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The Moonians also felt that their country was overreacting.

It was so confusing.

“Thats right.

Why cant they do it”

“Is there a rule or something”

“What will happen if they kneel”

They didnt know the answer, but they chose to support Himmel Soan unconditionally.

The only reason was that Himmel Soan was a fellow Moonian.

All Moonians were proud of who they were.

They were proud of their great nation.

They wouldnt mind seeing the Moon rule the world.

However, they were also peace-loving people.

As much as they liked the idea, they wouldnt do it even if they had the chance.

Himmel Soan had just saved the world.

The people of other countries might still do ungrateful things, repay good with evil, and distrust Himmel Soan.

But the Moonians would never do that.

Even if Himmel Soan lied to the whole world, he wouldnt do anything to harm Moon.

“Although I dont understand it, I choose to believe in Mr.


“Me, too! Mr.

Soan wont hurt us, nor will he harm this planet.

If he says so, he must have his reason.”

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“Guys, please stop doing the kneeling thing.

Maybe something bad will happen!”

“Thats right.


Soan will take care of the gravity problem in ten minutes.

Cant you wait for a little while”

“Just hold onto something and steady yourselves! Ten minutes will soon pass!”

The Moonians all expressed their views online, saying that ten minutes shouldnt be a big deal.

However, people from different cultures had different opinions.

Different countries had different systems as well.

Moreover, gratitude played a big part in the Moonian moral system.

If a person was deemed ungrateful, they werent considered a human at all.

Some foreigners were indeed ungrateful.

Some countries were equally ungrateful.

After Himmel Soan and Moon saved them, they believed that it was what they were owed.

They didnt think they owed Moon anything.

Even if there were conflicts, they didnt feel anything was wrong with them.

Moonians might find it hard to believe, but that was how those people behaved.

No matter what the Moonians told them, they still wouldnt understand what gratitude was.

“I wont wait! Bite me!”

“Do the Moonians think theyre the big boss of this planet now Are they going to treat us like puppets Im telling you.

Even if I have to die, Ill fight until I only have one drop of blood left.

The people of my country will never surrender!”

“Never surrender Dont make me laugh! Your country is about the size of my palm! We can take you down with the army of a city! Youre not all that important!”

“So what Does Moon want to rule the world If youre controlling what we do now, are you going to control our thoughts next Are you going to brainwash us”

“Right! You really think youre so important, arent you What can you possibly do even if we want to rule the world We saved your ass!”

“Did you We didnt ask for it! Dont flatter yourself!”

“So what if you saved us Does that mean we have to listen to you What youre doing is no different than Neige!”

The Moonians were furious and yelled into their phones.

“What a bunch of assholes! We cant reason with them!”

“Let them be! Why should we bother”

“We should never have saved them! Theyre ungrateful bastards! Let them go to hell!”

“Damn it! Ive got smoke coming out of my ears! Just let them be!”

“Well never save anybody again!”

Meanwhile, more and more people around the world left their arks, found the nearest seashore, and knelt.

Losing gravity not only made it hard to move around but also affected ones health.

Respiratory system diseases were especially prominent.

Asthma and bronchitis could both get people killed.

Somewhere else in the world.

In a stately temple, a few scientists were busy typing in front of a giant screen.

An old man with a long beard and strange clothes was watching them with a smile.

“How is it going”

“My lord, itll work! Our body structure isnt much different from human beings, and the wishing power works the same way.

When they kneel and say the designated words, theyll emit their wishing power.

Our machine can catch that energy instantly, and well establish a connection with them.”

The old man laughed.

“Great! The wishing power is a major breakthrough! Itll possibly lead us to the sixth age.

This is great! If we gather all the wishing power from this world, will the energy carry us through the wormhole”

“Theoretically, yes! However, I cannot conclude if its going to be the sixth or the seventh age.

What Im sure of is that well reach the threshold of the sixth age.”

“Good! Keep up with the good work!” The old man left in satisfaction.

The “age” wasnt what ordinary people believed it to be.

It was a means to measure the scientific standards, which could also be called civilizations.

The first age was the stone age.

The second age was when fabrics, bronze, and tools like wheels were discovered.

The third age was when more complicated tools appeared, covering everything from trains to gunpowder.

The fourth age was the time after the third age when airplanes and electronic devices were manufactured.

The old man and his people belonged to the fifth age.

They discovered the wishing power created by the human body, as well as another mysterious compound, which was what Himmel Soan called spiritual essence.

These people were also much more knowledgeable in science applications and the universe as a whole.

They were close to God.

They had been stuck in this age for thousands of years.

The discovery of the wishing power gave them the hope of breaking through the fifth age and reaching the sixth age.

The sixth age could show them the fourth dimension.

The mysteries that science hadnt been able to reveal would be wide open to them, including traveling through space and time.


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