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“Locating the artificial moon…

“Scanning completed.

Locking in…

“Target locked.

Ready to intercept…


The black box opened, revealing neatly-arranged small holes.

After locking onto Himmel Soans moon, small syringe-like objects flew out of the holes and shot into the sky.

“Are they trying to intercept the moon” Himmel Soan detected the plasma cannon as soon as it came to the sea surface.

He just smiled and didnt think much of it.

He wasnt using modern technology.

He was using his superpower.

He would have been worried if modern technology was involved.

However, the technology of the fifth age was never a match for Himmel Soans superpower.

Even Himmel Soan himself didnt know how powerful his strike would be when he used his full strength.

Ever since he returned to Earth, he had never been able to reach that state.

Even if he did, he wouldnt dare use it.

That was because he was afraid this universe wouldnt be able to handle it.

His strike could destroy space and time.

This universe was very different from the strange world he was in.

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That universe had multiple dimensions, and the continents were indestructible.

The planets were a million times more durable than Earth.

Everything in that universe, from rocks and plants to animals and human beings, was nourished by spiritual essence all year round.

They were soaked in spiritual essence.

Because of that, the people there were much stronger than Earthlings.

Even non-living organisms were tougher.

Despite all that, Himmel Soan could still destroy an entire dimension there, let alone Earth, the solar system, and the galaxy.

He could annihilate everything in a split second.

Nothing could challenge his superpower.

Even a weapon of the eighth age couldnt do that.

Only people of the sixth age could travel through time and space, but that technique was a piece of cake for Himmel Soan.

That was how he returned to this universe.

He didnt just teleport himself back.

He traveled through a parallel universe and arrived at Earth a few thousand years earlier.

Even the people of the eighth age couldnt travel easily between parallel universes.

Himmel Soans strength was beyond imagination.

The miniature plasma bullets caught up with the artificial moon.

The new moon wasnt flying fast because Himmel Soan needed to gradually restore gravity.

He wasnt sure how high the moon had to fly before gravity would go back to the original level.

If the moon flew too fast, gravity might get too high for the people on Earth to handle.

Accidents could happen.

Some people might fall, and some might stumble into the ocean.

There were many variables, so Himmel Soan wanted to give them some time to adapt.

The bullets exploded when they were close to the moon, trying to blow it up.

The Atlantians had underestimated the new moon that was built with Himmel Soans spiritual essence.

It didnt contain any substance one could find on Earth.

It was indestructible.


Even though the bullets were only the size of syringes, the blast still covered half the sky.

Everybody in the eastern hemisphere looked up.

They saw a light flickering in the clouds as if a storm was coming.

Half of the sky was glowing.

But it didnt last for long.

The light disappeared after a few seconds.

“Damn it! My lord, our plasma cannon couldnt blow up the moon!”

“Hows that possible” The Atlantian King walked to the control panel and saw that the plasma cannon had caused no damage to the moon.

The moon was still rising, while Earths gravity was returning.

At first, they could jump four or five meters high, but that height had been reduced by half a meter now.

People all over the world noticed it.

“I cant jump that high anymore!”

“I think the gravity is back!”

“Its true! Our gravity is coming back!”

“You idiots! I recovered my gravity a long time ago!”

“Thats right.

Youre still recovering, but Ive knelt at the ocean.

Im going to share a secret with you.

After I did that, I felt stronger.

Im not kidding! Im so much more capable now!”

“Yes! I feel the same way! After kneeling at the ocean, I felt like Id drunk ten cans of Red Bull and had been working out for ten years! I feel like an energy ball now!”

“Really I dont believe you.

That sounds too surreal.

Are you saying kneeling at the ocean gave you that power Thats so scary!”

“Scary If you dont believe me, try it yourself! Its happened to all my friends, too!”

The Atlantean robots tried to lead the public opinion again.

This time, they were tempting people with words like “muscles,” “no need to work out,” and “enhanced strength.” They even posted videos and pictures to prove their claims.

“Look! This is me! I didnt have any muscle tone before.

After I knelt, I had eight packs! Eight!”

“This video is my proof! Ill drop dead the next second if Im lying.

Even if the gravity is coming back, it wont hurt us to have more muscles.”

“Thats right! I dont care about your choice.

I choose to believe in the ocean.

I think it has Gods power.

Its not scary! God is sending us his love!”

The tempting pictures intrigued many people, and they immediately went to kneel at the ocean.


“You have violated our terms and conditions, and your account has been deactivated!”


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