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“Are you one of them Show me your browser history!”

“Its not me! Im looking for them, too!”

“Are you one of them Dont hide your phone! Move your hand and show us!”

“Its not me! It really isnt! Look!”

Immediately, the whole world began to look for the people that had posted those comments.

Strangely, they couldnt find anybody.

Those mysterious people remained hidden as though the comments werent sent from Earth.

The people wouldnt stop until they found out their identities.

“Who posted them Be a man and admit it! Hiding in the dark is the most despicable thing! Show your face!”

“Damn it! Who are they Come out, and Ill spare your life! Things wont be so easy if I catch you!”

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“Its not me! Why are you all looking at me It really isnt! You can check my phone!”

“They couldnt have sent it from outer space, could they”

In the online world.

“We havent found them in Moon.”

“Are you sure We found nothing in Zone 31.

Search carefully! There are quite a few of them.

They must be hiding somewhere!”

“Im sure! Theyre not in Zone 36!”

“Theyre not in Zone 41!”

“Theyre not in Zone 55!”

“We found nothing in Winland!”

“Theyre not in Area 1 in Winland!”

“Theyre not in Area 60 in Winland!”

“Theyre not in Flamia”

“Theyre not in Oceania!”

“We didnt find those people in Goldia.”

People all over the world shared their search results.

When everybody joined hands, it wasnt very difficult to locate every individual on Earth.

Almost all countries reported their search results, especially those whom Moon had helped.

“Ive never seen something so strange before.”

“Did they really come from outer space”

“Dont be ridiculous! Maybe theyre ghosts!”

“Bull**! Even if theyre ghosts, Ill find every single one of them!”

“Whats the source of our internet Can Moon trace them through the network”

“Thats right! We can locate them in that way! Find them all, Moonians!”

Meanwhile, the “Ocean Protectors” were still insulting Himmel Soan and everybody else online.

“If you dont accept our advice and insist on doing this, youll have to live with the consequences! You shouldnt be messing with the ocean!”

“Thats right! Step into the ocean, and youll die miserably! Try it if you dont believe me!”

“Where the hell are you Come out into the light; I dare you! When I find you, Ill turn your head into a pulp, you idiot! Gosh, Im angry!”

“All you people can do is hide behind your screen and play the brave man.

If you show your face, Ill be the first to kill you!”

“Kill me You Youre just saying it to show your bravery.

Do you think you can do it The truth is, I can crush you with one finger!”

“Screw you! Tell me where you are!”

“Why are you so arrogant when you dont even know where I am What can you possibly do to me”

The world was covered by a network created by Himmel Soans mental force.

He knew exactly where those people were.

The discovery confused him though.

He looked out of the window and studied the vast ocean outside.

The technicians of Sky Eye and the Dragon Tribe had been busy as well.

They soon located those people.

“How is that possible”

“Why Whats going on”

“Director Lang, weve found out their approximate location.”

Henry said, “You have Where Give me the address! Ill have all those people arrested!”

The technician stared at his screen in disbelief.

“But… But…”

“No buts! Tell me where they are!”

“But no one should be there…”

“Where exactly”

“Its in the Triangle, at the center of the ocean!”


The five oceans on Earth all had names: the Eastern, Western, Southern, Northern, and Middle oceans.

The Middle Ocean was the largest one and was also where the Soan empire had planned to bury Himmel Soan.

At the center of the Middle Ocean was a triangular area.

It was a mysterious place.

So far, no scientist had figured out its secret.

All planes flying past this area had gone missing.

So had all the ships.

For over a thousand years, it had remained a death zone.

Even submarines couldnt get away.

It was said that all radars would stop working around this area.

Their signal would be blocked.

There were even rumors that a trade caravan passing through here two hundred years ago disappeared without a trace.

However, it reappeared fifty years ago.

The members didnt age a day, although 150 years had passed.

They died shortly after that.

Some scientists speculated that the area was the center of Earth and could suck in anything that moved too close.

Others suspected that it was connected to a wormhole that could teleport everything that fell inside.

Some even talked about supernatural effects, saying that the most malicious of energies were hidden underneath.

It was a rather superstitious suggestion.

No matter what, the triangular area was the most mysterious place on Earth.

No human beings should be living there.

However, it was where the signal came from.

Either the location was wrong, or something unbelievable was happening.

“Are you sure theyre in the Triangle” Henry wasnt convinced.

He pushed the technician aside and checked the screen himself.

The search result indeed said the signal came from there.

“This has to be a mistake! Run the program again!”

The next second, he and the people around him were astonished.

All objects were slowly rising from the ground.


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