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The influencers channels were getting shut off.

“Whats going on Why are their accounts deactivated”

“Its Moon! It has to be their doing! They cant stand it when were happy!”

“Thats so mean! How could they shut down those peoples channels They have no right to do that! What did those people do to deserve this”

“This is an abuse of power! Does Moon think they can do this because their network is the only one working If thats the case, Ill stop using the internet altogether!”

After discussing with Himmel Soan, Henry also hired some paid posters, trying to shift the public opinion in their favor.

“Our gravity is back.

Theres no need to kneel anymore!”

“Why would anybody believe something like that Eight packs coming out of nowhere That sounds dodgier than ponzi scams! Why didnt anything like that happen before Somebody is trying to brainwash us! Thats so obvious! Im not buying it.

Only an idiot would!”

“Dont make me laugh! Free lunches dont exist! Guys, remember this.

The bigger the temptation, the higher the risk! If it sounds like a miracle, then its too good to be true! Mark my words! I wont delete this comment.

If everything turns out to be fine later, come back here, and Ill post a video of myself kneeling and apologizing!”

/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

“Wake up, people! Its impossible!”

“I didnt believe it at first, but its happening! So many of us have knelt, and were back to normal! Weve shown you the video.

Why wont you believe us”

“Guys, words can be lies, but what about videos Look around you.

People are still struggling with gravity, but were walking normally now.

We can jump and run without rising into the air! You must all know some people around you that have knelt.

See for yourselves!”

“Facts speak louder than words! I dont want to say another word!”

These werent robots from Atlantis.

They were real people from all over the world.

They had all knelt and believed that they knew the truth.

Nothing could change their minds.

Therefore, they protested as soon as they saw other people questioning the possibility.

All the presidents were utterly confused.

They had no idea what Moon wanted and why the country tried to stop everybody.


That didnt seem to be the case!

What on earth was it about

In Atlantis.

The king gave the order, asking his people to bring down the artificial moon.

At no cost.

The plasma impulse wave was the most powerful weapon they had.

In their eyes, shooting down the moon with it was like employing a steam engine to crack a nut.

That weapon was powerful enough to bring down the super meteorite.

“My lord, are you sure about this We dont have much energy to support that weapon.

Weve searched the entire area, but theres no other way to replenish it! If we launch it, this will be the last time we can use it!”

The king said, “Yes! Launch it! When we control the human race and obtain more wishing power, Earth will be ours.

Well be able to leave the ocean and have all the resources on the land! Were trading the device with the entire planet.

Its worth it! Launch!”

“Yes, sir!”

The scientists started typing on their virtual keyboards.

The screens showed the weapon moving out of its container.

Just then, the screens flickered, and a person showed up on them.

He had eyes sharper than razors, and his expression was as cold as winter.

His look could chill one to the bone.

It was none other than Himmel Soan himself.

He stared at the scientists through the screens, as well as at the king in the golden robe behind them.

“Who are you” The scientists were shocked, and the king paled as well.

“Are you Himmel Soan!”

Himmel Soans name was well-known globally.

Since the Atlanteans had sneaked into the network, they knew everything that had been going on.

They also knew Himmel Soans name and what he looked like.

Himmel Soan smiled.

“Thats very interesting.

I didnt know we had an entire country hidden at the bottom of the ocean.

You have advanced science and technology, too.

Stop what youre doing right now before things get ugly.”

One of the scientists stared at Himmel Soan and said anxiously, “How did you infiltrate our network We have firewalls!”

“Firewalls Theyre useless to me.

If I want to infiltrate your system, it doesnt matter where youre hiding!”

Himmel Soans eyes glowed as if liquid gold was flowing in them.



The machines around the scientists exploded all at once.

The scientists backed away in fright.

Even the king was taken aback.

What kind of power was that

His eyes flashed, and the machine exploded.


“That was just a warning.

Stop messing with Earth, or youre going to be the next to explode!”


Soan!” The Atlantean king suddenly said, “Mr.

Soan, I wonder if we can have a word”

“Whats there to talk about Give back the wishing power of my people, and maybe Ill talk to you!”

The wishing power didnt matter all that much.

Himmel Soan only wanted it because he was worried that the Atlanteans would do something evil with it and change the appearance of those Earthlings.

Although their wishing power had been extracted, so far, no one had died or been injured in any way.

That was why Himmel Soan hadnt attacked Atlantis yet.

Otherwise, the machines wouldnt be the only things exploding.

Himmel Soan had been building the moon and didnt have the energy to find Atlantis.

Now that the moon was complete, finding these people was a piece of cake.

He could detect the meteorite when it was fifteen days away from Earth.

Of course, he could find things that were only tens of thousands of meters deep in the ocean.

Although the Atlanteans had used some device to hide their exact location, Himmel Soan still could penetrate their network with his mental force and enter their control room.


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