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Everybody knew those people were like that because they had worshiped the ocean.

However, they didnt know how to resolve the situation or what procedures to take.

People with scales craved water.

Should they be allowed to do that or should they be kept away from water

There were all sorts of questions.

They turned to Himmel Soan for help when they couldnt answer any of them.

The viewers were asking for Himmel Soan as well.

“Where did Mr.

Soan go We want to speak to him!”

“Thats right! Why is he gone in a moment like this”

“Isnt he the god of science He should know very well why this is happening!”

“Why is it happening Are you an idiot Cant you see Obviously, its because of all the kneeling!”

“But why Why would kneeling do this Whats the reason behind that”

“What reason Moon has tried to stop you from kneeling at the ocean, hasnt it Didnt Mr.

Soan warn you as well Did you listen to him But now, you suddenly want to talk to him again Shame on you!”

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“Thats nonsense! How were we supposed to know this was going to happen We wouldnt have knelt if we had known the danger involved!”

“If Himmel Soan knew this was going to happen, why didnt he tell us in advance Why couldnt he give us a more detailed explanation If he had, we wouldnt have knelt! What you said was bull**!”


Soans explanation was detailed enough, but you just wouldnt listen!”

The internet seemed to wake up the aggressive side in people, and they could quarrel over just about everything.

Frequent internet users would discover that a small group of idiotic people seemed incompatible with the rest of the world.

They had shocking views about all subjects and werent afraid to speak their minds.

Before the internet was invented, people didnt know there were so many unbelievable people in the world.

No matter which direction the wind was blowing, those people could always blame their mistakes on somebody else.

In their minds, they were always right.

“Whats the point of discussing whos right and whos wrong now Tell them to make a cure for us!”

“Thats right! Now isnt the time to quibble over details.

We made a mistake, and we admit it.

Alright I feel awful now! I dont want to turn into a fish!”

“You feel awful now Why did you kneel You made it sound like we were going to kill you.

You did what you wanted, and youre in trouble.

Then you want Mr.

Soans help.

Why the hell should he help you”

Just then, Himmel Soan appeared on the screen.

All the people that had grown scales and their families grew excited.


Soan, whats going on”


Soan, can you give us an explanation”


Soan, why are we like this How can we recover What did we lose and gain from kneeling at the ocean Is this a curse”

“I want to know if you knew this was going to happen from the very beginning.

Did you deliberately keep it from us”


Soan, Im sorry.

It was my fault! I should have listened to you! I want my old self back! Is that possible”

The Moonians responded to those comments.

“You idiots! You deserve it!”

“Why should we help you We wont! Didnt you say we wanted to rule the world and accused us of having ill intentions You want freedom, and we gave it to you.

Thats what you get for it!”

“Well said! You ungrateful bastard! We saved you, yet you turned on us! You deserve to die! Mr.

Soan, we cant help them! Even if you save them now, theyll oppose you in less than two hours!”

“Thats right! We cant help them! Theyre animals, not our fellow human beings! Why should we bother Let them rot in hell!”

In Panthera.

“OMG! Scales Thats so scary!”

“Im so glad that weve been supporting Moon all the time! Luckily, I myself have been trusting Moon and Mr.

Soan, too! Otherwise, I would have turned into a monster!”

“Yes, that was so close! Thank you, Moon! Thank you, Mr.


In Padaski.


Soan has saved us again! Those scales are so frightening!”

“Moon is our savior! We may not trust our own country or family, but we can always trust Moon and Mr.



Soan has saved us twice! Thank you, Mr.

Soan! Thank you, Moon!”

In Hosia and Soleil.

“Im cracking up here! You idiots! You had it coming!”

“You have no one to blame but yourselves! Mr.

Soan was watching out for you, but you wouldnt listen.

Its too late to regret now!”

“What a bunch of ungrateful bastards! With everything that has happened, youre still forcing him to give you an explanation.

Go to hell! Theres nothing to explain!”

Moons four allied countries sent congratulatory letters.

Just like those Moonians, they believed that those people werent worth their pity.

Henry picked up a chair, put it down next to the president, and invited Himmel Soan to sit down.

The entire world was watching them.

Seeing all the comments, Himmel Soan finally broke the silence.

“Its because of Atlantis.”

Everything seemed to freeze after he said those words.

A few seconds later, people started posting question marks on the screen.



Everybody was utterly confused.

After a lot of question marks, somebody finally asked the question.

“What Atlantis Were asking you for an explanation, and youre telling us a fairytale”

“What Atlantis What are you talking about Why is this happening to us Give us an explanation! We dont want to hear about some bygone civilization!”

“What the hell Just get to the point! We dont care about other things, okay”

Those people were still talking to Himmel Soan in a condescending way.

Even the presidents didnt know what he meant.

Himmel Soan went on.

“Thats the reason.

Atlantis isnt a fairytale.

It exists!”


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