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The control room was where the king and the scientists were.


Soan, youre not from Earth, are you” That was Lulukil Kabaron, the Atlantean king.

“Who gave you the permission to ask questions”

Kabarons face darkened when he heard that.

One of the scientists yelled at Himmel Soan, “How dare you speak to our king like that! This is an insult! Apologize now, or those Earthlings are dead!”

Himmel Soan smirked.

“Apologize You must be dreaming.

Ill kill ten of you for every Earthling you kill.

I can kill you right now if I want to!”

Himmel Soans mental force should not be underestimated.

He could kill people with it!

He had been weak for too long.

Otherwise, he would never have needed the space cannon.

He could have done it with his mental force alone.

“Youre so arrogant, Himmel Soan! Do you really think youre the God of Earth You cant take down the entire Atlantis on your own!”

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“Atlantis, as in the lost civilization I see.

Youre Atlanteans.” Himmel Soan had been wondering what this kingdom under the sea was.

He now knew the answer.


Soan, we admire your ability.

You cant be a scientist of the fourth age.

You must be from the sixth age, and you can travel through time and space, cant you You came to Earth from another time! However, theres only one of you, and scientific research cant be done by one person! Weve seen the blueprint of your space cannon; its ingenious! Youve inspired us! However, do you seriously think you can take on the entire Atlantis all by yourself

“Atlantis is in the fifth age, and we have matching scientists as well.

Im sure even if we cant outwit you, we can still outrun you with our sheer numbers.

Youre the only sixth-age scientist.


Soan, have you played games before”

Himmel Soan shouted, “Cut to the chase.

Stop asking questions!”

The scientists face darkened, and he smirked.

“Youre a genius working among fools! Even if youre not fighting against capable enemies, those people will pull you back! Look at those Earthlings that have been kneeling at the ocean! Youve been trying to help them, but they showed no gratitude and were even lashing out at you! Why would you side with them”

Kabaron said, “Mr.

Soan, why dont you join Atlantis Ill make you our leading scientist.

Youll be worshiped and respected the way I am.

How does that sound Thats much more than you can ever get from the Earthlings!”

Himmel Soan only said one sentence in reply, “Ill never trust an alien race.”

Atlanteans werent humans.

They might look like humans, but they had scales on their elbows and knees.

They didnt have those at first, but having lived at the bottom of the ocean made them look more like fish.

But their human traits hadnt disappeared; they still had all four limbs.

Himmel Soan would be an alien among them.

The Atlanteans would never treat him as one of their own.

After they took over Earth, the first thing they would do was execute Himmel Soan.

It was something Himmel Soan had seen many times before in that strange world.

Would Earthlings accept some alien that had fins and scales

Would they

Of course not!

They couldnt even accept a different skin color.

People of certain races were still given derogatory names.

They might say they would accept a new member, but only they themselves knew their real thoughts.

Therefore, Himmel Soan would never do such reckless things.

Of course, he would never join Atlantis no matter what, not if they made him the king, let alone a leading scientist.

A king

Himmel Soan had been a king before!

Back in that strange world, he used to be the supreme ruler with countless followers.

He had an army of at least 50 billion soldiers.

He used to rule a trillion people at one time.

Even the owner of planets would address him as the supreme lord.

A mere Atlantis was too petty for him.

Even ruling Earth was beneath him.

He was tired of living like that, which was why he tried his best to return to Earth.

No matter how wonderful the other world was, it wasnt home.

Earth was home, even if it was a garbage dump.


Soan, I see that youre determined to fight against Atlantis.

“Fight against you Youre not worth it! I only kept you alive because you still have some value.

Give me all the essence stones at the bottom of the ocean, and Ill spare your lives.

Do that.

or Ill wipe Atlantis off the face of Earth in three days!”


The screen went dark after that.

Himmel Soan disappeared.

“My lord, that was outrageous!

“Hes just a sixth-age scientist! Why is he so arrogant How dare he threaten us My lord, we shouldnt wait any longer! Lets activate the wishing power engine and let the sixth age begin!”

Kabaron clenched his fists and hesitated.

Atlantis still needed more wishing power.

Forcing the AI to change its core now would only have the opposite result.

They had collected 400 million points of wishing power, a long way from 2 billion.

“Get Mr.

Roams, our top scientist, here! We must lock down Atlantis right now and block all our signals.

We cant let Himmel Soan invade us again!”

“Is it necessary”

Roams was a genius scientist, but he was a nutjob as well!

He was the current leading scientist in Atlantis and was considered to be as important as the king.

He was far more talented than any other scientist in Atlantis.

Many Atlanteans even suspected that he came from the sixth age.

Although Roams was very talented, he wasnt right in his mind either.

He always had odd behaviors and didnt get along well with the others.

He never did his research in the Atlantean way.

Instead, he always had his own opinions.

Atlantis didnt try to change him either.

The machine octopus he built last time had killed three Atlanteans.

No one knew what he was working on now.

If another octopus charged out when they went to get him, more Atlanteans would die.

Kabaron said, “Only Roams can handle that Himmel Soan.

We dont have a choice! We have to get him, or Atlantis will be in trouble!


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