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Some people couldnt stand different skin colors, let alone aliens.

Similarly, alien races wouldnt tolerate those people either.

Nothing good could come out of it!

The video sounded like the promotion materials of unreliable immigration agencies.

They would tempt their clients with all sorts of pretty pictures, promising a bright future ahead.

However, only a fool would believe in those.

Once the clients reached their destination, they would realize that nothing the agency said was true.

“Atlantis sounds wonderful!”

“Itll be bliss to live there! Thats my dream home!”

“Its a paradise! Im so excited! I want to go there!”

“Me, too! Atlantis is our ultimate homeland! I want to go there now! Thank you, Atlantis, for giving me that chance!”

“We only have Level-1 medals now, which gives us the villa and luxury cars but not the maids.

Level-2 will give us all kinds of benefits, such as plastic surgeries.

Level-3 will give us the maids.

I want Level-3!”

“How do we get the medal”

“I heard we can reach Level-2 if we infect five human beings.

Infect twenty, and well be Level-3!”

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“Twenty Thats easy! Ill do it now!”

Atlantis tried to turn the humans against each other.

Five hundred million people had grown scales.

Even if each infected twenty people, they would infect ten billion in total.

There werent that many people in the world.

Their devious plot could turn all the human beings into Atlanteans slaves.

Having seen the explosion, those people would never take another cure.

In the Moonian lab.

Gordon was watching the two fishmen in Moon.

They were struggling in agony in their beds.

Blue veins popped on one of the peoples necks and foreheads.

The veins looked like squirming earthworms and were very scary.

He sat up and yelped, his face contorted.

The scales on his elbows began to soften and looked like wax melting under the heat.

They shriveled, liquified, and fell off.

The scales on other parts of his body also fell off like sand.

“We did it!” Gordon was elated to see this.

Himmel Soans potion worked!

“This is great! Mr.

Soans potion works! The explosion earlier had nothing to do with him!”

When they were injected with the potion, the two fishmen were frightened.

They were worried that they would explode like the first fishman.

However, nothing of the sort happened.

The man laughed excitedly when he saw he had recovered.

“Im well! Ive recovered! Thank you, General Gordon! Thank you, Mr.

Soan! Im so happy!”

Scales began to fall off the other fishman as well.

The process was taped and sent to the allied countries.

It alleviated their remaining apprehension.

Countless fishmen had posted the Atlantis video they received online.

“Look! This is what Atlantis looks like, and this is the future we can have! I thought being a fishman is a shame, but by the looks of it, I should consider it a glory!”

“Does anybody want to transform Come to me, and Ill cut you for free!”

“Do you see that Thats our ultimate homeland! The Atlanteans have done something we humans werent able to!”

“Ladies, dont you want more curves Guys, dont you want eight packs Are you still worried about your big bellies Stop worrying and join Atlantis to have it all!”

“Im so happy now! Becoming a fishman is my greatest fortune! The bottom of the ocean isnt as dark and horrible as we think.

Look! Its so sunny and magnificent!”

Not many people could resist such temptations.

Even the healthy people were enticed by the video.

Only the wise people could see there was something wrong with it.

They knew they wouldnt be treated so nicely if they really went to live at the bottom of the ocean.

“Thats amazing! Its so beautiful! It looks like CGI.

What a paradise! There are trees, and it is so sunny! I want to go there!”

“If I can live there and be pretty forever, what if I have a few scales”

“Thats great! I can have more than one maid! What man will say no to that Give me ten! Where are the fishmen I need them! Cut me! Cut me now!”

“Guys, calm down! How can there be sunlight in the sea Thats 50,000m underwater! No technology can refract light into that depth! Look at the light.

Doesnt it seem off Is that real sunlight Are you sure thats the kind of life well have if we join them”

“You dont know what youre talking about! If you dont want to go, shut up and get out of my sight! No one is forcing you!”

“Thats right! Youre the type of person thatll suspect anything.

Why dont you suspect your mother She might be fake, too!”

“Hey! Youve crossed the line.

Theyre only expressing their view, and I dont think theyre wrong.

Look at the video.

Something really seems off!”

“Blame your own brain! Ive checked each frame, and its not edited.

Its real footage.

That means Atlantis really looks like that!”

“Have you forgotten that Atlantis has more advanced technology than us! Do you really think we can tell if a video has been edited by them Theyre from the fifth age!”

“In that case, we must go! Theyre from the next age!”

Meanwhile, Moon also posted the recovery video.

“Good news! Mr.

Soan has created a cure! All fishmen can recover!”

However, it was no longer considered a piece of good news.

Very few people welcomed the announcement.


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