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“Yes! They arent worth saving! Theyve all lost their minds, and they dont know what theyre talking about!”

“Saving those people is a waste of our energy! Let them die! Theyve been living in their dreams, and theyve done nothing but give us more trouble!”

However, those peoples replies were equally incredible.


Dont save us.

Were contagious, so we can all turn into fishmen.

All we need to do is to scratch you with fins and scales.

Then youll become just like us!”

“Screw you all! Healthy people should work together and kill them all! Or we can lock them up so that they wont harm us!”

“Touch me, and Ill stab you! Im holding my fin! Stay away from me!”

“See that These people are inhuman! We shouldnt help them!”

“Bring it on! I dare you!”

“Ill make your life hell!”

“Damn you! Guys, were in Ark 32 in Iceana, and theres a fight! We need more men!”

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“Healthy people are needed in Ark 14 in Soilia! The fishmen have revolted!”

“Shit! Fishmen are needed in Ark 65 of Goldia! The ordinary people are trying to kill us, and theyll move on to you after that! Everybody with scales should stick together! We cant hold them back much longer!”

No one knew when it started, but the online quarrel turned into actual fights in real life.

The number of viewers kept dropping.

At first, there were 7.8 billion people watching, but it dropped to five billion.

From there, it dropped to three billion.

Then two billion.

Seeing this, the Moonian president told his peers, “Everybody, our gravity has recovered, and everything is back to normal.

You have to stop those fights right now! We cant afford any injuries!”

All the presidents knew how serious the matter was, but there was nothing they could do.

Earth wasnt what it used to be.

The ground had cracked open, mountains had collapsed, and a lot of land had been flooded.

How were they going to send people over there to break up the fights

By rowing


Soan, I think we should stop the live stream now.”


In this chaotic situation, not many people were listening to Himmel Soan.

The top priority was to come up with a strategy.

After the camera was switched off, high-ranking Moonian officials held a meeting.

Himmel Soan answered all the questions Henry and Gordon had.

“I see!”

The others were enlightened by Himmel Soans explanation.

“We can never give them the space cannon, right If their technology rises to the sixth age, well be in bigger danger than when the meteorite came at us.

Is that correct, Mr.


Himmel Soan nodded.

“Thats correct, but the war between Atlantis and us is inevitable.”

“Inevitable Why”

“Are you going to war with Atlantis even without those four hundred million people”

Himmel Soan nodded.

“Thats right.

The yellow stones came from Atlantis, and to open the portal, Ill need those stones.

Earth will be inhabitable in a years time.

Maybe we can fix this planet, but itll take a very long time.

Itll be thirty years before we can move back to Earth again!”

Gordon asked, “Are we really going to a new planet Is there no other way Hows that planet compared to Earth”

“We must.

To rebuild Earth, we need a moon thats identical to the original one thats circling around Earth.

Once thats achieved, the instability on Earth will go away.

The ocean will recede, and the four seasons will return.

Its like I said: the process will take thirty years.

The new planet is slightly different from Earth, but its very similar.

Its much larger, though.

Its moon is about the size of Earth.”

Warren said, “Thats amazing.

If its moon is as big as Earth, the planet has to be a lot bigger than ours!”

Himmel Soan tapped the table to stop the subject from digressing.

“The point isnt what the new planet is like.

Its Atlantis.

The truth is: I can wipe out the kingdom, but I cant guarantee I can stop the Atlanteans from detonating the genetic bombs in our people before they die.”

Henry raised his hand.


Soan, whats that gene youre talking about”

“When those people knelt at the ocean, the Atlanteans injected some genes into those people when they extracted the wishing power.

By the looks of it, theyve used fish genes.

For instance, if they used dog genes, those people would have grown fur, fangs, and claws.

“Thats to say, the genes will give them the traits of a specific species, but the host will still have most of their original features.

Theyre still humans, but they show signs of fish.”

Gordon nodded.

“I see.

Atlantis has given them fish genes, turning them into fishmen.”

“Yes! The fish genes have been modified into a weapon, which was the explosion you saw just then.

Its not so dangerous that itll injure the people around them, but itll kill the host instantly.”

Warren smacked the table and shouted, “We cant give them the space cannon! Theyre not advancing to the sixth age! Wed rather lose those four hundred million people than give them the space cannon!”

Gordon patted him.

“Calm down.

Those people out there will attack you again if they hear this.”

Warren said, “Was I wrong You know Im right! My Patriarch has told them not to kneel at the ocean, but they wouldnt listen! They deserve to die, and I wont pity them! Patriarch, lets just annihilate Atlantis.

Ignore those four hundred million people!”

Himmel Soan lowered his gaze.

The others didnt know what he was thinking.

The president spoke up, “Isnt that a bit too cruel The world is still in chaos, and other people will mutate if those people scratch them with scales and fins.

We only have four hundred million now, but the number can quickly doot up to a billion.”


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