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“What did he do How did our sharks die He only waved his hands!” Kabaron panicked.

One of the scientists said, “Does he have some high-tech devices on him”


Roams, can you tell what he did”

Although Atlantis had reached the point that everything was automated and could be controlled by voices only, the technology still required some kind of chips.

Himmel Soan had nothing on him.

Atlantis had already scanned him when he entered this area.

How did he do it

“Can it be nanotechnology Has he shrunk all the devices Is that why we cant see anything”

“Nanotechnology belongs to the sixth age as well, but I dont think thats the case.

Although its an advanced technology, our machine should be able to pick up something.

Himmel Soan doesnt have anything on him.

Even if hes carrying a nanotechnology device, he cant get away from our machines!”

Kabaron turned to Roams.


Roams, what technology does the seventh age have”

Roams bellowed, “How am I supposed to know Youre the king.

Why are you asking me”

Kabarons face darkened.

Roams was the only person who dared talk to him in that way.

He was famous for his high intelligence and low empathy capability.

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Sometimes he could do some stupid things.

For instance, when it was common knowledge that two substances would explode when combined, he wouldnt believe it until he tried it himself and ended up injured.

It had happened more than once.

Although it wasnt Kabarons first time dealing with Roams, he still found the man annoying.

After some consideration, Roams said, “The seventh age… Can it have something to do with the human body If one can inject all the energy into ones body, is it possible to exert tremendous force without the help of external devices”

However, the seventh age was too far away.

They hadnt reached the sixth age yet.

How were they supposed to know the technology of the seventh age

The technique Himmel Soan used just then was beyond their understanding.

“Release the Fury Octopus! We need to teach him a lesson!”

“Yes, sir!”

The computer gave the command, and the seabed cracked open.

Countless AI octopuses rushed out.

Himmel Soan contacted Henry with his mental force.

“Director Lang, start a live stream now.

The password is 77777777.

Connect me to it, and Ill share everything I see on the screen.

“Yes, sir!”

Himmel Soan was going to show the world what the bottom of the ocean was really like.

It wasnt the paradise that Atlantis had shown them.

There were no villas or buildings there, no sun or thunder.

The so-called sunlight was their fabrication.

A video started running on the Moonian governmental website.

It showed what Himmel Soan was seeing: pitch-dark without any light.

“Hello, everybody.

Im Himmel Soan.

Im 41,842m under the sea surface now, and 8,000m below me is Atlantis.

Have a look.

This is what this world really looks like.

Its nowhere near as pleasant as you imagined.”

His eyes lit up, and the viewers could see all the creatures within a few kilometers of him.

There were gigantic octopuses, strong-looking whales that fed on human flesh, dragon-like pythons, and unknown creatures that looked like moving seaweeds.

It was terrifying.

They made ones hair stand up.

The Earthlings had never been so deep into the ocean, nor had they discovered any of those creatures.

They were all unknown to the human race.

“Is this what the bottom of the ocean looks like”

“Shit! Whats that Why does it have a human head Its so creepy!”

“Is that a water monkey Im getting goosebumps!”

“Are we going to live there for the rest of our lives No! I dont want to! Its so scary!”

“Damn it! Thats nothing like the video they sent us!”

“Is this real”

“It cant be! No one can dive that deep into the ocean!”

“You have a point! How did Mr.

Soan get there The water pressure can crush any machine!”

“Moon must have generated the image with a computer! Its fake!”

“Theres another possibility.


Soan has also grown scales and has become a fishman.

Thats how he can reach so deep.”

“That makes so much sense!”

Himmel Soan didnt see that coming.

He had shown them the truth, but they suspected him.

Some people even concluded that he had become an Atlantean.

They said he was going to Atlantis to discuss how to rule the human race.

Needless to say, those comments were posted by Atlantean robots.

However, many people believed Himmel Soan.


Soan is the god of science.

Why cant he get to the bottom of the ocean”


Soan destroyed that meteorite.

Why cant he survive the deep ocean Dont be ridiculous!”

“Thats the truth! See Its not as good as you expected! Do you still want to go to Atlantis”


Soan is awesome! Hes my God!”

Just like the Earthlings, Atlanteans saw the video as well.

Roams was at a loss for what to do.

However, an idea struck him when he saw the video.

“Retrieve the octopus! Kabaron, go out and greet Himmel Soan!”

“What Greet him Why”

“Do I have to explain everything” Roams stared at him.

The kings eyes widened.

He understood what Roams meant.

“I see!” Suddenly, all the ferocious creatures around Himmel Soan swam away.

A spot of light lit up in the darkness beneath him.

Them, something resembling a submarine appeared.


Soan, I didnt expect to see you in person!” The submarine reached Himmel Soan.

Kabaron came out with various tubes connected to his body.

He was speaking the human language.

Himmel Soan frowned.

“Youre the king of Atlantis! Do you have a death wish”


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