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Roamss voice rang out once more from the devices on Kabaron.

“No problem, but well only do that after you bring the space cannon to Atlantis!”

Himmel Soan frowned.

“Not gonna happen! You must remove the genes first.

How do I know if youll keep your promise”


Soan, I can say the same thing.

What if you wont give us the space cannon when I release my hostages”

“Youll have to trust me.”

“No, youll have to trust me!”

Kabaron chuckled.


Soan, were wasting our time here.

So far, our negotiation has achieved nothing.

We dont care about those Earthlings.

We only want the space cannon.

If you give it to us, we have no reason to kill your people.

What do you think”

Himmel Soan narrowed his eyes.

“Release some of them first.

I need that as insurance.”

Kabaron shrugged.

“Seriously, Mr.

Soan Youre from the seventh age! Why should that bother you We dont want to be annihilated, and I think youre capable of building an even more formidable weapon.

If we refuse to release the hostages after we have the space cannon, you can always destroy us then.”

“Release half of those people.

Thats my bottom line.

Do that, or this negotiation is over!”

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Soan, have you forgotten about something” Roams spoke again.

At that moment, over ten thousand people exploded.

“Shit! That was scary! A fishman next to me suddenly exploded!”

“No! My mother is dead! Himmel Soan, what are you doing Give them what they want! Youve just killed my mother!”

“My boy… My boy is dead! Himmel Soan, youre going to pay for this! Give me back my son! If you hadnt been stalling, he wouldnt have died! Just give him the damn space cannon! The meteorite is gone! Why do you still need it”

“Himmel Soan, my wife is a fishman.

Im coming after you if she dies!”

“Himmel Soan, Im going to kill you! Ive just lost my father! Its all your fault!”

“Whats wrong with you people What does it have anything to do with Mr.


“Have you run out of people to blame Your family members were killed by Atlantis! Moreover, if they had listened to Mr.

Soan, none of this would have happened!”

“Thats right! Dont make me laugh! How can you blame it on Mr.

Soan Thats just ridiculous! Shame on you!”

“We cant give it to them, no matter how many people were going to lose! I cant stand the idea of letting them have it their way! Mr.

Soan has saved you bastards, but youre still attacking him! You should be turning against Atlantis, not Mr.


“Those people deserve to die! Gosh! Im so mad! We should join hands and kill all the fishmen! That way, all our problems will be solved!

Back in Moon, Warren, Gordon, and Henry all had grave looks on their faces.

Himmel Soan had told them why Atlantis wanted the Space Cannon.

The consequences would be very severe.

If the Atlantean scientists took the space cannon apart and studied it thoroughly, Atlantis would enter the sixth age.

When that happened, Atlantiss combat ability would skyrocket!

Human society was still in the fourth age.

Himmel Soan was a capable man, but there was only one of him.

Atlantis was a kingdom.

Even if Himmel Soan was a god, he couldnt lead a herd of pigs into battle to defeat a kingdom of intelligent creatures.

Humans wouldnt stand a chance.

“With everything that has happened, theres no point in keeping any secrets anymore.

Post everything online and show the world how important the space cannon is!”

“Yes, sir!”

Henry gave the order, and the Moonians specialists started writing essays on the relationship between the space cannon and various ages.

“On Categorization of Civilizations.”

“Whats the Space Cannon An Exclusive Interview With Mr.


“Is Space Cannon the Key The Relationship Between the Fifth and Sixth Ages Lies in the Space Cannon!”

“Can We Give Away the Space Cannon”

“Explaining Wishing Power.”

“Divine Approach.”

In less than ten minutes, thousands of articles were posted on the Moonian governmental website.

There was even a detailed introduction to the Soan empire.

“Whats that”

“What exactly is the space cannon”

“Shit! Where did all these articles come from”

People were blown away when they opened the pages out of curiosity.

It took them a long while to calm down after they read through everything.

It was as if a new world had opened up to them.

The articles were especially attractive to former scientific researchers.

“I didnt know the space cannon was so important! Were only in the fourth age.

Thats incredible!”

“So, the space cannon is the key that leads to the sixth age.”

“If we give it to Atlantis, theyll likely figure out the secret of time and space.

Is that true Is the space cannon so important”

“Bull**! Its just a weapon.

How can it have so much significance If thats the case, does that mean Mr.

Soan has figured out those things already Can he control time”

“Is that fiction It cant possibly be real!”

“Not real Check out the one about the wishing power.

It sounds even more like a sci-fi novel, but I think it makes sense!”

“Those people have turned into fishmen because their wishing power has been taken away, and Atlantis used the same channel to inject different genes into their bodies.

Its probably fish genes.

Thats why they grow scales and look like fish!”

“I see!”

“Thats hilarious.

I dont believe it!”

“How can you be so stupid The truth is staring you in the face, but you still wont believe it.

Go to hell!”

“If thats the case, we cant give them the space cannon!”

Many people understood this world much better after reading the articles, especially the scientists.

They had been researching and thought they knew much more than ordinary people.

However, they still had so much to learn.

The knowledge was so profound, and they hadnt even seen beyond the fourth age!

“Everything in those articles is correct! Im a scientist, and I can verify them.

Everything that I can understand is correct.

I think it goes the same with the part thats beyond my understanding.

Everybody, please listen to me.

We can never give the space cannon to Atlantis! Itll become the weapon thats going to destroy us!”


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