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“Stella, Im so disappointed!”

“Apologize! Where is Stella Shane Why hasnt she apologized”

“Are you scared, Stella You arent so tough now that you cant slander your adopted father anymore!”

“Whats wrong with this world How can such a kind man be mistreated like that Good people like him dont deserve that! He must be so hurt!”

Finally, no one tried to defend Stella anymore.

Almost all known stars issued statements in the middle of the night, taking a stand, condemning her, and refusing to work with her ever again.

The companies in the entertainment industry issued the same statement, boycotting immoral artists.

They made Stella Shane a negative example in teaching materials of film academies, deeming her a shame of the community.

As the public opinion changed, the netizens began to make spontaneous videos and post them online to apologize to Himmel Soan.


Someone from the city of Heon said, “Im sorry, Mr.

Soan, for believing the rumors online and posting the insulting and inappropriate comments.

I sincerely apologize to you.

I hope youll forgive me.

Im so sorry!”

Someone from Norve said, “We should all boycott Stella Shane! Count me in! Im sorry, Mr.

Himmel Soan.

Youre the kindest person, and I was misled.

Ive deleted all the comments I posted before, and Im kneeling on the floor to apologize to you! I know what I said has had negtive impact on your health.

Im so sorry! I hope you get well soon!”

A guy from Zeu said, “Im sorry, Mr.

Soan! I hope youll be better soon.”


Soan, get well!”


Soan is such a kind person.

Im sure hell be fine! Mr.

Soan, can you hear us Well apologize to you in person once you get out of the hospital.

Im sorry!”

“Get well, Mr.


“Youll be fine, Mr.

Soan! Im sorry!”


Soan, get well soon! Im sorry!”

As the number of the videos increased, more and more people were leaving comments, wishing Himmel Soan well.

It had attracted so much attention that almost everyone who had access to the internet was following the news.

The Five took note of the situation and created a website where people could send Himmel Soan best wishes online.

There was a candle on the front page, and the more people clicked on it, the brighter it would become.

Moreover, people could give donations as well.

It was something only Tom Matcon could come up with.

The Soans didnt care about such things.

They only wanted the insulting comments to go away.

Within an hour, over ten million people had sent prayers for Himmel Soan.

New messages kept popping up at the bottom of the page, and they were scrolling down a hundred at a time, so fast that no one had time to read them.

The server was almost overloaded.

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The amount of the donation also exceeded 30 million after the first hour, and the number was still rising.

Everyone who accused Himmel Soan had donated around 30 dollars.

With 10 million people, the donation amount had reached 300 million.

By now, Stella had lost all hope.

It was a complete failure for her, and she had nothing left.

After an hour of hesitation, she finally gave in.

In that hour, she had had a nervous break down, shouted resentfully, complained about her life, and felt desperate.

She was crying and laughing franctically at the same time.

After venting her emotions, she decided to let go.

She was the only one left in the office.

Both Luke and Luna were gone.

Piles of trash had been dumped outside her door.

There were rotten vegetable leaves, eggs, carrots, cabbages… There were even some funeral wreaths.

They all came from angry netizens.

However, she didnt care anymore.

She picked up her phone and turned on the camera.

“Im sorry, Dad…”

In Carolines villa, Warren looked satisfied as he read the comments on his tablet.

He had finally solved their problem!

It was a close call.

If he hadnt nailed it before sunrise, Bywater would have been in great trouble!

So would a lot of netizens in the country!

Once the fierce James and Yosef lost control, no one could stop them!

In the villa, the electro diagram suddenly went flat.

There were waves on the screen a second ago, but they werent there anymore.



The machine made a long warning sound, immediately alarming Hayden, who was working on some medicine.

He looked up and went pale.

“Patriarch! Patriarch!

“Why is this happening!”

“Professor Soan, Mr.

Soans heart has stopped beating!” said one of the caretakers.

“Perform CPR!” Hayden shouted in a trembling voice, “No, let me do it!”

Himmel Soan was their God!

He couldnt die!

He didnt know that Himmel Soan had just ended another 70-year cycle.

A new cycle was about to start.

His body was failing quickly.

But before long, a new cycle would begin, and he would find all the memories that he had lost.

“So, another cycle has ended.”

To other people, Himmel Soan was as good as dead, and all his organs were failing.

In reality, though, his mind was doing exactly the opposite.

His mind grew clearer and clearer.

Even with his eyes closed, he could still sense his surroundings and see everything nearby.

He saw Hayden standing by the bed and performing CPR on him.

The man looked anxious and frightened.

“Is that Hayden His hair is all gray.

He was still a young man when I last saw him.

“Everyones here.

Theres Warren, James, and Caroline.

Yosef Am I abroad No, this is Bywater.

Why the hell is Yosef here That little brat! Didnt I tell him to stay abroad!

“Gosh, Im confused.

I dont think Ive fully recovered my memories yet.

Did I send Yosef abroad Have I remembered it incorrectly Thats not possible…”

He couldnt speak just yet.

He couldnt even open his eyes or breathe.

The revival started from his brain.

That was the initial stage.

His physical form would only recover when his mind cleared up.

“Patriarch! Patriarch!”

Hayden did everything he could, but ten minutes had passed, and the old man wasnt getting any better.


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