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“Patriarch!” A miserable cry rang out in the villa in the middle of the night.

It resonated in the night sky and could be heard from hundreds of meters away.

James, who had been waiting a few hundred meters away, immediately opened his eyes.

“Patriarch” He was perplexed.

The voice sounded like Haydens.


Did something happen to the Patriarch

His face suddenly went pale.

Before he could run for the villa, a shadow-like figure beat him to it and entered the house first.


The man was none other than Yosef himself.

James cried out and ran inside after Yosef.

Inside the villa, Hayden knelt beside the bed and was howling in misery.

His cheeks were streaked with tears.

Next to him, Caroline was crying at the top of her lungs as well, not caring how she looked.

Here in this house, her image was the last thing on her mind.

Warren looked stunned.

He was elated for the turn of the public opinion a moment ago, but his face had gone blank now.

Both Yosef and James were dumbfounded.

Yosef unclenched his fists and turned his palms upward.

He kept looking from Warren to Hayden and back.

“What the hell is going on What happened Tell me whats going on!” He knew the answer, but he refused to believe it.

He just couldnt!

“Speak! Answer me! Give me an answer! Stop crying! Someone, talk to me! Whats happening!” Yosef had begun to lose control of his emotions.

James looked at the screen of the machine, where the electrocardiogram had turned into a flat line.

The beeping sound went on.


That was the answer.

It couldnt be more obvious.

“Patriarch… Patriarch is…”

“Thats impossible!”

Before James could make a complete sentence, Yosef shouted furiously and grabbed Hayden by his collar.

“Didnt the Patriarch talk to us just now He was awake! Why is this happening Answer me! Answer me, Hayden Soan! Whats going on!”

“Uncle Yosef, calm down!” Caroline wiped off her tears and tried to stop Yosef, who was losing control.

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“Get lost!” Yosef was so frantic that he wouldnt listen to her.

“Warren, you tell me! Whats going on The Patriarch was fine a moment ago! He was talking to us! Say something!”

“Patriarch…” Warren had been standing there in a trance-like state until then and only smiled bitterly at Yosef.

He rolled his eyes when he uttered that name before he passed out and fell to the ground.

The death of the Patriarch was such a hard blow.

Himmel Soan was his God and his world!

Warren felt that his world had collapsed now that Himmel Soan was gone.

“Uncle Warren!” Caroline quickly ran to his side to check up on him.

Somewhere else in the country, a golden tower stood alone in the middle of a desert.

Henry Lang sat alone in his office.

His secretary entered and said quietly, “Director Lang, theres something you should know.”

“What is it” Henry asked.

“Please take a look at this.” The secretary put a tablet on the desk.

Several web pages had been opened, and there were a total of six videos on the tablet.

Henry quickly looked through all of them.

“The old man was accused of molesting his adopted daughter”

“Stella called her father an animal.”

“The hospital is surrounded, and people are wishing him dead and sending him funeral wreaths.”

Henry frowned as he read through the articles.

“Whats all this Why are you showing them to me”

The secretary said gravely, “Director, please keep reading.”

“Whats all this gibberish Since when are you into gossip” Henry mildly chided the secretary, but he was patient enough to keep reading.

This place was the Non-Human Research Institution, aka “Sky Eye.” It was established over a century ago before the Great Famine.

Henry Lang was the sixth director.

Sky Eye didnt have much actual power, but it was of vital importance to the country.

They only had one mission—to watch the Himmelians led by Liam Soan.

They were some very tough people.

Their identities were secretive, and they were unbelievably capable.

In fact, that was an understatement.

Those men were barely human.

No ordinary men could do what they could.

Because of their mission, Sky Eye was also called the Non-Human Research Institution.

The truth was, Sky Eye wasnt capable of keeping those people under control.

The Himmelians were at least twice as powerful as them.

Sky Eye didnt have much power on normal days, but when the Himmelians were involved, they became the ultimate authority, and the government would open all doors for them.

Even then, they still had less than 50% chance of fighting to a standoff with the Himmelians.

Fortunately, the Himmelians werent villains.

On the contrary, they had made great contributions to the country and stopped foreign invasions multiple times.

If awards were given out on the basis of merit, no one would deserve more awards than the Himmelians, not even Sky Eye.

Liam Soan, the leader of the Himmelians, was the greatest member of them all.

The world had been a peaceful place in the past two to three decades, and the Himmelians had remained inactive.

Even when they came out, they did so in groups of no more than four or five people and never in large packs.

As a result, Henry Langs job description had been very undemanding.

All he ever did was play.

“The old mans address is revealed, and people have been lashing out their hatred at him.”

“The president of IF Security picked up the old bastard despite the objections.”

“Hey, what are these Why are you showing me…” Henry Lang complained as he read on.

The title of another video read, “The old mans real name is found out to be Himmel Soan.”

“Why are these all screenshots” he asked.

“Because you cant find the actual videos online anymore.”

“Why… Wait, whats he called”

Henry Lang finally realized what they were about.

He opened the previous screenshots and was shocked.

“Himmel Soan!”

He paled and jumped to his feet, so violently that he kicked his chair away.

“Not THAT Himmel Soan!”

The Himmelians shared the same faith, a god that was also the creator of the Himmelians.

The name “Himmelian” came from his name.

And his surname was Soan as well!

“Director, its him!” The secretary nodded.

Henry Lang had goosebumps, and his voice was trembling.

“Quick! Check their locations! See if the Himmelians are still there!”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Liam Soan, please dont do anything stupid! You must stay put!”


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