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Those AI robots looked exactly like human beings, and one couldnt even tell they were robots from their skin texture and microexpressions.

No one knew when they had infiltrated human society because they had never been exposed until now.

They could have been hiding among the humans before the super meteorite was detected.

Everybody watched in astonishment as they saw the “people” next to them explode.

They were also perplexed.

There was no blood or broken bones.

After the explosion, chips, wires, and other mechanical parts fell all over the ground.

“Dont be alarmed.

Those are Atlantean spies, and theyve been hidden among you all this time.

They were the ones who posted those comments,” Himmel Soan said calmly.

He had been too busy building the moon to handle these AI robots.

Building the moon had cost him much mental force.

He had to keep the global network running while traveling to the bottom of the ocean to find the culprit.

Even now, he still couldnt expose all the AI robots.

He was in a terrible condition.

Destroying 100,000 robots was the maximum he could do for now.

If his mental force failed, the global network would collapse.

The network wasnt all that important at the moment because it was a blade that could cut both ways.

It could help with global communication, but it could also make people misunderstand Moon and Himmel Soan more.

Now that there was a misunderstanding, if the network was shut down without any explanation, people wouldnt be able to communicate with each other nor could they find out the truth in time.

It would only worsen the situation.

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“AI robots Thats why they dont have any blood!”

“What I didnt know those AI robots were among us! Since when Why dont I know about it”

“That one was my friend for six months! Are you telling me hes a robot I kissed him!”

“Good for you.

You had a robot boyfriend.

That has to be a world record!”

“Is this real Im so confused! Should we trust Mr.

Soan or Atlantis”

“Whats wrong with you Trust Atlantis Have you lost your mind”

“Im so confused, too! What the hell is going on Should we take Mr.

Soans potion”

“Go ahead! Ill see what happens and take the injection when I know its not dangerous.

If theres too much risk, Id rather become a fishman!”

Without the Atlantean robots, the comments became much milder, and fewer people sounded agitated.

Moon had received Himmel Soans instruction, telling them to hire paid posters to turn public opinion around.


Soan, what are you doing Are you going to turn your back on us after using us Do you want to rule the world all by yourself now” Kabaron smirked.

“Have you forgotten about something Youre a fishman, too, and an enhanced one at that! Youll be living in this ocean in the future.

Even if you kill me and destroy Atlantis, you cant change that fact!”


Those words went viral online.

The whole world reacted strongly.

“What Mr.

Soan is a fishman”

“Gosh! What did I just hear”


Soan is a fishman So, hes with Atlantis”

“Im so confused.

I dont know who to believe! Whats going on”

“My instinct was right! If Mr.

Soan isnt a fishman, how can he dive 40,000m into the ocean”

“I didnt know the ocean was so deep.

I thought it was only 20,000m deep, but even that depth is beyond the capacity of the human body.

The water pressure can easily kill a man.

How can Mr.

Soan survive 40,000m That doesnt make any sense!”

“If Mr.

Soan is a fishman, what should we do

“You idiots! Do you believe everything youre told”

“I believe Mr.

Soan! That Atlantean king must be lying! Hes slandering Mr.


Himmel Soan didnt seem affected and only tightened his grip on Kabarons neck.

“If you want to die, Ill grant your wish!”

Kabaron tensed up.

His eyes widened, and his veins bulged as if he was going to die any second.




Some Earthlings that were talking and laughing a moment ago suddenly exploded.



A hundred.

A thousand.

In an instance, over ten thousand people were wiped off the face of Earth.

Himmel Soan sensed everything with his mental force.

He loosened his grip a little to let Kabaron breathe.

It was the Atlantis.

They pressed the button.

The genes in the fishmen were time bombs.

With a line of code, they would be detonated.

“Are you scared now”

Kabaron broke free from Himmel Soan and rubbed his neck.


Soan, you have no chance to win unless you want to lose 500 million people.

No, its 600 million now and still growing.

Do you want to push Atlantis aside Thats impossible!

“Your only choice is to keep working with us!”

He suddenly raised a hand and introduced himself.

He knew Himmel Soans eyes worked as cameras because they could log into Skynet and the Moonian government website as well.

They saw what Himmel Soan was showing the world.

By the looks of it, the images came from Himmel Soans viewpoint.

They believed Himmel Soan must have some sort of hidden camera on him.

Kabaron didnt need to know where the device was hidden.

He only needed to know that the world could see him through Himmel Soans eyes.

“Hello, Earthlings.

Im Kabaron, the Atlantean king.

Yes, believe it or not, Atlantis does exist.

Your Mr.

Soan has known it for a long time and has made a deal with us.”


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