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“Atlantis has sunk to the bottom of the ocean, and thats what you knelt at!

“Their technology level is far beyond ours.

They invented the plasma laser cannon, which is 370 times more powerful than the Neigerian energy cannon!

“What does that mean Take the super meteorite as an example.

Even without the space cannon, Atlantis would still be able to destroy it!”

Most peoples first reaction was not to believe him.

Some did believe him, but there were only a handful of such people.

“I heard about Atlantis a long time ago, but I didnt know it existed!”

“Bull**! I dont believe you! Atlantis is pre-historic! Its from before the time of dinosaurs! How can those people still be around”

“Now is the time to test if youve listened carefully in class.

Who told you Atlantis existed before dinosaurs Havent you heard From the distinction of the dinosaurs to the present time, there are many gaps in our history!

“The dinosaurs died tens of millions to hundreds of millions of years ago.

Fossils of primitive men didnt appear until hundreds of thousands to millions of years ago.

Theres a huge gap in between!”

“Thats right! How long have human beings been around Civilizations have only been around for thousands of years.

How do you explain the missing tens of millions of years”

Those were the people that believed Atlantis existed.

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However, most people didnt buy Himmel Soans story and saw Atlantis as nothing more than a legend.

“Stop making me laugh! Atlantis Why dont you tell me its Gods will If Atlantis does exist, why would they allow our civilization to make any advancement”

“Thats right! Its total bull**! I dont believe any of that!”

“I dont care if its Atlantis, God, or vampires! I just want to know how were going to recover! Mr.

Soan, can you find a way to cure us”

“I have the same question! Everything else is bull**! The most important thing is to cure us!”

“Atlantis can wait! Im having trouble breathing already, and I desperately need to get my human form back! Is that doable I need an answer!”

Henry Lang couldnt stand those comments anymore.

He smacked the table and shouted at the camera, “Watch your attitude! We dont owe you anything! With the way youre talking to us, Mr.

Soan wont help you even if he can!”

Many people supported him.

“Thats right! I cant stand those people! Why should we treat them Let them die!”


Soan, we cant save them!”

“Yes, we cant! Guys, lets all post the same comment and show them how many people are supporting Mr.


“Dont help them!”

“Dont help them!”

“Dont help them!”

The screen was covered by bullet comments.

As soon as someone posted their doubts, they would be pushed out of the screen by more “Dont help them!” That sentence became the only thing people could read.

Three minutes later, the moon rose to the highest point, and Earths gravity reverted to normal.

However, the same comments were still occupying the screen.

Atlantis tried two more times to intercept the artificial moon, but they failed both times.

The moon still rose to where it was supposed to be.

The artificial moon was different from the original one in many ways.

The most significant one was that Atlantis was no longer trapped at the bottom of the ocean.

The original moon had created a pressure that kept Atlantis underwater.

Even though the Atlanteans had entered the fifth age, they still couldnt elevate their kingdom out of the ocean without using extra force, but if they did, it would leave a detrimental effect on Earth and cause great damage to their kingdom as well!

Himmel Soans moon could only restore gravity without any additional effect.

Earth would no longer have four seasons, and there were no tides in the ocean either.

That was to say, tides would stop rising and falling, and the climate would stay pretty much the same.

Moreover, the new moon wasnt permanent.

It would disappear in a years time!

Himmel Soan said, “Everybody, please stop posting those comments.

Ive created a potion that should help with the scales.

I cant guarantee a full recovery, but itll ease your shortness of breath and the craving for water.”

“Really Thats fast!”

“Great! Were going to get better!”


Soan is as great as ever!”

“In that case, move on to mass production! Our gravity is back to normal, so why dont we start the reconstruction We should return our land to its original state!”

“I dont buy it.

No one can figure out a cure so fast.

I wont buy it unless I see it with my own eyes!”

“Me neither! That just sounds too fast to be reliable!”

Many people were thrilled to hear that Himmel Soan had found a solution, and many of them apologized for what they had said to Himmel Soan before.

They did this so that they could get the cure as soon as possible.

However, only they knew how sincere they had been.

Some people didnt believe Himmel Soan and insisted it was too fast to come up with a cure.

He was only a scientist, not a medical researcher.

How could he know so much about the scales in such a short time

Himmel Soan chose to demonstrate his potions effect on these people.

He was confident in his skills.

Even if the potion couldnt make the scales and fins go away immediately, it could at least ease the uncomfortable process.


Soan, the three patients have signed an agreement to try the medicine,” Warren communicated with Himmel Soan through his earphones.

Himmel Soan nodded.


Send them in.”

Soon, the only three affected Moonians were brought into the room.

A doctor took out the green potion Himmel Soan had made and injected it into one of the patients.

The entire world was watching the patient.

He looked much better after the injection and was breathing normally with a big smile on his face.

“I feel much better! The medicine really…”


He exploded before he could finish.


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