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“Why would we want that We dont need to recover!”

“Thats right! I cant wait to become a fishman!”

“A cure I wont take it even if you pay me! Im going to Atlantis! I want to rule other creatures! The housing price here is too high, and Ill never be able to afford a place of my own! I can live in a big villa in Atlantis! Many maids will serve me, too! Im going to sleep with ten women!”

“I totally agree with you! Ill sleep with ten men at night, and theyll all have eight packs!”

“I used to be so ashamed of becoming a fishman and felt like a monster, but now, I cant be happier!”

“How do we get to Atlantis I want to go there now!”

“Hold on! That kind of life is only for people with the Level-3 medal.

Do you have one”

“Thats right! I still need that! Anybody wants to become a fishman Come to me! Ill thank you for that.

Im a pretty girl, by the way.”

“Im a 20-year-old handsome man.

Im in Ark-22 in Soilia, and Im waiting for twenty people that want to be scratched.”

“Im a 20-year-old graduate from a dance academy.

Does anybody want a little pinch Let me scratch you, please.

Ill be very gentle.

It wont hurt at all…”

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“Patriarch, things are getting worse online.

Many people are begging to be infected!”

Warren, Henry, and Gordon were worried about the comments.

Himmel Soan said, “They arent the only ones who can hire paid posters.

We can do the same.

Make a video and tell the world what I just told you.

Let them see the truth about life at the bottom of the ocean.”

“Alright! Ill do it.

After all, Im the general of the Dragon Tribe.”

While Gordon went to record the video, Henry and Warren hired paid posters to turn the public opinion around.

To their surprise, no one would accept their money.

Even the Moonians were persuaded by the videos Atlantis had posted.

If even the Moonians were tempted, one could expect how the people of the allied countries would react.

“I want to trust Moon, and I want to support Mr.

Soan, but I dont think being infected is such a bad idea!”

“Thats right.

Earth is overrun by water.

If the bottom of the ocean is so nice, why shouldnt we live there”

“It looks wonderful! Why would Mr.

Soan want to stop Atlantis Is it because they belong to the fifth age”

“I really want to try.

Maybe everything they said is true! Ive never enjoyed a day of my life in the past thirty years, and Ive been paying mortgages on my house and my car.

I cant see any hope.

Im so tired!”

“Everybody is.

The fifth age shows me the possibility of combining humans with machines.

Its a whole new world! I want to go there! Even if its a lie, I can always die there.

I dont have any hope in my life.

No matter how hard I work, my effort is nothing compared to a word some rich guy says.

Id rather die and get born into a better family in another life!”

“I didnt think much of it until I heard what you said.

It makes me want to cry…”

“Is Atlantis really the ultimate goal of the human race Guys, why dont you infect me, and Ill be your lab rat.

How does that sound”

“In your dreams! If someone has to go there first, it has to be me.

Guys, since we have a cure now, this wont be any different from taking a trip to the bottom of the ocean.

Scratch me, and Ill go to the bottom of the ocean for you!”

Moon posted their video at that moment.

“Hello, everybody.

Im General Gordon Marlow.

Please do not believe the video Atlantis sent you.

Its a lie! Every frame of it has been edited by a computer.

You cant detect it because Atlantis has much more advanced technology, and you cant see the details.

Let me tell you why its all fake.

“First of all, there are no villas.

It doesnt take a genius to figure that out.

Atlantis is at the bottom of the ocean, and their dwellings cant be the same as ours.

That alone can prove theyre lying.

“Moreover, Atlantis said they were going to give everybody free housing, but thats impossible.

They dont own the entire ocean.

The Triangle is their entire world, and thats less than one-tenth the area of Moon.

Thats also the only place where everybody lives.

The ocean is vast, but most of it is inhabitable.

Its the same as the mountains and deserts on land!

“Thirdly, were not Atlanteans, and youre only going to become their slaves and servants.

There are no maids or servants for you.

Its just a bait! Theyre luring you! All they want is your wishing power and your body.

Youre going to be taken apart and turn into biological AIs! You wont survive ten days down there!

“Furthermore, just because theres a cure doesnt mean you can do everything.

Once they drain your blood, no cure can save you.

Theyve only extracted your wishing power now, and theres a chance to recover.

If you go with them, you wont be able to come back!

“Thats not all.

Higher-level civilizations always look down upon lower-level ones.

Were aliens to them.

If a planet close to Earth has a civilization that has just invented wheels, what will you do You wont help them improve their technology level.

Ask yourself this: what will you do Youre going to turn them into slaves! Right To Atlantis, were the people that have just invented wheels!

“Last but not least, Mr.

Soan has gone to Atlantis to collect some evidence.

Soon, hell show us a video of the real Atlantis.

Youll see the truth then.

Please do not try to get infected and take the injection as soon as you can.

Thats the only right thing to do!”


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