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Thirty thousand people a second.

That was 18 million people per minute.

In three minutes, 54 million people would have knelt.

If this trend continued, at least 70 to 80 million people would be affected.

Although Himmel Soan had yet to figure out what the wishing power was for, he knew it wouldnt be anything good.

In his system, the so-called wishing power was the power of faith.

Once a deity accepted it, he could turn his followers into his own kind.

Himmel Soan had encountered many deities when trapped in that strange world.

All of them had their own followers.

There was a wolf deity, whose followers could turn into werewolves.

There was a deity of wine, and his followers had incredible drinking capacity.

There was a demonic deity.

His followers were immortal semi-demons.

Similarly, there was a lion deity, and his followers could all transform into lions.

Therefore, what was going on was definitely not a good sign.

Another name for wishing power was vital essence.

Without it, one would die.

Those peoples vital essence was extracted after they knelt, but they were still alive.

There was only one explanation: someone had injected a new type of energy into them to replace the vital essence.

It worked the same way as the faith power of those deities.

They would extract the power of faith from their believers and inject a different type of power into them.

It enabled the believers to turn into wolves and lions or allow them to control natural phenomena like wind, rain, thunder, and lightning.

Himmel Soan tried to switch off his mental force and shut down the network, but there was no point in doing that now.

Everybody had heard the news that kneeling at the ocean would restore their gravity.

If Himmel Soan tried to stop those people by cutting off the network, he should have done it ten minutes ago.

But he was building the new moon, which was an energy-consuming process.

He couldnt have spared any more energy.

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Moreover, he trusted Henry and the others would handle the situation.

But things didnt go as he had expected.

Those people wouldnt listen.

It was too late to do anything now.

Tens of millions of people would kneel at the ocean.

If he cut off the internet now, he couldnt begin to imagine what those people would think of Moon.

He could already hear people insisting that his shame had turned into anger, and they would believe even more than his “conspiracy” had been exposed.

The only thing he could do now was complete the new moon so that gravity on Earth would return to normal and fewer people would be affected.

Atlantis still had a long way to collect two billion points of wishing power.

The Atlantians felt it was going too slow, so they sent more robots to work as paid posters, who then tried to shift the public opinion.

“Its so obvious that Moon wants to control the world.

Whats there to discuss”

“Thats right! Weve seen all those videos, and nothing has happened to those people! Moon only wants to control our minds! We cant listen to them!”

“I dont care what you think.

Im not going to obey their orders.

Im already by the ocean now.”

“Me, too! Yes, it may sound like a couple of minutes, but do you realize how many people would die in that time They could die from suffocation or fall into the ocean because they lost their balance! Youve never thought about those people! All you care about is yourself! A few minutes mean nothing to you, but it means everything to us!”

Many people agreed with these comments.

“I totally agree with you! My dad has asthma, and he can die at any moment! I cant wait any longer, not even a second! Im taking him to the ocean now!”

“We can all see the Moons plot now! Guys, we cant listen to them! They want to replace Neige and rule the world! Thats not going to happen!”

“Well-said! Theyre not going to get what they want! The Moonians think theyre so much better than us, but theyre not! Theyre despicable creatures!”

“Im so angry! I didnt expect things to turn out like this! I thought the Moonians were so kind, but theyre not! Theyre just as bad as the Neigerians!”

“Ignore them! Were going to kneel!”

“Yes! Lets do it!”

Having received pressure from the Moonian president, the other presidents also gave orders to their own people.

They forbade them from kneeling at the ocean.

However, the public wouldnt listen to them.

Governments were empty titles now, and all the presidents had lost their prestigious status.

Many troops stopped following the order of their presidents and were doing things they deemed right.

Most of the countries didnt have any land left.

The flood had devoured everything, and all their people were on arks.


Soan, we cant stop them! They wont listen to us!”

“So be it…” Himmel Soan stood up with a black ball in his hand.

The moon was completed.

He had finished the project two minutes in advance.

The next task was to send it to space.

During that process, Earths gravity would be slowly restored.

So far, about 300 million people had knelt in the ocean.

Sky Eye wrote, “We have great news! Mr.

Soan has completed the artificial moon, and gravity will gradually restore in the next five minutes.

Please stop kneeling! Earth will be back to normal soon!”

However, the announcement didnt achieve the desired effect.

On the contrary, people seemed to be even angrier.

“Five more minutes Do you know what youre doing”

“Five minutes will kill my dad several times over! The people who have knelt are already back to normal, yet youre asking us to wait for five more minutes! Have you ever considered how we feel”

“Dont make me laugh! The first time, they said that they only needed ten minutes, but they are asking for five more minutes now.

Are they going to need three more minutes after this Itll never end!”

“I dont believe you anymore! I want gravity back right now!”

The good news only brought more criticism.

A “black ball” shot out of space cannon.

It moved extremely fast.

After it was launched, Earth stopped losing gravity, and the people that were floating in the air slowly started falling back to the ground.

The sea level also began to drop.

Atlantis wouldnt have it.

If gravity recovered, they wouldnt be able to collect wishing power anymore.

The reserves right now were far from enough.

“Get the plasma cannon ready! We must bring down the artificial moon!”

“Yes, my lord!”

Their scientists immediately took action, and a black square box rose out of the sea.


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