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“What the hell was that”

“Was that an Atlantean”

“What did he say Four hundred million lives for the space cannon”

“Cant you understand It doesnt take a genius to figure that out.

That man is an Atlantean, and were all at his mercy!”

“Why did he say we had one week”

“Well be dead after that! No, well all turn into fish! Well have to live in the deep ocean and serve Atlantis for the rest of our lives! Isnt that so I heard him correctly, right If I misunderstood him, please give me another explanation!”

“Thats what I heard, too! I dont want that to happen! I dont want to live in the ocean! No!”

“What do they want The space cannon Give it to them! Surely, its not as valuable as four hundred million lives!”

“I agree! Mr.

Soan, its not an outrageous request.

Since were done with the space cannon, we can let them have it!”

“Thats right! Let them have the space cannon, and well be safe! Please, Mr.


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The whole world heard that conversation.

Over 90% of the people believed in the existence of Atlantis now.

However, there would always be a small fraction of people who wanted to be different from everybody else.

“That cant be true! It must be one of Moons tricks.”

“Atlantis I dont buy it! Its a civilization that only exists in legends! How can it be anywhere on Earth!”

“I agree.

If its so powerful, why was it destroyed in the first place Why did it sink to the bottom of the ocean It doesnt make any sense!”

“If you ask me, its one of Moons tricks! They want to clean their reputation, so they came up with some animation and tried to fool us!”

Seeing those idiotic comments, Moonians, Hosians, Padaskians, and Pantherese retorted.

“Whats wrong with you people Why would Moon lie to you What could they possibly get out of that”

“You people are unbelievable.

Youre questioning everybody.

Is there something you actually believe”

“Fine! Everything is fake, and youre all correct! Keep at it, and dont believe in anyone or anything! I cant believe how vicious and stupid you all are!”

“Im so mad! Go to hell, you idiots!”

“Does Atlantis really exist Did that really happen”

“I dont know, but I think its true!”

“Me too! Look at me.

The scales are real.

You cant argue with that, can you”

“Yes, I believe Atlantis exists!”


Soan, can you give us an explanation”

The Moonian president, Henry, Gordon, and Warren were also looking at Himmel Soan in confusion.

They desperately wanted an answer.


Soan, whats…”

Himmel Soan didnt try to hide anything.

Without switching off the camera, he sat down on his chair, facing the entire world.

He had to face the world, after all.

“Yes, that was someone from Atlantis.”

The answer surprised the president and everybody else.

Himmel Soans live stream was the only broadcast in the world.

Because of Roams, it was cut off for a moment, and all the other screens had shut down when the robot disappeared.

At least eight billion people were watching Himmel Soan now.

“It really is Atlantis! Seriously”

“Im not dreaming, am I”

“The civilization thats supposed to exist only in legends actually is here on Earth!”

“I dont believe it!”

“Then youre the biggest idiot! Look at your scales! How do you explain them Youre going to turn into fish! Dont you see that”

“Thats right.

How do you explain the scales if its not the work of the Atlanteans”

“That person was loud and clear when he said he came from Atlantis.

Hes controlling the lives of four hundred million people!”

Himmel Soan nodded as he read the comments.


Atlantis does exist.

If you want to know the truth, Ill give it to you.”

Countless bullet comments filled the screen before he could go on.

“What do they want”

“Can we defeat Atlantis”

“Whats their ultimate goal”

“Atlantis wants our space cannon.

Why Are we expecting more meteorites”

“Are they going to use it on us”


Soan, was that explosion caused by Atlantis or your potion Can you be more specific”

Himmel Soan said, “Their ultimate goal is to make it to the sixth age, which will widen their prospects.

Theyll no longer be bound to Earth.

They can leave this planet and go to any other planet in the surrounding galaxies.

Its perfectly attainable with sixth-age technology.”

Henry asked, “What will happen after they collect enough wishing power”

“Theyll reach the next age.

Were in the fourth age now, and theyre in the fifth.

Once they collect enough wishing power, theyll reach the sixth age.

They want the space cannon because of its internal structure, which contains technology of the sixth or even the seventh age.

Studying the space cannon thoroughly will be very helpful for them!”

Many people laughed at that explanation.

“Fourth, fifth, and sixth age Are we in a sci-fi movie now I only have some scales.

That doesnt sound too advanced a technology.

I cant see why it is related to the breakthrough youre talking about.”

“Thats right.

If that technology can take them out of the galaxy, then leaving the galaxy is too easy!”

“You must be one of the idiots that insisted on kneeling at the ocean earlier.

You didnt listen to Mr.

Soan before, and youre still questioning him.


Soan, just let them die! Theyre not worth saving!”


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