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“Welcome to Atlantis!

“Please follow me.

Here in Atlantis, youll see all the products of the fourth-age human civilization.

Heres a Quasi-Pole stick.

It belonged to the fourth age, which was 120 thousand years ago.

Youll also be shown underwater gaming devices and robot housekeepers.

Atlantis is a super civilization that has entered the fifth age.

Were a hundred times better than you in all aspects!

“Well now show you the heart of Atlantis, a splendid AI brain that runs everything in Atlantis…”

It was a video.

In it, a stunning woman was making introductions with a smile.

She had the kind of beauty that one would only see in photoshopped pictures or in ones imagination.

No plastic surgery could create such a perfect face.

But it was obvious that she had gone through plastic surgeries.

People of the fourth age couldnt begin to imagine the technology of the fifth age, nor did they know what their plastic surgeries could do.

The only thing that made people uncomfortable was the long, sharp fins by her elbows.

It was a rather strange sight.

The humans werent used to such appearances but the Atlanteans were.

They even saw fins as a sign of beauty.

It was the same as how humans looked at other peoples height, their bust size, or the length of their neck.

Many people liked buxom women, some loved long necks, while others liked their partners to be petite or tall.

Those were all aesthetic standards.

In Atlantis, such standards were the fins.

Longer fins were considered attractive.

Shorter fins were also unique.

Everybody was different.

Not all of them were into fins, but most of them were.

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This woman had perfect fins.

However, humans couldnt appreciate it.

“This is the bottom of the ocean, the new environment of Atlantis.

Its now dark and damp, as you may have imagined.

We have sunlight here.

Through refraction, we were able to bring it to the bottom of the ocean.

“This is an Atlantean house! Here, you dont need to worry about housing prices because everybody is given a villa that comes with AI servants.

Hey, come here!”

A robot moved toward her, and the woman ordered it around as a demonstration.

“We also provide people with Level-3 medals and above with maids.

Each one can have at least two.

What are they like, you may ask.

Im one of them! Ill show you the other maids.”

She waved at someone off the camera, and some women as pretty as her walked in.

In the fifth age, most of the secrets of genes had been figured out.

These perfect women were either born this way because their genes had been modified or had gone through incredible plastic surgeries.

“The maids will do anything for you.

Theyll wash your face, your hair, and brush your teeth.

You name it! Theyll even follow you into the toilet.

Moreover, theyre only half-Atlanteans because theyre half-robots.

However, it doesnt mean you shouldnt see them as living creatures because theyre fertile, just like any human woman.

Many Atlanteans have married women like them; some even have more than one.

“Well provide you with the same services if you prefer men.

The height of the male servants can be customized, and they all have eight packs.”

This video was the content of the private message the fishmen had received.

At first, they refused to accept their state.

However, they changed their minds when they saw the video.

They went insane and became obsessed with Atlantis.

It was a paradise for everybody!

It was heaven!

In their imagination, Atlantis was a dark place without any sunlight or freedom.

However, according to the Atlanteans, the bottom of the ocean was much more spacious than the land.

After all, 73% of Earth was taken up by the ocean.

In Atlantis, people wouldnt need to worry about housing prices.

There was plenty of space, so all the houses were free.

No one needed to do any labor because the advanced AI robots could do everything for them.

All they needed to do was eat, drink, and have fun.

They could enjoy themselves with men, women, games, and computers.

They didnt even need to worry about maintaining their figures.

With the Atlantean technology, their body shapes could be altered anytime.

Bigger breasts, smaller waists, rounder butts, and harder muscles, everything could be done in ten minutes, and it was completely painless.

Who wouldnt want a life like that


Soan, look!” Henry showed the video to Himmel Soan.

As there were two fishmen in Moon, they had received the message as well.

They gave it to Henry as soon as they received it.

Himmel Soan crushed the phone after he finished the video.

“Its a lie!”

“A lie” Henry was perplexed.

“Which part”

“All of it!” Himmel Soan said, “First of all, Atlantis would never treat humans that way.

All the fishmen would only become hard laborers.

One person would be split into a hundred parts to build biological robots!”

“Biological robots”


Its a combination of humans and machines.

Its more intelligent.

It has human flesh and blood, but theres an engine in it as well.”

The descriptions gave Henry the creeps.

Himmel went on.

“Besides, even if they want to treat our people that way, they dont have the resources.

Atlantis is an advanced society, but its not as wonderful as they described.

Their competition is more severe than ours! Their people are divided into three categories, and only the most prestigious ones can live the life theyve described.

The other two categories can only control the low lives, which are all robots with no emotions.

Those people often lash out at the robots.

“However, when the fishmen get there, theyll be more miserable than the robots.

Theyll be under the robots control.

After theyre drained of their energy, theyll be used for experiments, where their bodies will be taken apart and combined with machines.”


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