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If the presidents were so difficult to handle, one could only imagine what their people would be like.

Yes, Moon could subdue those presidents by force, but that would never be the ultimate solution.

Earlier, all the countries thanked Moon.

But as more and more people grew scales, those countries no longer felt as grateful.

There were several reasons.

First of all, people believed that Moon was trying to control everybodys minds, which was something they had suspected before.

Secondly, they thought that the scale-growing incident was planned by Moon.

Atlantis and the land at the bottom of the ocean were simply too extraordinary for them to imagine.

Since no one had seen it before, it was only natural that they wouldnt believe it.

It was human nature.

If a person told their friend that they had found a hundred dollars by the side of the road, their friend wouldnt believe them right away.

If people suspected such a plausible thing, of course, they would suspect the existence of Atlantis.

Last but not least, some people believed Atlantis existed and that Moon had created a potion, but they didnt believe it was effective.

They saw what had happened to the man.

He exploded as soon as he had the injection.

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Everyone would connect the two things.

Maybe there were other reasons, but those werent mainstream opinions.

Most presidents were in one of the three groups, especially the third one.

Therefore, their gratitude toward Moon began to fade.

Gradually, they found Moonians hypocrites, who were forcing them against their will.

Some presidents even asked Moon to hand the space cannon to Atlantis in exchange for the cure.

However, no one knew if there was a cure.

If they handed the space cannon to the Atlantis, with Roamss talent, he would be able to figure out everything in a month.

After that, the human race would be in grave danger.

Himmel Soan had only recovered 15%, and building the moon had cost him over half of his spiritual essence.

He could handle a fifth-age civilization, but the sixth age was a different story.

People of the sixth age would have the ability to alter space and time.

With his current ability, Himmel Soan could deal with them, but he couldnt guarantee that Earth would be intact afterward.

He might not be able to keep Moon safe either.

To do that, he needed to recover 20% of his power.

“Our top priority is to keep the fishmen under control.

We cant let them infect more people.

The space cannon and wishing power are both key factors in helping Atlantis into the sixth age.

We need to stabilize ourselves first before considering how to fight against Atlantis!”

“Absolutely! Panthera will do everything we can to assist Mr.


If you need anything, please dont hesitate to tell us.

We wont spare any effort!”

“The Padaskians will do everything we can to help Moon!”

“So will the Hosians!”

“And the Soleilians!”

The four allied countries immediately offered their support, but the other countries hesitated.

“Damn it! Im having scales, too!”

In arks all over the world, the condition began to spread.

The young man scratched by the middle-aged man already saw tiny scales around his wounds.

It almost looked like snake skin.

He was furious.

He grabbed a knife off the food counter and went to look for the middle-aged man in the ark.

In the places that were no longer flooded, the arks had opened up, and people could enter and exit freely.

The young mans ark happened to be anchored by the shore, and most people had disembarked.

The passengers were divided into two groups.

Those with scales had been chased off the ark to a far corner on the beach.

Some of the healthy people remained in the ark, while others were scattered on the beach nearby.

The young man marched toward the fishmen with the knife in his hand.

“Hey, what are you doing”

“Dont touch me!”

The young man was extremely agitated.

He started running and quickly spotted the middle-aged man before stabbing him.

“Damn you! Look what youve done to me! Die!” He stabbed the middle-aged man repeatedly until the latter was barely breathing.

The other fishmen lost control as well.

“They want to kill us! We must fight back!”

“They started it! Just because we have scales doesnt mean we cant take you!”

“Kill them!”

The fishmen took the young mans action as an attack on all fishmen.

They joined hands and attacked the young man together.

They didnt stop there either because they were scared that other healthy men would attack them again.

To attack was the best form of defense!

Their feet had turned into something that looked like ducks webs, but they were still able to walk and run.

They charged at the healthy people with malicious looks in their eyes.

Some even ripped off their fins and used them as weapons.

Some of the healthy people ran back to the ark while others shouted for help.

“Dont be afraid! Lets kill these monsters! With me!”

“Dont! My dad is still there!”

“Hes not your dad! Hes turned into a monster! Kill them all!”

“Screw them! Id rather die than turn into a fishman! You monsters!”

Just like that, the fishmen and the healthy people started exchanging blows on the beach.

Some timid people hid in the ark and closed the door, shutting everybody outside.

Hearing the sound of fighting on the beach, they shivered in the ark.

Many healthy people were stabbed and scratched by spikes and fins, hence ending their lives as healthy human beings.

Similar things were happening all over the world.

Some fights took place inside the arks.

Some happened in the ocean.

Some happened in other places on land.

No matter which side won the battle, there was a loss of many lives.

Many people hid in their rooms and scrolled down their phones for updates from Moon and the rest of the world.

However, Moon never responded.

Instead of hearing from Moon, they received a message from Atlantis.


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