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“The Pantherese support Moon unconditionally! They should never have saved you people! You should all go to hell!”

“All the Hosians support Moon as well!”

“So do the Soleilians! If those people want freedom so badly, let them have it! Why should we worry about them Dont come running to us if anything bad happens!”

Moons allied countries all shared their views and chose to side with Moon.

Just like the Moonians, they didnt understand all the decisions Himmel Soan and the country made, but they chose to believe him.


They knew Himmel Soan would never harm them.

It was no longer a debate among the Moonians.

The whole world was involved.

Moon and its four allied countries argued against the rest of the world.

It had started off as something not so serious.

The people of other countries didnt plan to fall out with Moon at first.

They were rather polite when everything started, and they showed Himmel Soan much respect.

However, Moons subsequent actions and what the people of the five countries said enraged all the other countries.

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Things became ugly after that.

The people who defended their human rights wouldnt be easily dissuaded.

Hence, Himmel Soan and Moons decision started another round of angry debates.

“You people are so funny.

I dont get it.

What harm can kneeling possibly do Why wont you leave us alone Its none of your business! Why does it bother you Youre not my boss, my parents, or my partner! You have no right to meddle with what I do! Even my parents havent said anything.

Why would I listen to you”

“Youre absolutely correct.

Its none of our business, which is why we let you do it.

Just make sure you wont regret it later!”

“What Are you going to attack us Is that a threat Why would we regret it Are you going to launch some new weapons at us You cant scare us! Moon isnt the boss of the world!”

“Weve gotten used to ungrateful people like you.

So be it! You can do whatever you want.

You shouldnt even be considered human beings! You havent shown any gratitude! Talking to you is a waste of my time!”

“Dude, why are you so aggressive What do you mean we showed no gratitude Were grateful for what you did, and we thanked you! But whats happening now is a completely different thing! If you try to use our gratitude to morally coerce us, Im sorry, but we wont let that happen! Youd better give up that idea now!”

“Let me repeat this: Moon has no intention of ruling the world, and youre not worth it either! Look at your country.

What can you possibly offer us Why would we want to rule you Go to hell!”

Those comments affected some high-ranking officials.

Even some influencers, who had remained silent until now, began to share their views.

After that, some celebrities and millionaires joined the debate as well.

Gross, the famous Iceanian actor, wrote, “I think we should all calm down.

Theres no need to get so excited.

Its not such a serious matter.

If the Moonians asked us to wait for ten more minutes, I think we can wait.

Ten minutes isnt that long a time.

If gravity still isnt restored then, we can always kneel at the ocean!”

Gross tried to be as neutral as he could and didnt side with any country.

However, his fellow countrymen lashed out at him because of that.

His words were considered to be defending Moon.

People called him a traitor and a coward.

Seeing all the criticisms, Gross didnt dare speak again.

Tanaka, a Flamian influencer, wrote, “I think the whole thing isnt about what Moon said.

Its how they said it.

We have no problem with waiting for ten minutes, but Moon has expressed it in such a condescending way.

Why should we take their order Were not their slaves! They shouldnt talk to us in that way! I think that was why we got so angry.

I demand an apology from M right now! Were all equal.

You think youre somehow above us just because you saved us once Apologize to us!”

After he posted that comment, he gained over ten million followers.


“I agree! Moon has saved us, but it doesnt make them our boss! They cant order us around!”

“Well never yield!”

Gross and Tanaka were only two examples.

Gross had a neutral standpoint, while Tanaka was against Moon.

Moon still had some supporters.

Barakin, a comedian well-known globally, shared his view, supporting Moon.

He wrote, “Everybody, calm your horses! Theres no need to get angry over such matters.

Im sure Moon wont harm us.

Theres no doubt about that! If they really wanted to, why would they save you in the first place They could have let you die in the meteorite shower.


Soan is the god of science, and he must have his reason.

Maybe worshiping the ocean will set off something terrible that we dont understand.

Since he only needs another ten minutes to restore gravity, why dont we wait for ten minutes We shouldnt turn on each other for such a petty thing.

“If, fingers crossed, Moon really wants to rule the world, whos there to stop them They can do it without warning anybody.

Their army can enter your countries, and you wont be able to do anything.

They didnt do that, and I think thats proof enough.

Why cant you be more reasonable and stop this nonsense”

Gross didnt side with Moon, but people still criticized him.

It wasnt surprising to see how those people treated Barakin.


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