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In a damp, dim lab, a human-shaped creature with fins and scales was fiddling with some scrap metal.

In his hand was the blueprint of Himmel Soans IVE extractor.

“How did he calculate that

“XOT2 plus ET7, and take the maximum value.

Wait, that equation…

“Theres something up with that equation.

What if I use the Agenlis Equation Thats not right either!”

The mans unkempt hair almost reached his shoulders.

He was fully fixated on the blueprint.

His eyes suddenly lit up.

“I see! I see it now! Thats it!

“The primary source of IVE is the human body! So…

“Can we extract IVE from Atlanteans

“Heres what we should do!”

The creature was Roams, Atlantiss leading scientist and the greatest genius the kingdom had ever seen.

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Himmel Soans blueprint had given him a lot of inspiration.

He downloaded the blueprint the moment it was posted online and had been studying it for a week.

During that time, he had figured out all the concepts on the blueprint without any assistance.

Human scientists could only understand 25% of the blueprint.

However, Roams could understand 95% from the very beginning.

He figured out the last 5% in the next few days.

“This is fantastic! Thats where IVE comes from! I see it now! Himmel Soan, thats brilliant!

“IVE is a colorless, odorless, and intangible substance, but its very durable.

Its both gaseous and solid.

If the IVE Extractor can extract IVE, I only need to slightly modify this formula to control the IVE, right

“Yes! That must be the case!”

Roams quickly went up to his control panel, typed in some code, and a human-shaped model appeared on the screen.

He then typed down everything he had learned so far.

“Database has been updated.

Waiting for confirmation for production.”

“Confirm!” Roams hit the button.

Metal arms stuck out of the walls and started assembling an object.

Before long, an armored metal soldier took shape.

“IVE What on earth is that” Roams looked at the soldier in excitement and murmured, “How about I name you after IVE I-Soldier, thats a great name!”

He walked around the I-Soldier and was very satisfied with the outcome.

There was a button on I-Soldiers back.

Roams pressed it.


I-Soldiers eyes lit up.

The button could detect fingerprints and extract Roamss Innate Vigorous Energy, which was its energy source.

Roams told the computer, “Switch on the wishing power device!”

“Switched on,” replied the computer.

Roams said, “Inject 15 points of wishing power into the I-Soldier!”

“Inject 15 points of wishing power into the I-Soldier.


“Confirmed! Inject!”


A machine arm stuck out and injected the wishing power collected from the Earthlings into the I-Soldier.

Its eyes were yellow at first.

When the wishing power was injected, they flickered and turned black.

The door opened at that moment.

A scientist came in with two robots.


Roams, the king wants to see you!”


A prompt tone came from the I-Soldier, and it turned in the direction of the scientist.

“Target locked!”

The scientist had been uneasy since he set foot in the room because Roams was always building strange things.

Last time, his octopus had killed two soldiers.

He noticed the metal soldier when he stepped into the room, which creeped him out.

He stumbled back.


Roams, the king sent me…”

Roams smirked.

“I-Soldier, show me what you can do!”


The I-Soldier moved so fast that it looked like teleportation.

The scientist was scared out of his wits.

He ordered the robot behind him, “Stop that thing!”

He heard two loud bangs immediately after that.

The I-Soldier blew away the robot by staring at it!

The I-Soldier stared at the robot, and the latter exploded.

It only used its eyes.

What kind of ability was that

It almost seemed supernatural.

“Great!” Roams clapped his hands excitedly.

“Thats the power of the sixth age! I did it! Ive made it happen!”


The scientist then turned into a pool of blood.

“Come back, I-Soldier!”


The I-Soldier made another prompt sound and flew back to Roamss side.

Its eyes flickered twice and shut down.


Roams raised his arms and cheered.

The I-Soldier had demonstrated the power that exceeded the fifth age.

“I didnt know that Himmel Soans skill was so advanced.

That blueprint showed me the secret of the sixth age! That man must be from that age!

“The fusion of wishing power and IVE created a new type of energy that was more powerful than either of them.

Wishing power is indeed the key to the sixth age!

“An I-Soldier needs 15 points, and Atlantis has over 400 million! If we spend all of them building I-Soldiers, well be invincible!”

Just then, a few more people walked into the room, led by Kabaron, the king.

“Roams, what are you doing” Kabaron saw what was left of the robot in the doorway and the pool of blood.

He then realized Roams had done something terrible again.

However, Roams was the leading scientist and the smartest person in Atlantis.

The king wouldnt arrest him even if he broke the law.

It wasnt like he hadnt killed people before.

He had killed plenty!


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