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“Has he admitted it”

“Its true! They made a deal!”

“I dont believe him.

I want an answer from Mr.

Soan himself! Has he made a deal with Atlantis or not”

“How stupid are you Do you think hell tell you the truth Of course, he wont admit it!”

“Atlantis is real! I always thought it was a legend!”

“I think we should join hands now! We must do something! Atlantis wants to kill us, and so does Moon!”

Kabaron had managed to mislead some Earthlings, but not all of them.

Himmel Soans face darkened.

“Youre asking for death!”

He grabbed Kabaron and pushed him deeper into the ocean.

He was going to wipe out the entire Atlantis.

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Kabaron grabbed Himmel Soans wrist.

“Let go of me! Let go!”

He also had monitors on him, and so did the robots around him.

Seeing Kabaron moving toward Atlantis, Roams pressed the button again.

Fishmen all over the world began to explode again.



A hundred.

Two hundred.

A thousand.

Two thousand.

In less than a minute, over three thousand fishmen died.

People around them were terrified.

Roamss voice came from a device on Kabarons body.


Soan, move closer to Atlantis, and all the fishmen on Earth will die.

I know you can see whats happening on land, so take a look.”

Himmel Soan immediately checked the current situation and saw the fishmen exploding at an accelerated rate.

Right now, they were losing thirty people a second.


Soan, dont go any further!”

“I dont want to die! Himmel Soan, stay away from Atlantis!”

“Himmel Soan, are you trying to get all of us killed”

“I dont care if youre on their side.

Just stop what youre doing!”

“No! No! Dont!”


A fishman blew up when he was still screaming.

The fishmen all over the world panicked and started posting comments.

“Himmel Soan, stop!”

“Id rather become an Atlantean slave if it keeps me alive! Himmel Soan, come back!”

“Himmel Soan, do you want the blood of 500 million people on your hands”

“Stop it now! Stop! Damn you! Ill haunt you forever if you get me killed!”

“Please dont kill me! I want to be your slave! I want to live at the bottom of the ocean forever, even if its pitch dark there!”

“Dont kill me! Please! Im begging you! Ah!”


Another fishman exploded.

“You fishmen had it coming! Youre still trying to threaten Mr.


“Do you know what politeness is Is that howfree your country is Mr.

Soan and Moon tried all they could to stop you from kneeling, but you wouldnt listen.

Now youre regretting it.

You deserve it!”

“Atlantis is evil, but that Mr.

Soan isnt much better.

Who knows what hes been plotting against us He went into the ocean, knowing people could die.

If you ask me, hes in it together with Atlantis.

Theyre playing good cop and bad cop.

They want to kill everybody!”

“Oh, shut up! After everything Mr.

Soan has done for Earth, youre still suspecting him.

Why didnt the meteorite kill you”

“Thats right! Mr.

Soan shouldnt have saved you from the meteorite shower!”

“Whatever Mr.

Soan does, youll always question and blame him.

The underground shelter is the wrong decision.

The space cannon is a scam.

Saving people is a mistake, too.

You even blamed him for stopping you kneeling at the ocean.

Now that Mr.

Soan wants to settle the account with Atlantis, you still blame him!”

The people of Moon, Padaski, and Hosia supported Himmel Soan.

Such comments were mainly posted by them.

The fishmen and people of other countries immediately started attacking them.

“We didnt know this would happen, did we If Himmel Soan knew, why didnt he explain it to us He only told us not to, but we didnt know the reason behind it!”

“Youre not fishmen, are you Thats why you made it sound so easy! You dont know how we feel! Fine, well take responsibility for our own decision, but becoming a fishman doesnt mean I deserve to die! Im willing to become Atlantiss slave if it keeps me alive! If I die now, its all Himmel Soans fault! His conduct will lead to my death! Do you understand Why should I pay for his actions!”

“How can you sound so righteous I dont know what to say.

I think the fishmen are the worlds biggest threat.

We should forget about those 600 million fishmen for world peace.

That way, Mr.

Soan can destroy Atlantis now.

Guys, what do you think”

“Think my ass! Go to hell!”

“I agree! Those fishmen got themselves into this mess, and they only have themselves to blame! Let them die! I dont like the idea of Atlantis blackmailing Mr.

Soan with those people!”

“The most important question is: whats the relationship between Mr.

Soan and Atlantis We can lose 500 million people, but will more people die after that”

“Do you want me to die Ill turn you into a fishman first!”

As the argument escalated, the fishmen started a riot.

Since they were going to die no matter what, they decided to turn more people into fishman before breathing their last.

They would like to see if those people would say the same thing once they also had scales.

In the ocean, Roams laughed.


Soan, did you see whats going on up there If you move any closer to Atlantis, I can guarantee you that those 500 million people will disappear in ten minutes.”

Himmel Soan nodded.


I wont come closer.

Stop it now.”

“Thats a smart move.

Have you made your decision on my request”

“You want the space cannon, dont you You can have it! But you have to set those people free!”


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