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However, the king would still forgive him even if he killed a thousand Atlanteans.

That was how paramount he was to Atlantis.

He was worth more than a thousand, if not ten thousand, Atlanteans.

In fact, he was probably more important than half of Atlantis.

“My lord…”

Roams tilted his head, looked at the king, and activated the I-Soldier.

The I-Soldier disappeared from where it was.

The next second, it reappeared behind the king with its hands on the kings neck.

“Roams, what are you doing!”

“How dare you! Roams, this is treason!”

“Roams, dont! Hes your king! You cant harm him!”

The kings guards grew nervous and shouted at Roams.

Kabaron himself broke out in a cold sweat.

What kind of a robot was this

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Why was it so fast

How did it get behind him

The king had brought many robots with him, but they were like toys in front of the I-Soldier.

Roams laughed and waved at the I-Soldier.

It flew back to him before shutting down.

Kabaron let out a breath of relief.

Roams said, “My lord, did you see that Thats my latest invention.

Its a product of the sixth age! The mainstream robot of the future!”

“The sixth age”

The king was pleasantly surprised and took a few steps toward Roams.

“Is that true Didnt you say we need to collect more wishing power to get to the sixth age We havent collected enough yet.

How did you make it happen”

“The wishing power is only one of the keys to reaching the sixth age.

Himmel Soan, that human scientist, has found another key, IVE.

I found that compared to the wishing power, IVE is much simpler to obtain.

Its not a substance of either the fourth or the fifth age.

Its produced in the human body and has great potential.

Its the only reason Earth could get through the catastrophe.”

Kabaron said, “Do you know who Himmel Soan is He was here a moment ago, provoking us and threatening to destroy Atlantis! Roams, do you have the confidence to defeat him”

“Really He was here” Roams was surprised at first, but he soon burst out laughing.

“Im looking forward to fighting him.

I wont take anybody elses challenge.

However, Id love to have some fun with Himmel Soan.”

Kabaron was worried.

“Himmel Soan could breach our network without difficulty.

Are you sure you can defeat him If not, we can hide deeper into the ocean and avoid him altogether!”

“Hes not from the fourth age.

I think hes from the sixth age.

The only way to make progress is to fight powerful opponents!”

“What are we supposed to do”

“Ill let him make the first move.

Well react accordingly!”

“What if he doesnt make the first move” Kabaron asked.

Roams looked at the screen that showed some figures about wishing power.

“He will!”

Earths gravity slowly recovered as the artificial moon rose further into space.

In Flamia.

Yamano was a wealthy Flamian that had knelt at the ocean.

He had his own room in the ark.

Right now, he was fighting the Moonians online.

“Why do you care about what were kneeling at Its none of your business!

“Just because you saved us doesnt mean you can meddle with our lives forever! Wed rather die than put up with the insult! We wont surrender!

“As long as Flamia still exists, you wont become the ruler of the world! If you dont want us to kneel, more of us are going to do it!

“Guys, Ive tried.

Theres no side effect! Its risk-free! Just kneel!”

Yamano was typing as fast as he could.

His thumb felt itchy, so he scratched it without paying too much attention.

Then he felt something.

He had scratched something off his skin.

He picked it up and saw that it was a fish scale.

“Whats that” Yamano studied it curiously.

It smelt fishy when he sniffed at it.

He looked at his hand to see where it might come from.

When he couldnt find the source of that scale, he searched the room.

Was there a fish anywhere

Or was something else hidden in the room

Were they washed into the ark by the ocean

The idea gave him the creeps.

He started tearing the room apart.

It was a small room.

After all, the ark was only a shelter, and even the private room the wealthy people bought couldnt be over three square meters.

He looked everywhere, but he couldnt find where the scale came from.

He was confused when he saw something glimmering on his arm.

It even reflected light.

It was as if he had a cling wrapped around his arm.


He scratched where his arm reflected the light, removing three more scales.

“Whats that…” Yamano was surprised and scared.

“Whats going on” His leg felt itchy, so he unbuckled his belt and removed his trousers.

Holy crap!

His leg was covered by scales!

He still had both legs.

However, the skin had been replaced by fish scales!

“No! No! Whats going on Why is this happening

“Whats that”

He felt something had scraped his hand, and it hurt a little.

Looking down, he saw his palm was bleeding.

He checked the spot and saw something he couldnt believe.

Spikes that looked like fishbones had stuck out of his arms.

There was a layer of film between the spikes like fins that hadnt been fully formed.

“Whats going on with me Whats happening” Yamano had a nervous breakdown.

His body wasnt the only thing that had changed.

His breathing felt different, too.

As the moon rose, he felt suffocated.

It was as if something had blocked his nose.

His shoes felt too small, which only made him panic more.

Was something happening to his feet as well

He sat on the bed, perplexed, and removed his shoes.

He felt awful.

He was dumbfounded the moment he removed his shoes.


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