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“What was that”

“What happened”


“Whats going on”

“Did he just explode”


Soan, that was…”

Billions of people saw it.

They were astonished and scared out of their wits.

Panic then set in.

Many people were also furious.

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They were overwhelmed by a tumult of emotions.

After a brief moment of silence, the comments returned.


“Whats going on”


Soan, was that the potion you came up with”

“Are you trying to get all of us killed”

“Thats just evil! You wont even let us die properly!”

“I cant believe you showed it to the whole world!”

“You want to kill all of us!”

“Everybody, please calm down! Lets hear what Mr.

Soan has to say!”

“Whats there to say Weve seen it all! Id rather turn into a fish and wear these scales forever than get that injection!”

“Same here! That was so scary! The man exploded! His brain is all over the ground! If I had to die, I wouldnt choose to die like that!”

“Shit! Himmel Soan is so evil! Thats such a horrible thing to do!”

Henry, Gordon, and the Moonian president stared at the blood on the floor before turning to Himmel Soan in bewilderment.


Soan, what happened”

“Patriarch, whats going on Why is this happening”


Soan, is there a problem with the potion”

All eyes were on Himmel Soan, who was a little confused as well.

There was nothing wrong with his potion.

Absolutely not!

He made sure of it!

Even if something was wrong, it wouldnt have made the patient explode.

He didnt do anything wrong.

Himmel Soan looked at the computer screen and pondered.

An answer began to form in his mind.

It was Atlantis!

The Atlanteans had used their genetic code to manipulate the man and triggered the explosion.

Another possibility was that the genes Atlantis injected into these people had always been a timed bomb.

Atlantis had absorbed their wishing power, and their DNA sequence had been recorded by the wishing power device.

The Atlanteans could easily control these people with that device.

Atlantis killed that man.

Himmel Soan figured it out.

The problem was to explain it to the rest of the world.

Those people wouldnt listen to him.

“The potion is fine; the problem is with Atlantis.

They blew up theirdisciple!”

He decided to tell them the truth even if they wouldnt believe him.

His prediction was correct.

Many people were furious when they heard this.

“I cant believe it! Atlantis Havent you had enough Do you know anything other than shirking responsibility”

“What disciple Are we in mythology or something Mr.

Soan, were in modern society now! Can you stop being so superstitious”

“I suspect people consider you the god of science because you cheated!”

“Bull**! No one can doubt Mr.

Soans scientific achievements! He would never lie to us! If he says its Atlantis, it must be Atlantis!”

“I believe Mr.

Soan no matter what!”

“Youre the biggest idiots! Youve all been brainwashed by Himmel Soan!”

“I dont care what you say.

Im not getting that injection!”

“Atlantis Where is it Show me!”

It was just like Himmel Soan had anticipated.

Nobody in other countries would believe him.

Henry asked, “Mr.

Soan, are you telling the truth”

Warren snapped.

“Whats that supposed to mean Are you questioning our Patriarch now Why would he lie to you If he says its Atlantis, Atlantis it is!”

Henry shook his head.

“No, thats not what I meant! Im only trying to figure out what has happened.


Soan, the public opinion isnt on your side now.

I think you should take a break.”

Almost everybody was accusing Himmel Soan.

No matter how hard he tried to explain, the world saw what had happened; any explanation was futile.

The screen suddenly went dark when Henry wanted to take Himmel Soan back to his room.

The world was using the network Himmel Soan built with his mental power.

As long as he wasnt severely injured or killed, the network would function normally.

“Whats going on”

The screen suddenly lit up again.

However, the previous images were gone, replaced by an animated robot.

The entire world could see it.

The robots eyes looked like two light bulbs and were making a beeping sound.


Himmel Soan!” It had the typical autonomous tone of a robot.

Himmel Soan said, “Youre from Atlantis, arent you”

The robot nodded.

“Thats right, Mr.

Himmel Soan.

Nice to meet you!”

“And you are”


“Lets cut to the chase, then,” said Himmel Soan.

The robot began to walk back and forth on the screen, making a crunching, metallic sound.


Soan, I have control over four hundred million people in your world.

In seven days, theyll become fishmen that would have to live in the water.

They wont survive in the shallow water either.

Theyll become our slaves thatll serve us at the bottom of the ocean for eternity.

I think you already know that someone who has been scratched by a fishman will become one as well.

Therefore, I have a lot more than four hundred million hostages.”

Himmel Soan said calmly, “What do you want”

Roams chuckled, “Mr.

Soan, youre a clever man.

Id like to exchange their lives for something you own.”

Himmel Soan already knew the answer.

“The space cannon, isnt it”

“Very nice! Mr.

Soan, I like talking to you!”

Himmel Soan said, “You can download the blueprint for free.”

“No, I want the one you have built! I cant understand the enter blueprint, and I need to take apart your space cannon to study it.

What do you say Four hundred million lives for a space cannon that you no longer need.

Thats a sweet deal! Mr.

Soan, you have one week.

Feel free to look for a cure.

That is if no one explodes in that process.



The screen became dark again.

A second later, it lit up and returned to normal.

The entire world had heard the conversation between the robot and Himmel Soan.


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