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The “Ocean Protectors” posting messages online were also their doing.

However, they werent real people.

They were AIs.

Being the people of the fifth age, they had much more advanced technology than ordinary human beings.

Most of their work had been automated.

Their AIs were close to perfection.

They had thoughts of their own.

Some had suggested AIs and robots couldnt have independent thoughts because it would lead to the destruction of the human race.

It would start a century-long war between robots and humans.

Constant upgrades would mean robots would think faster than humans did.

Therefore, the human race would lose in the end.

They couldnt beat the AI.

Based on these peoples research, plenty of planets in the universe had gone through that process and became slaves to machines.

It was all because the AIs had been given too much intelligence.

A robot could have its parts changed.

That included all the parts from head to toe.

Once a robot was broken, a little repair work would be all that was needed to put it back into the battlefield again.

With the advancement of technology, the lifespan of robots had been increasing as well.

A human being could only live for less than a hundred years, but robots could exist for as long as a thousand years.

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It was also the main reason humans lost against machines.

At first, these people of the fifth age were just like all the other human beings.

However, the research on AI led them in the wrong direction, and their continent sank to the bottom of the ocean until they were forgotten by human civilization.

However, their legend wasnt forgotten.

Many people were familiar with the name of that continent—Atlantis!

Because the people of Atlantis had given the robots too much power, the land sank to 50,000m under the sea and never rose to the surface again.

It wasnt that they couldnt raise the continent again; they couldnt lift the entire land all at once.

The pressure at that depth was too high, and their people would feel uncomfortable at 30,000m under the surface.

If they kept rising, their bodies wouldnt be able to withstand the pressure and would explode.

They had invented a device to quickly adapt the body to the water pressure closer to the surface.

However, the device was very expensive to make because the material was hard to find.

As they couldnt leave the water, they couldnt manufacture the device in large quantities.

Hence, only a few people could come to the surface each time.

Of course, that wasnt enough.

When the moon disappeared and the gravity decreased, the seawater rose out of the seabed, setting them free.

However, they still had scruples.

That was Himmel Soan, the man that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

He was too powerful.

The entire Atlantis was shocked when Himmel Soan presented the space cannons blueprint.

With the current technology level, the people on Earth could only build 10% of the space cannon.

Even the Atlantians could only finish 90%.

Yet Himmel Soan had completed the space cannon.

His knowledge was more profound than the Atlantians.

When the Atlantean scientists saw the blueprint, they were blown away by how complicated and intricate it was.

They felt threatened by Himmel Soan.

The truth was that even if Himmel Soan wasnt around, Earth still wouldnt be destroyed.

The Atlantians would save the planet.

They lived on Earth, too.

They wouldnt mind seeing all the human beings gone, but they wouldnt let Earth get destroyed.

Their technology was advanced enough to destroy the super meteorite.

The space cannon was a bit over the top.

Although they couldnt come to the surface, their equipment could.

A plasma cannon was all that was needed.

It would destroy the meteorite in fewer than a hundred shots.

Since Himmel Soan had intervened, they decided to stay hidden.

The meteorite rain followed the destruction of the meteorite.

They werent concerned.

They were glad to see the moon getting destroyed.

After that, they came up with a plan to rule the human race.

To do that, they needed to get rid of Himmel Soan first.

However, their technology level wasnt advanced enough to do that.

If they could collect the wishing power of all the people on Earth, they would be able to reach the sixth age.

After that, they would have the ability to fight Himmel Soan.

Himmel Soans space cannon used a technology that was somewhere between the fifth and sixth ages.

To confront Himmel Soan, the Atlantians had to reach the sixth age, where they could generate the required power using the resonating wishing power.

A group of robots entered the room and reported to the scientists, “Weve collected 7,564 points of wishing power from Earth!”

One person could create one point of wishing power.


Keep posting the comments and ask the Earthlings to kneel at the ocean.

Raise our wishing power collector to 8,000m below the surface.

Its easier to collect the power that way.”

“Yes, sir!”

The robots left the room.

The Atlantians had almost been destroyed by machines once.

They learned from that painful experience and now knew how to utilize the robots properly.

Without a doubt, robots would rule the battlefield in the future.

The other planets they had explored so far had robots as war machines.

They could be reconstructed, and after the system was set, they could react much faster than human beings.

They could make the correct decision and give out commands within 0.01 microseconds.

It was something human beings could never do.

A single human commander was needed for war.

The battle was fought by tens or even hundreds of thousands of robots.

Without the robots, so many people would have died.

A human being would need over a decade before they could fight on the battlefield, but it only took a day to build the robots.

They didnt need any training either.

They would be guided by their programs.

As a result, the original human form would be abandoned in the future.

To enter the sixth age, humans had to have powerful AIs as their brains.

It was just like fire.

It could kill people, but the human race couldnt live without it.

It was like the two sides of a coin.

As long as it was under control, everything would be fine.

By now, over 10% of the entire population had left their arks.

That was close to a billion people.

If they all knelt before the ocean, Atlantis would receive a billion points of wishing power, which would be a huge progress for them.

With two billion points, they would build the wishing power device.

The device would replace the AIs mainboard to improve its ability.


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