talking about! Im so sorry!”

“What did I say! Mr.

Soan, I didnt mean it! Im sorry!”

“Me, too! I didnt mean it! I forgot it was you!”

“Listen, if its Mr.

Soans idea, I think its totally possible!”

“Thats right! You reacted in the same way when Mr.

Soan said he was building the space cannon! Did you believe it You didnt! Me neither! Do you remember what happened after that”

“I agree! Mr.

Soans wisdom is beyond our reach! He has done so much for Earth, and I dont think hell make up things like that! I have faith in him!”

“Me, too! If Mr.

Soan says so, he has to be very confident! Youve made such mistakes before, but youre insulting Mr.

Soan again! Do you want to die”

“Im sorry! I didnt mean to! I dont know why I said that!”

Even some scientists said offensive things about Himmel Soan.

However, they immediately apologized when they realized what they had done.

Himmel Soan was a generous person.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have tried to save the world.

The comments never affected him.

The heads of all states called him to apologize, fearing that he might be angry.

But Himmel Soan didnt think much of it.

“Its alright.

Please listen to me.

I know its impossible for you to accept it.” Himmel Soan tapped on the blackboard and went on with the explanation.

The comments were all on his side.

“No, Mr.

Soan, we can accept it! Weve learned from the space cannon.”

“Thats right, Mr.


Ill believe in everything you say.”


Soan, youve built a superweapon, so Im sure you know how to transfer all of us to that planet.


“I know you want to talk about things youre uncertain about!”

Himmel Soan glanced at the comments and went back to the blackboard.

“No, I wont make a claim unless Im really certain.

Since Ive brought it up, there has to be a way.

As I said, its extremely difficult to build the moon, but I have a way to restore Earth temporarily.

The state will last for a year, and in that year, I hope all the people on Earth will work together and rebuild our planet!

“My plan is straightforward.

When we break down the composition of molecules, IT14 and MSZ, SE, and IVE will create a repulsive force when they meet.

A whirlpool will be generated…”

That was as far as the audience could understand.

After that, his speech was filled with abbreviations and jargon that no one understood.

Even the scientists couldnt follow.

The funny thing was that even Himmel Soan didnt know what he was talking about.

He only needed to sound professional.

He couldnt build the moon, but he knew how to teleport.

It was one of his abilities.

He could scientifically reproduce the effect, open up a portal, and transport the people on Earth to the new planet.

Transporting that many people would require an enormous amount of energy.

It was something Himmel Soan couldnt handle even if he recovered 30% of his power.

The distance wasnt short.

He would have to bring those people across galaxies.

It required the power of God.

Himmel Soan would need an incredible amount of spiritual essence.

He didnt think it was possible until he saw the top-grade essence stones.


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